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Hollywood Squares, Host: Peter Marshall (146 eps. and 1 sub-hosting ep.)

NBC Daytime episodes (1966-1980):

Celebrities: Vincent Price, Marty Allen, Michael Landon, JoAnne Drew, Charlie Weaver, Eva Gabor, Wally Cox, Rose Marie, Steve Rossi.

First Game: Candy vs. Larry. Black and white kinescope (1967/SM/33)

Celebrities: Ed Asner, Barbara Rhodes, Jim Nabors, Joan Rivers, Billy Crystal, Isabelle Sanford, George Gobel, TOM KENNEDY, Paul Lynde.

First Game: Edna vs. Rob (1977/OB/122)

Celebrities: McLean Stevenson, Sandy Duncan, Big Bird, Carol Channing, George Gobel, Anson Williams, Demond Wilson, Marcia Wallace, Paul Lynde.

First Game: Eva vs. Bob (1978/OB/31)

Celebrities: Richard Mulligan, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Marty Allen, Oscar the Grouch, David Brenner, Valerie Bertinelli, George Gobel, Joan Rivers, Paul Lynde.

First Game: George vs. Carolyn (1977/OB/13)

Celebrities: Rose Marie, Tom Poston, Michelle Lee,Vincent Price, Leslie Uggams, George Gobel, Marty Allen, Charlie Callas, Wayland & Madame.

First Game: Eva vs. Bob. Finale of the series. Now with excellent quality! (1980/OB/122)

NBC primetime episodes:

Celebrities: Walter Matthau, Sally Field, Charley Weaver, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Wally Cox, Nannette Fabray, Jan Murray, Van Johnson, Buddy Hackett.

Game: Donna vs. Deeder. Peter tells inspiring story of Deeder. Pontiac Firebird won in Secret Square (1968/GSN/290)

Game: Betty vs. Ray (1968/GSN/347)

Celebrities: Edie Adams, Don Adams, Raymond Burr, CW, Abby Dalton, WC, RM, Milton Berle, Buddy Hackett

Game: Loretta vs. Dean. They just can't seem to get Game 1 finished (1968/GSN/298)

Celebrities: Adam West, Kaye Ballard, Eva Gabor, Roddy McDowell, CW, Steve Rossi, WC, Abby Dalton, Marty Allen.

Game: Sharlene vs. Bill. Pontiac Firebird won in Secret Square (1968/GSN/293)

Celebrities: Eva Gabor, Martin Landaw, Barbara Bain, Charley Weaver, Steve Rossie, Wally Cox, Rose Marie, Morey Amsterdam, Marty Allen.

Game: Judy vs. Tom (1968/GSN/288)

Celebrities: Barbara Bain, CW, Eva Gabor, WC, RM, Morey Amsterdam, Steve Rossi, Martin Landau, MA.

Game: Jeanette vs. Pat (1968/GSN/294)

Celebrities: Angie Dickinson, WC, Bill Bixby, Jan Murray, Connie Stevens, PL, RM, CW, Buddy Hackett.

Game: Celeste vs. John. Pontiac Firebird win, and SIX complete games played! (1968/GSN/295)

Celebrities: Joey Bishop, Connie Stevens, Michael Landon, Nannette Fabray, CW, PL, WC, Abby Dalton, Buddy Hackett.

Game: Julie vs. Chuck (1968/GSN/296)

Game: Joyce vs. Brent (1968/GSN/300)

Celebrities: Lorne Green, Zsa Zsa Gabor, CW, Abby Dalton, WC, Kaye Ballard, Jan Murray, PL, Buddy Hackett.

Game: Pricilla vs. Pat. Firebird win (1968/GSN/297)

Game: Judy vs. John (1968/GSN/306)

Celebrities: Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, CW, Nannette Fabray, WC, RM, Jan Murray, Dean Jones, Buddy Hackett.

Game: Maria vs. Ron. Seven games played (1968/GSN/307)

Celebrities: Walter Matthau, Barbara Eden, Morey Amsterdam, RM, CW, Robert Morse, WC, Abby Dalton, Buddy Hackett.

Game: Peggy vs. Bob (1968/GSN/315)

Celebrities: Gypsy Rose Lee, Jan Murray, Connie Stevens, Lorne Greene, RM, CW, Vincent Price, WC, Buddy Hackett.

Game: Chris vs. Nick. Nick apparently was a famous pro wrestler (1968/GSN/330)

Celebrities: Connie Stevens, Garry Moore, Bill Bixby, CW, Angie Dickinson, WC, RM, Jan Murray, Buddy Hackett.

Game: Sally vs. Andy (1968/GSN/394)

Syndicated weekly nighttime run:

Celebrities: Buddy Hackett, Karen Valentine, CW, Hope Lange, WC, Virginia Graham, Joey Bishop, Dennis Weaver, PL.

Game: Janet vs. Charlie (1972/GSN/311)

Celebrities: Glenn Ford, MA, WC, Gail Fisher, Vincent Price, Connie Stevens, Mel Brooks, Suzanne Pleshette, PL.

Game: Betsy vs. Francis. Dog offered in Secret Square!! (1972/GSN/312)

Celebrities: Jane Wyman, Jan Murray, Elke Summer, CW, Glenn Ford, Vincent Price, RM, Bill Bixby, PL.

Game: Sharon vs. Vance (1972/GSN/303)

Celebrities: Ed McMahon, James Ferrentino, Wally Cox, Karen Valentine, John Byner, Totie Fields, Joey Bishop, Michelle Lee, PL.

Game: Roslyn vs. Carl (1972/GSN/289)

Celebrities: Don Rickles, James Berlin, Connie Stevens, Charley Weaver, Nannette Fabray, WC, Barbara Feldon, Marty Allen, PL.

Game: Patsy vs. Pat (1972/GSN/293)

Celebrities: Doc Sevrenson, Sandra Dee, Harvey Korman, Hugh O'Brien, WC, Amanda Blake, Joey Bishop, Karen Valentine, PL.

