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Game Show Ideas

Ideas for revivals/modifications for shows if **I** were an executive, hehe.

The Joker's Wild, Host: Jimmy Cefalo

Comments/Changes: Not sure if Jimmy would want to do another game show. I thought he did very well on Trump Card. Main game is played to $2500, with the original values times a 5-fold. Three Joker's still win the game, but if the challenger does it, the champion WILL get a final turn. The bonus game will be like the TJW '90 bonus round. The contestant picks a main game category, and Jimmy asks 30 seconds of rapid fire questions. Each correct answer earns a spin. The object is to match three prizes on the machine. Money values of $2500-$7500, trips, and other great prizes would be on the wheels. Getting Joker Joker Joker in a spin wins the "Joker's Jackpot" which starts at $10,000 and increases by $1,000 each time until won, plus a brand new car. Winning 5 games wins $20,000 cash, and 10 wins $40,000. Players retire after 10 games.

Card Sharks, Host: ????

Comments/Changes: This is a HARD show to pick a host for. Make the set a modern Perry version set, but keep the new logo used on the Bullard version. Have a growing jackpot for running the cards which starts at $1000 and increases by $500 each game until won. Money Cards will be worth a maximum of $40,000. No car game.

Tic Tac Dough, Host: Todd Newton

Comments/Changes: Wink is up there in years unfortunately. The outside boxes are worth $1000 with the center worth $2000. Pot carries over in a tie, and a 2 parter is still needed for the center box. Also, 3 red categories per game, like in the Caldwell version. The bonus game would be like the early CBS version. 4 X's, 4 O's, and a dragon. $1500 is given per symbol found, and getting a Tic Tac Dough wins a prize package. Have the set be a modern version of the old set, with a big board with 9 individual monitors.

Whammy! The All New Press Your Luck, Host: Peter Tomarken

Comments/Changes: As you've already probably noticed, a different host. This is because I picked Todd for another show. Bring back the idea from the pilot where you have to G and M to win a Camaro instead of the crappy Gem Car. Also, no more Double Whammies. Returning champions too.

Match Game, Host: Ross Shaeffer

Comments/Changes: Ross might be hard to sell nowadays since he's been out of the limelight for so long. I say do something like the '98 version. 5 celebrities, playing on every question. 1 point/match round 1, 2 for round 2, 3 for round 3. Super Match is basically the same. Audience Match values are $1000/$500/$250, with the MG/HS Hour number cards. 2 have a 10, 2 have a 20, and 1 has a 30, making a top prize of $30,000.

To Tell The Truth, Host: John O'Hurley

Comments/Changes: Keep the set and theme from the last version. Have $1000 for each wrong vote, $5000 for a complete stump. Bring back the "One on One" from the '91 version, worth $2500 for a audience member.

Bullseye, Host: ????

Comments/Changes: Can't come up with a host. Maybe have a more risky main game, where if your opponent answers correctly and steals your contract, they can break the contract, and either spin again or bank. Keep the bonus game the same, but bigger values.

The Price is Right, Host:???

Comments/Changes: Make the set and theme the '94 version. Make the contestants have to WIN their pricing games to get into the Showcase Showdown (if all three lose all three will go to the Showcase Showdown). If only one wins they'll get one spin on the wheel to see if they can get $1.00. Getting a dollar wins $5000. On the bonus spin, getting it on the green section wins $10,000. Getting a dollar wins $25,000.

Hollywood Squares, Host: Tom Bergeron

Comments/Changes: No Whoopi. '86-'88 theme. Same set. Keep the main game relatively the same, but make the bonus round like on Battlestars, where you have to get a Tic Tac Toe by agreeing/disagreeing with celebrities, with a limit of two mistakes for whatever the celebrities have in their envelopes. Two secret squares per night.