Game: Gayle vs. Joe (1972/GSN/294)

Celebrities: Susan St. James, Dick Smothers, Kent McCord, WC, RM, Jan Murray, Joan Rivers, Marty Feldman, PL.

Game: Jackie vs. Jerry (1972/GSN/296)

Game: Margaret vs. Nelson (1972/GSN/298)

Celebrities: Burt Reynolds, Jan Murray, Nancy Wilson, CW, Ginger Rogers, WC, Karen Valentine, Mel Brooks, PL.

Game: Josie vs. Mike (1972/GSN/297)

Celebrities: Buddy Hackett, Janet Lee, Sheckey Green, Floyd Haynes, WC, RM, Carl Reiner, Suzanne Pleshette, PL.

Game: Sally vs. Eugene (1972/GSN/303)

Game: Gladys vs. Greg. Game goes to a tie-breaker question (1972/GSN/418)

Celebrities: Tony Randall, Sandy Duncan, Buddy Hackett, Karen Valentine, CW, Arte Johnson, WC, Jean Stapleton, PL.

Game: Hazel vs. Ray (1972/GSN/306)

Celebrities: Sandy Duncan, WC, RM, Tony Randall, Jean Stapleton, Buddy Hackett, Shirley Jones, CW, PL.

Game: Linda vs. Joe (1972/GSN/311)

Celebrites: Bill Bixby, RM, Jan Murray, Glenn Ford, Vincent Price, Jane Wyman, CW, Elke Summer, PL.

Game: Edeline vs. Arnold (1972/GSN/314)

Celebrities: Eva Gabor, Joey Bishop, Carl Reiner, WC, Cass Elliot, Rich Little, Lucie Arnaz, Buddy Hackett, PL.

Game: Betty vs. Lee (1972/GSN/316)

Celebrities: Mel Brooks, Suzanne Pleshette, WC, Connie Stevens, Glenn Ford, Vincent Price, MA, Gayle Fischer, PL.

Game: Varone vs. Denver (1972/GSN/318)

Celebrities: Michael Landon, Lee Grant, Redd Foxx, Vincent Price, WC, RM, Mel Brooks, Linda Day George, PL.

Game: Karen vs. Ken (1972/GSN/318)

Celebrities: Burt Reynolds, Hope Lange, Carl Reiner, Suzanne Pleshette, WC, RM, Vincent Price, Dom Deluise, PL

Game: Virginia vs. Peter (1972/GSN/326)

Game: Delores vs. Harold (1972/GSN/462)

Celebrities: Tony Randall, Florence Henderson, Glenn Ford, Ross Martin, WC, RM, David Steinberg, Charo, PL

Game: Jamee vs. Doug (1972/GSN/327)

Celebrities: Hugh O'Brien, Amanda Blake, Joey Bishop, Doc Sevrenson, WC, Karen Valentine, Harvey Korman, Sandra Dee, PL.

Game: Martha vs. Don (1972/GSN/338)

Celebrities: Dinah Shore, Burt Reynolds, Karen Valentine, Goddfried Cambridge, Eva Gabor, CW, Martin Milner, WC, PL.

Game: Sheryl vs. Arthur (1972/GSN/340)

Celebrities: Mel Brooks, Lynn Redgrave, CW, Elke Summer, Shirley Jones, Jan Murray, Kent McCord, PL.

Game: Shirley vs. Joe (1973/GSN/300)

Celebrities: Jean Stapleton, WC, RM, Buddy Hackett, Shirley Jones, Tony Randall, Sandy Duncan, CW, PL.

Game: Carol vs. Steve (1973/GSN/322)

Celebrities: Anthony Newley, Karen Valentine, Robert Blake, Phyllis Diller, Rich Little, Mack Davis, Robert Fuller, Florence Henderson, PL

Game: Melinda vs. Scott (1975/GSN/313)

Celebrities: Lynn Redgrave, Buck Owens, RM, Michael Landon, Charo, John Davidson, Wink Martindale, Mike Connors, PL.

Game: Jane vs. Bruce (1975/GSN/295)

Game: Carol vs. Ed (1975/GSN/462)

Celebrities: Danny Thomas, RM, Tony Randall, Connie Stevens, Jonathan Winters, Sandy Duncan, GG, MA, PL.

Game: Judy vs. Mike (1975/GSN/302)

Celebrities: Dennis Weaver, Florence Henderson, Wayland and Madame, David Brenner, Jonathan Winters, Bernadette Peters, GG, Vincent Price, PL.

Game: Linda vs. Clint (1975/GSN/307)

Celebrities: Demond Wilson, Phyllis Diller, Rich Little, Suzanne Pleshette, GG, Wayne Rogers, Anthony Newly, RM, PL.

Game: Marion vs. Greg (1975/GSN/317)

Game: Sunny vs. Hill (1975/GSN/369)

Celebrities: Redd Foxx, Karen Valentine, Ernest Borgnine, Robert Blake, Jonathan Winters, Shirley Jones, GG, Martin Milner, PL.

Game: Fran vs. Matt (1975/GSN/319)

Celebrities: Glenn Ford, Frank Gorshin, Elke Summer, Charley Weaver, Betty Grabel, William Conrad, Karen Valentine, Joey Bishop, PL.

Game: Cricket vs. Noel (1975/GSN/321)

Celebrities: Wayne Rogers, Rich Little, RM, Anthony Newly, Suzanne Pleshette, Demond Wilson, Phyllis Diller, GG, PL.

Game: Anne vs. John. Very funny question with Demond. (1975/GSN/322)

Celebrities: Phyllis Diller, Rich Little, Florence Henderson, Robert Fuller, Karen Valentine, Mack Davis, Robert Blake, Anthony Newly, PL.

Game: Candy vs. Al (1975/GSN/323)

Celebrities: Earl Hollimon, Demond Wilson, RM, Jan Murray, Suzanne Pleshette, Jonathan Winters, Florence Henderson, Debbie Reynolds, PL.

Game: Nancy vs. Tony. Mack Davis makes a cameo at the start. (1975/GSN/323)

Game: Kaye vs. Rick (1975/GSN/351)

Game: Gayle vs. John (1975/GSN/351)

Celebrities: Ethel Merman, Rich Little, Eva Gabor, John Davidson, RM, Jan Murray, Karen Valentine, Vincent Price, PL.

Game: Laurie vs. Lee (1975/GSN/326)

Game: Patty vs. Noel (1975/GSN/326)

Celebrities: Earl Hollimon, Jonathan Winters, Redd Foxx, Lee Grant, GG, Tony Randall, Demond Wilson, RM, PL.

Game: Barbara vs. Jerry (1975/GSN/326)

Celebrities: Sonny Bono, Joan Rivers, GG, Glenn Ford, Jonathan Winters, Charo, Debbie Reynolds, MA, PL.

Game: Kim vs. Andy (1975/GSN/326)

Game: Barbara vs. Pete (1975/GSN/328)

Celebrities: Glenn Campbell, RM, Harvey Korman, Suzanne Pleshette, Barry Newman, Susan Howard, Jonathan Winter, Peter Graves, PL

Game: Anne vs. Michael (1975/GSN/326)

Celebrities: Dennis Weaver, RM, John Davidson, Michael Landon, Roddy McDowell, Chris Eklund, GG, Suzanne Pleshette, PL.

Game: Patty vs. Bruce (1975/GSN/326)

Celebrities: Jimmie Walker, Dom Deluise, RM, Ernest Borgnine, Theresa Marret, Roddy McDowell, Elizabeth Montgomery, Jonathan Winters, PL.

Game: Judy vs. Bill (1975/GSN/326)

Game: Judy vs. Herb (1975/GSN/334)

Celebrities: Dionne Warwick, Robert Fuller, Don Knotts, Jonathan Winters, Karen Valentine, GG, Suzanne Pleshette, Dom Deluise, PL.

Game: Miriam vs. Paul (1975/GSN/326)

Game: Barbara vs. Jerry (1975/GSN/329)

Celebrities: Sandy Duncan, Bob Newhart, RM, Don Rickles, Jody Fields, Jonathan Winters, Leslie Uggams, GG, PL.

Game: Wilma vs. Ernie (1975/GSN/329)

Celebrities: Jonathan Winters, Eva Gabor, GG, Demond Wilson, Tony Randall, Florence Henderson, Robert Fuller, Redd Foxx, PL.

Game: Beverly vs. Otis (1975/GSN/330)

Celebrities: Buck Owens, Mike Connors, Lynn Redgrave, GG, Charo, Michael Landon, RM, John Davidson, PL.

Game: Mayola vs. Frank (1975/GSN/333)

Celebrities: Charo, MA, Joan Rivers, John Davidson, Stephanie Edgars, Hal Linden, Shirley Jones, Jimmie Walker, PL

Game: Anelia vs. Glenn (1975/GSN/341)

Celebrities: Bob Newhart, Shirley Jones, Don Rickles, Arte Johnson, John Davidson, Karen Valentine, Hal Linden, Jonathan Winters, PL.

Game: Bertha vs. Michael (1975/GSN/334)

Celebrities: Marcia Wallace, Vincent Price, Karen Valentine, Jonathan Winters, Kate Smith, GG, Robert Fuller, Earnest Borgnine, PL.

Game: Harriet vs. Ralph (1975/GSN/342)

Celebrities: Arthur Godfrey, Milton Berle, Anson Williams, Lynn Redgrave, Rich Little, Joan Rivers, Hudson Brothers, Susan Flannery, PL.

Game: Eve vs. Dan. (1975/GSN/344)

Celebrities: Jonathan Winters, Marcia Wallace, GG, Jimmie Walker, Ed McMahon, Elke Summer, Robert Fuller, Karen Valentine, PL.

Game: Betty vs. Phil (1975/GSN/345)

Celebrities: Todie Fields, Jonathan Winters, Nancy Walker, GG, Sandy Duncan, Don Rickles, Rose Marie, Bob Newhart, PL.

Game: Bonnie vs. Loy (1975/GSN/346)

Celebrities: Karen Valentine, Jonathan Winters, David Grove, David McCallum, Florence Henderson, Ed McMahon, Harvey Korman, Glen Campbell, PL.

Game: Shirley vs. Laroy (1975/GSN/349)

Celebrities: Jonathan Winters, Karen Valentine, Don Rickles, Hal Linden, John Davidson, Shirley Jones, Arte Johnson, Bob Newhart, PL.

Game: Joanne vs. Pat (1975/GSN/529)

Celebrities: Hal Linden, Sandy Duncan, MA, RM, Jimmie Walker, Shirley Jones, John Davidson, Joan Rivers, PL.

Game: Ruthanne vs. George (1975/GSN/350)

Celebrities: Mike Connors, Jonathan Winters, Demond Wilson, Charo, GG, Elke Summer, Earl Hollimon, Petula Clark, PL.

Game: Sarah vs. Marvin (1975/GSN/350)

Game: Shirley vs. Stan (1975/GSN/353)

Celebrities: Robert Blake, Shirley Jones, Redd Foxx, Martin Milner, Jonathan Winters, Karen Valentine, GG, Ernest Borgnine, PL.

Game: Jana vs. Bob (1975/GSN/351)

Celebrities: Leslie Uggams, Robert Fuller, Marcia Wallace, Michael Landon, Vincent Price, Jonathan Winters, Karen Valentine, GG, PL.

Game: Mary vs. Cliff (1975/GSN/352)

Celebrities: Suzanne Pleshette, Harvey Korman, RM, Roddy McDowell, Roy Clark, Jonathan Winters, Florence Henderson, GG, PL.

Game: Jan vs. Otis (1975/GSN/361)

Game: Carol vs. Floyd (1975/GSN/365)

Celebrities: Ed McMahon, Anson Williams, Jonathan Winters, Karen Valentine, GG, Elke Summer, Jimmie Walker, RM, PL.

Game: Harriette vs. Alan (1975/GSN/362)

Celebrities: Harvey Korman, John Davidson, RM, Roy Clark, Suzanne Pleshette, Jonathan Winters, Nanette Fabray, GG, PL.

Game: Alice vs. Dick (1975/GSN/363)

Celebrities: Jonathan Winters, Pamela Hensley, GG, Joan Rivers, Roddy McDowell, Sandy Duncan, Michael Landon, Richard Demitri, PL.

Game: Linda vs. Mel (1975/GSN/364)

Celebrities: Harvey Korman, Joan Rivers, Mel Brooks, Elizabeth Montgomery, Jonathan Winters, Suzanne Pleshette, GG, David Brenner, PL.

Game: Helen vs. Tom (1975/GSN/367)

Celebrities: Isabel Sanford, GG, Demond Wilson, Earl Hollimon, Newton George, David Bernie, Bernadette Peters, Wayland and Madame, PL.

Game: Rita vs. Bill (1975/GSN/367)

Celebrities: Jonathan Winters, Elizabeth Montgomery, Edward Asner, Sandy Duncan, Robert Fuller, Tony Randall, Harvey Korman, Florence Henderson, PL.

Game: Janet vs. Bill (1975/GSN/368)

Celebrities: Aretha Franklin, GG, Sandy Duncan, Richard Demitri, RM, Vincent Price, Carol Channing, William Conrad, PL.

Game: Lee vs. Ken (1975/GSN/368)

Celebrities: Carol Channing, Vincent Price, Aretha Franklin, William Conrad, Charo, GG, Joan Rivers, MA, PL.

Game: Jodie vs. Tom. Tom looks like Santa, haha (1975/GSN/371)

Celebrities: Edward Asner, John Davidson, RM, Rich Little, Florence Henderson, Vincent Price, Donna Fargo, GG, PL.

Game: Mary vs. Ed (1975/GSN/371)

Celebrities: Peter Graves, Bonnie Franklin, Charlie Callas, Roz Kelly, Demond Wilson, Marcia Wallace, GG, Charo, PL.

Game: Lucy vs. Deeder (1975/GSN/373)

Celebrities: Burt Reynolds, Pearl Bailey, Jonathan Winters, Charlie Callas, Mac Davis, RM, Edward Asner, Suzanne Pleshette, PL.

Game: Sheri vs. Leo (1975/GSN/373)

Game: Pat vs. Harry. Most of opening missing. Weird difficulties in beginning. (1975/GSN/374)

Celebrities: Earl Hollimon, Karen Valentine, Jonathan Witners, Bonnie Franklin, Burt Reynolds, RM, MA, Ed McMahon, PL.

Game: Sis vs. Auburn (1975/GSN/374)

Celebrities: Michael Landon, Ethel Merman, Jonathan Winters, Karen Valentine, Jimmie Walker, RM, Vincent Price, Barry Newman, PL.

Game: Kathy vs. Dana (1975/GSN/376)

Celebrities: Doc Sevrenson, Arthur Godfrey, William Conrad, Connie Stevens, GG, Elke Summer, Rob Reiner, Florence Henderson, PL.

Game: Judith vs. Frank (1975/GSN/380)

Game: Vicki vs. John (1975/GSN/381)

Celebrities: Sandy Duncan, GG, Richard Dimitiri, David Brenner, RM, Earl Hollimon, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Jonathan Winters, PL.

Game: Janice vs. John (1975/GSN/380)

Celebrities: Earl Hollimon, RM, David Brenner, Jonathan Winters, Michael Landon, Zsa Zsa Gabor, GG, Sandy Duncan, PL.

Game: Sandra vs. John (1975/GSN/382)

Celebrities: Edward Asner, Karen Valentine, Tony Randall, Elizabeth Montgomery, Jonathan Winters, Robert Fuller, Harvey Korman, Susan Clark, PL.

Game: Martha vs. Charles (1975/GSN/383)

Celebrities: Tony Randall, RM, Marty Allen, Jonathan Winters, Danny Thomas, Connie Stevens, GG, Sandy Duncan, PL.

Game: Vicki vs. Ed. Ed gets an ovation for something (anybody know?) (1975/GSN/387)

Celebrities: Richard Anderson, Jonathan Winters, Ed McMahon, Dolly Parton, GG, Joan Rivers, Harvey Korman, Leslie Uggams, PL.

Game: Kaye vs. Steve (1975/GSN/387)

Game: Barbara vs. Lee (1975/GSN/392)

Celebrities: Tony Randall, Bernadette Peters, John Byner, Anthony Newly, Roddy McDowell, Karen Valentine, Jonathan Winters, Marcia Wallace, PL.

Game: Suzanne vs. Dave (1975/GSN/388)

Celebrities: Jimmie Walker, Karen Valentine, Jonathan Winters, Elke Summer, GG, Anson Williams, Ed McMahon, RM, PL.

Game: Debbie vs. Bob (1975/GSN/388)

Celebrities: Suzanne Pleshette, GG, Florence Henderson, Rich Little, RM, Milton Berle, Wayland and Smedley, Jonathan Winters, PL.

Game: Bertha vs. Bob (1975/GSN/388)

Celebrities: Jonathan Winters, Karen Valentine, Burt Reynolds, Earl Hollimon, Ed McMahon, RM, Roddy McDowell, Bill and Susan Hayes, PL.

Game: Beverly vs. Malcolm (1975/GSN/389)

Celebrities: Pearl Bailey, Jonathan Winters, Suzanne Pleshette, Burt Reynolds, Roddy McDowell, Edward Asner, Bill and Susan Hayes, Mac Davis, PL.

Game: Ruth vs. Cal (1975/GSN/404)

Celebrities: Roz Kelly, Charlie Callas, RM, Peter Graves, Doc Severenson, Demond Wilson, Bonnie Franklin, GG, PL.

Game: Ruth vs. Frank (1975/GSN/398)

Celebrities: Elizabeth Montgomery, Robert Goulet, RM, Edward Asner, Jonathan Winters, Mel Brooks, Bernadette Peter, GG, PL.

Game: Chloe vs. John (1975/GSN/398)

Celebrities: Harvey Korman, David Grove, Ed McMahon, Florence Henderson, Jonathan Winters, David McCallum, Glenn Campbell, Karen Valentine, PL.

Game: Norma vs. Randy (1975/GSN/400)

Celebrities: Julie Harris, Milton Berle, Phyllis Diller, Paul Williams, Chris Eklund, Carl Reiner, Glenn Ford, Doc Sevrenson, PL.

Game: Chris vs. Rich (1975/GSN/400)

Celebrities: Paul Williams, Marcia Wallace, Rich Little, Karen Valentine, Carl Reiner, Bernadette Peters, Jonathan Winters, Jack Klugman, PL.

Game: Sidney vs. Carl (1975/GSN/402)

Celebrities: Bonnie Franklin, Burt Reynolds, MA, Earl Hollimon, RM, Ed McMahon, Karen Valentine, Jonathan Winters, PL.

Game: Sylvia vs. Vince. Burt's famous "Sonny Bono" answer (1975/GSN/402)

Celebrities: Bernadette Peters, Tony Randall, Charo, Jonathan Winters, Anthony Newly, John Byner, Karen Valentine, MA, PL.

Game: Gwen vs. Carl (1975/GSN/404)

Game: Joyce vs. Jerry (1975/GSN/411)

Celebrities; Barry Newman, Arte Johnson, RM, Jimmie Walker, Ethel Merman, Jonathan Winters, Karen Valentine, Michael Landon, PL.

Game: Miriam vs. Bill (1975/GSN/405)

Celebrities: Douglas Fairbanks Jr., David Brenner, Joan Rivers, GG, Sandy Duncan, Rich Little, RM, Harvey Korman, PL.

Game: Pat vs. Greg (1975/GSN/407)

Celebrities: Eva Gabor, GG, Robert Fuller, Ernest Borgnine, Florence Henderson, Robert Blake, Jonathan Winters, Redd Foxx, PL.

Game: Judy vs. Bob (1975/GSN/407)

Celebrities: Charo, Richard Dmitiri, Donna Fargo, Vincent Price, Rich Little, John Davidson, Karen Valentine, GG, PL.

Game: Dolsinda vs. Paul (1975/GSN/410)

Celebrities: Connie Stevens, GG, Richard Roundtree, Roy Clark, Nanette Fabray, John Davidson, Joan Rivers, Jonathan Winters, PL.

Game: Randi vs. Jimmy (1975/GSN/411)

Celebrities: Don Knotts, Suzanne Pleshette, Jonathan Winters, Florence Henderson, GG, Dionne Warwick, Dom DeLuise, RM, PL.

Game: Bridget vs. Pat (1975/GSN/465)

Celebrities: Don Rickles, Arte Johnson, John Davidson, Karen Valentine, Jonathan Winters, Hal Linden, Bob Newhart, Leslie Uggams, PL.

Game: Gina vs. Fernando (1975/GSN/465)

Celebrities: GG, Totie Fields, Bob Newhart, RM, Don Rickles, Nancy Walker, Jonathan Winters, Sandy Duncan, PL.

Game: Joanne vs. Jerry (1975/GSN/465)

Celebrities: Lee Grant, GG, Earl Hollimon, Tony Randall, RM, Demond Wilson, Redd Foxx, Jonathan Winters, PL.

Game: Stina vs. Patrick (1975/GSN/465)

Celebrities: Earl Hollimon, Demond Wilson, Karen Valentine, Hal Linden, Connie Stevens, Wayland and Madame, Tina Turner, GG, PL

Game: Janice vs. Mike (1975/GSN/478)

Celebrities: Tina Turner, Wayland and Madame, Charo, GG, Connie Stevens, Demond Wilson, Marcia Wallace, Hal Lindon, PL.

Game: Kathy vs. Emile. Demond leaves his square! (1975/GSN/478)

Celebrities: Charo, John Davidson, Connie Stevens, Jonathan Winters, Joan Rivers, GG, Richard Roundtree, Roy Clark, PL.

Game: Linda vs. Ron (1976/GSN/399)

Celebrities: Kate Smith, GG, Earl Hollimon, Vincent Price, Joan Rivers, Ernest Borgning, Florence Henderson, Jonathan Winters, PL.

Game: Eve vs. Phil (1977/GSN/389)

Celebrities: Ken Stabler, Edward Ansner, Elke Summer, Jonathan Winters, Sandy Duncan, Vincent Price, RM, Mel Tillis, PL.

Game: Denise vs. MJ (1977/GSN/390)

Celebrities: Wayland and Smedley, Tony Randall, Margaret Truman, Jonathan Winters, Lynda Carter, MA, Charo, David Brenner, PL

Game: Lynn vs. Harry (1977/GSN/390)

Celebrities: Joanna Pettite, Edward Asner, Marcia Wallace, Ken Stabler, Tony Martin and Sid Chereese, Jonathan Winters, Sandy Duncan, GG, PL.

Game: Terry vs. Don (1977/GSN/391)

Celebrities: Bernadette Peters, Vincent Price, Jonathan Winters, Danny Thomas, Florence Henderson, GG, Wayland and Madame, Tony Randall, PL.

Game: Jinny vs. Jim (1977/GSN/391)

Celebrities: Levar Burton, Jonathan Winters, Tony Randall, Linda Lavin, GG, Karen Valentine, John Amos, RM, PL.

First game: Lollie vs. Don (1977/GSN/392)

Celebrities: Big Bird, Pearl Bailey, GG, Karen Valentine, Jim Nabors, Pam Grier, John Davidson, Arthur Godfrey, PL

First game: Ruth vs. Brian (1977/GSN/399)

Celebrities: Jim Nabors, Pearl Bailey, Oscar the Grouch, Pam Grier, George Gobel, Arthur Godfrey, John Davidson, Karen Valentine, Paul Lynde.

Game: Paula vs. Stan (1977/GSN/405)

Celebrites: Arthur Godfrey, Milton Berle, Anson Williams, Lynn Redgrave, Rich Little, Joan Rivers, The Hudson Brothers, Susan Flannery, PL.

Game: Eve vs. Dan (1977/GSN/481)

Celebrities: Big Bird, John Byner, Jim Nabors, Anthony Newly, Phyllis Diller, Florence Henderson, Isabelle Sanford, George Gobel, Paul Lynde.

Game: John vs. Lynn (1977/OB/31)

Party Squares special. Celebrities: Mel Brooks, Tammy Wynette, Victor French, Lauren Swees, Paul Williams, George Goebel, Elke Summer, John Byner, Paul Lynde.

Game: Gloria vs. Joe (counter on screen) (1977/OB/132)

Game: Margine vs. Doug (counter on screen) (1977/OB/132)

Eight is Enough special. Celebrities: Connie Newton and Willie Aames, Dick Van Patton, Diane Kay and Laurie Walters, Lanie O'Grady and Grant Godeeve, Adam Rich and Susan Richardson, George Gobel, Lorretta Swit, Ed Asner, Paul Lynde.

Game: Diane vs. Bill. (1979/SM/69)

"Legends of Rock and Roll" special. Celebrities: Little Anthony, Freddie Cannon, Fabian, Connie Francis, Bobby V., Martha Reeves, Frankie Avalon, Pattie Page, Dick Clark (center square).

Game: Jeanette vs. Gary (1979/OB/2)

Storybook Squares:

Celebrities: Wally Cox, Stu Gilliam, Soupy Sales, Carolyn Jones, Arte Johnson, Abby Dalton, Charley Weaver, Nanette Fabray.

Game: Mary Jane vs. Tim. Fair quality (1969/SM/67)

(The following two episodes were Storybook specials aired during the NBC daytime run)

Celebrities: Rich Little, Elke Summer, Milton Berle, Anson Williams, Karen Valentine, Arte Johnson, Valerie Bertinelli, Vincent Price, Paul Lynde.

Game (families playing): Brown vs. Rushing (counter on screen) (1977/SM/132)

Celebrities: Soupy Sales, Connie Stevens, Pat Harrington, Florence Henderson, JoAnne Worley, George Gobel, Bill and Susan Hayes, Big Bird, Paul Lynde.

Game: Saunders vs. Meier (1977/GSN/452)

Celebrities: William Shatner, Charo, Roddy McDowell, Bonnie Franklin, John Byner, Joan Rivers, Rip Taylor, Julie McHorter, Doc Severenson.

Game: Martin vs. Baverman (197?/SM/358)

Peter re-takes the podium on the current version:

Celebrities: Bob Eubanks, Jim Lange, Wink Martindale, Chuck Woolery, Charles Nelson Reilly and Brett Somers, Jimmie Walker, Kathy Griffin, Martin Mull, Tom Bergeron.

Game: Diana vs. Steve. Peter takes the podium for the first time in 20 years and looks like he never left! Peter calls Rod "Kenny." (2002/OB/495)

Hollywood Squares, Host: John Davidson (11 eps., and clips)

Celebrities: Betty White, Mariette Hartley, John Byner, Phylicia and Amhad Rashad, Lorenzo Lamas, Ihtzak Perlman, Emma Sams, Jackie Collins, Bronson Pinchot.

Game: Tierra vs. Bob. Premiere of the series (1986/OB/133)

Celebrities: Al Yankovich, Stuart Panking, Norm Crosby, Justin Wilson, Dixie Carter, Tony O'Dell, Theresa Ganzel, Kristina Pickles, Alf.

Game: Pamela vs. Mark. Alf hosts the last 2 rounds! (1986/OB/133)

Celebrities: Richard Lewis, Jeffrey Osborne, Phyllis Diller, Heidi Bohay, Stacy Kiels, Dr. Lindon Smith, Stephen Furst, Ned Beatty, Marsha Warfield.

Game: Matt vs. Lenne. Car win! (1986/OB/384)

Celebrities: Jim J. Bullock, Amen sisters, Bill Macatee, Vikki Carr, Joan Rivers, Charlene Tilton, Phyllis Diller, Shadoe Stevens, Vincent Price.

Game: Michael vs. Becky. No opening (1987/OB/188)

Celebrities: Stuart Pankin, Charlotte Rae, Marlon Jackson, Clifton Davis, Jay Johnson and Bob, David Naughton, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Vicki Carr, Sarah Purcell.

First game: Lisa vs. Bill. April Fools Day episode, where they play a HILARIOUS prank on John! The funniest moment in game show history possibly! The REAL game: Greg vs. Beverly. Contestant automatically wins the car! (1987/OB/378)

Celebrities: Will Shriner, Alf, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Brandon Tartikoff, Jim J. Bullock, Kim Fields, Ed Begley Jr., Emma Samms, Shadoe Stevens.

Game: Kurt vs. Heidi. Bob Barker, Chuck Woolery, Wink Martindale and Bob Eubanks appear in taped segments. (1987/OB/29)

Celebrities: Joan Rivers, Robin Leach, Yokoff Smirnoff, Jim J. Bullock, Jayne and Audrey Meadows, Kim Fields, Michael Damion, Emma Samms, Shadoe Stevens.

Game: Mary vs. Mike. Taped in Hollywood, FLA with the outdoor set (1987/OB/165)

Celebrities: Joan Rivers, Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford, Fat Boys, Jim J. Bullock, Roy Clark, Richard Simmons, Andrea Evans, Lynn Redgrave, Shadoe Stevens.

Game: Pat (Sajak) vs. Van (A. White). Crazy episode with contestants names. Taped in Radio City Music Hall (1987/OB/185)

Celebrities: Joan Rivers, Steve Allen and Jayne Meadows, Yakoff Smirnoff, Jim J. Bullock, Dick Cavett, Linda Kay Star, Fred Silverman, Leslie Easterbrook, Shadoe Stevens.

Game: Tammi Jo vs. Tony (1988/OB/384)

Celebrities: Joan Rivers, Jan Murray, Charles Nelson Reilly, Jim J. Bullock, Spencer Christian, Jaqueline Zieman, Lee Meriwhether and John Struck, Rebecca Arthur, Shadoe Stevens.

Game: Katrina vs. Sean. Finale (1989?/OB/115)

Various clips (1987/OB/188)

Hollywood Squares, Host: Shadoe Stevens (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Jim J. Bullock, Ross Shaeffer, Michael Winslow, Glen Campbell, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Leslie Easterbrook, Edie McLurg, HOWARD STERN (announcing!).

Game: Corrin vs. Todd. Shadoe is subhosting for John. (1988/OB/106)

Hollywood Squares, Host: Tom Bergeron (72 eps.)

Celebrities: Rosie O'Donnell, Andy Dick, Mark McEwen, Kathy Najimy, Rita Rudner, Jerffrey Tambor, Enrique Colantoni, Bruce Vilanche, Whoopi Goldberg (Premiere week)

Game: Nikki vs. Torry. Premiere of the series (1998/OB/206)

Game: Peter vs. Sarah (1998/OB/206)

Game: Bengt vs. Arlinda (1998/OB/206)

Game: Jonathan vs. Candice (1998/OB/206)

Game: Tim vs. Connie (1998/OB/206)

Celebrities: Patrick Swayze, Lisa Ann Walter, Florence Griffith Joyner, Holly Robinson Peete, Robert Whol, Caroline Rhea, Bruce Vilanch, Whoopi Goldberg. (Each episode has an announcement from Whoopi Goldberg saying this week of Hollywood Squares is dedicated to Flo Jo, who died the week they were to air)

Game: Sean vs. Alex (1998/OB/206)

Game: Rich vs. Barbara (1998/OB/206)

Game: Brandon vs. Carlie (1998/OB/206)

Game: Greg vs. Karen. (1998/OB/146)

Celebrities: Jason Alexander, Little Richard, Penn and Teller, Mimi Kennedy, Susan Sullivan, Gilbert Gottfried, Judy Gold, Bruce Vilanche, Whoopi.

Game: David vs. Valerie. You fool! episode (1999/OB/186)

Celebrities: Pam Grier, Julio Englasias Jr, Kathy Ireland, Dame Edna, Martin Mull, Joshua Meelina, Patton Oswald, BV, WG.

Game: Christi vs. Derek (2000/GSN/260)

Celebrities: Carol Burnett and Daugher, Jason Alexander and Mom, Doris Roberts and Brad Garrett, Holly Robinson Peete and Mom, Dorothy Jo Rough and Lisa Robin Kelly, Gansana Tomey and Jeff Peterson, Caroline Rhea and Dad, BV and mom, WG and mom. (Mother's Day special)

Game: Jason vs. Nita (2000/GSN/320)

Celebrities: Drew Carey, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, Greg Proops, Kathy Greenwood, Chip Esten, Brad Sherwood, Laura Hall and Diana Taylor, Shawnee Smith, Kathy Griffin, CR, BV, WG. (celebrities rotated in and out)

Game: Vicki vs. Charles (2001/OB/336)

Game: Vicki vs. Floyd. Missing intro (2001/OB/337)

Game: Floyd vs. Roshon (2001/OB/337)

Game: Floyd vs. Kristin (2001/OB/337)

Game: Mike vs. Kristin (2001/OB/337)

Celebrities: Jason Alexander, Marlee Matlin, Nicholos Brendan, Gina Lee Nolin, Tracy Morgan, Martin Mull, Doris Roberts, Brad Garrett, WG. (College Tournament)

Game: Andrew vs. Samantha. $10,500 win (2002/OB/327)

Game: Johnny vs. Beth (2002/OB/328)

Celebrities: John Ritter, Joan Rivers, Wayne Brady, Martin Mull, Cloris Leachman, Jeffrey Tambor, Stephen Collins, Nicole Sullivan, Ellen DeGeneres (Season premiere week, new set, music, and bonus round)

Game: Dominick vs. Michelle. Missing opening (2002/OB/414)

Celebrities: George Wallace, Gina Lee Nolin, Jeff Tambor, Nick Cannon, Christopher Lowell, Vivica A. Fox, Jay Thomas, Jillian Barberie, Burt Reynolds.

Game: Galadrial vs. Art (2002/OB/447)

Game: Galadrial vs. Duvel. Key starts the PT Cruiser with the new car dance! (2002/OB/447)

Game: Duvel vs. Deanna. (2002/OB/447)

Dynamic Duos Week. Celebrities: Adam West and Burt Ward, Tim Conway and Harvey Corman, Nadia Comenich and Bart Connor, Todd Bridges and Gary Coleman, Penn and Teller, Tom and Dick Smothers, Martin Mull and Fred Williard, Mo Collins and Debra Wilson, Burt Reynolds and Dom Deluise

Game: Duvel vs. Alex (2002/OB/447)

Game: Alex vs. Eric (2002/OB/447)

Game: Eric vs. Debora (2002/OB/447)

Game: Eric vs. Patty. Key starts BMW Mini Coupe! (2002/OB/447)

Celebrities: Susan Lucci, Arsenio Hall, Doris Roberts, Gene Simmons, Joey McIntyre, Phyllis Diller, Richard Jeni, Daisy Fuentes, Earvin "Magic" Johnson

Game: Lisa vs. Steve. Key starts a Toyota, nearly an automatic win! (2002/OB/452)

Game: Lisa vs. Donn. 5-time champ Lisa Suzuki-Jeffers retires with $42,142 (2002/OB/452)

Game: Nancy vs. Charlie. Charlie starts the Toyota and goes crazy! (2002/OB/452)

Game: Charlie vs. Lorraine (2002/OB/452)

Game: Charlie vs. Julianna. Key opens $25,000 safe, and Charlie does a "Cash Angel" in it! (2002/OB/452)

Celebrities: Elvira, Hulk Hogan, Tammy Fae, Master P and Little Romeo, Mama (Vicki Lawrence), Martin Mull, Kathy Najimy, Ru Paul, Ellen Degeneres. ("Halloween Squares" with celebs in costume)

Game: Charlie vs. Ana. Key opens steamer trunk for trip around the world!! (2002/OB/450)

Game: Charlie vs. Alana. 5-time champion Charlie Brown retires with $124,129 (2002/OB/450)

Game: Lisa vs. Jim (2002/OB/450)

Game: Lisa vs. John. Key starts PT Cruiser and does a little dance! (2002/OB/450)

Game: John vs. Lottie. 8 of 9 squares captured in bonus game, meaning automatic opening of $25,000 safe! (2002/OB/450)

Celebrities: Lisa Ling, Martin Mull, Erica Harrell, Ryan Seacrest, Leila Ali, Jackie Collins, Jeffrey Tambor, Charo, Ellen DeGeneres.

Game: John vs. Nicole. Key opens steamer trunk for Trip Around the World!! (2002/OB/451)

Game: John vs. Erin (2002/OB/451)

Game: Erin vs. Franco. 8 of 9 keys taken away in bonus game to start Mercedes! (2002/OB/451)

Game: Erin vs. Juan. Key opens $25,000 safe! (2002/OB/451)

Game: Erin vs. Ryan. Key opens steamer trunk for Trip Around the World! (2002/OB/451)

Celebrities: Paula Abdul, Rodney Dangerfield, Jack Hannah, George Wallace, Joan Rivers, Dom DeLuise, Baba Buey, Nicole Sullivan, Alec Baldwin.

Game: Erin vs. Rich. Erin retires with $116,355 (2002/OB/451)

Game: Cedric vs. Deb (2002/OB/451)

Game: Cedric vs. Cindy (2002/OB/451)

Game: Cedric vs. Kari (2002/OB/451)

Game: Cedric vs. Dorothy. Key FINALLY starts an Audi Roadster! (2002/OB/451)

Celebrities: John Ritter, Rita Rudner, Donny Bonaduce, Leeza Gibbons, Buddy Hackett, Martin Mull, Matthew St. Patrick, Louie Anderson, Alec Baldwin. (Radio DJ's playing)

Game: Chuck vs. Chris (2002/OB/486)

Game: Shelley vs. Couzin Ed (2002/OB/486)

Game: Dom vs. Mike (2002/OB/486)

Game: Cubby vs. JD (2002/OB/486)

Game: Ellen K vs. Ichabod Kaine. $25,000 win! (2002/OB/486)

Celebrities: Carmen Electra, Montel Williams, Gilbert Gottfried, Elaine Boozler, John Sicada, Penn and Teller, Tyson Bedford, Martin Mull, Steve Howie Reba McIntyre (Different ones each day)

Game: CJ vs. Jeff. Key starts Toyota MR-2 Spider! (2002/OB/486)

Game: CJ vs. Luciano (2002/OB/486)

Celebrities: Eric Roberts, Teri Garr, Martin Mull, Dyan Cannon, Norm Crosby, Jeffrey Tambor, Aisha Tyler, Lindsey Wagner, Howie Mandel

Game: Michael vs. Louisa. Key starts a Volkswagon Bug! (2002/OB/495)

Game: Louisa vs. Darrin (2002/OB/495)

Game: Louisa vs. Michael (2002/OB/495)

Game: Michael vs. Courtney. HEARTBREAKING loss at the bonus round! (2002/OB/495)

Game: Michael vs. Stacy. Key stars the Bug! (2002/OB/495)

Celebrities: Bob Eubanks, Jim Lange, Wink Martindale, Chuck Woolery, Charles Nelson Reilly and Brett Somers, Jimmie Walker, Kathy Griffin, Martin Mull, Peter Marshall (Center Square, Game Show Week, Rod Roddy announces and Carol Merrill models, Peter hosts Thursday ep and is listed under him)

Game: Michael vs. Paula. Peter helps Tom with the rules. Another tough loss for Michael at the bonus round (2002/OB/495)

Game: Michael vs. Amanda. Michael retires with $68,589 (2002/OB/495)

Game: George vs. Diana. Key stars a Chrysler Sebring! (2002/OB/495)

Game: Steve vs. Chanda (2002/OB/494)

Celebrities: Jane Seymour, Carrot Top, Leah Thompson, Ed McMahon, Jackee Harry, Richard Jeni, Kathleen Madigan, Roshumba Williams, Ted Danson (Center Square)

Game: Steve vs. Kelly (2003/OB/527)

Game: Steve vs. Adonde (2003/OB/527)

Game: Adonde vs. Michael (2003/OB/527)

Game: Michael vs. Tami (2003/OB/527)

Game: Tami vs. Ric. Very odd answer in bonus round (2003/OB/527)

Celebrities: Jerry Springer, Richard Simmons, Mama, John Salley, Joanie Lawer, Martin Mull, Jillian Barberie, Kennedy, Don Rickles (Center Square)

Game: Ric vs. Monica (2003/OB/527)

Game: Ric vs. Melinda. Big Secret Square win! Key starts a Mazda Miata!! (2003/OB/527)

Game: Melinda vs. Dean. Key starts the Miata!! (2003/OB/527)

Game: Dean vs. Karen (2003/OB/527)

Game: Karen vs. Dave (2003/OB/527)

Celebrities: Kermit the Frog, John Ritter, Vivica A. Fox, Lance Bass, Jeffrey Tambor, Chris Judd, Joanna Garcia, Steve Howie, Martin Mull, Reba McIntyre (Tournament of Champions)

Game: Lisa Suzuki-Jeffers vs. Eddie Rickowski (2003/OB/572)

Game: Jenny Thomas vs. Lisa Suzuki-Jeffers. Finals, $50,000 win!! (2003/OB/572)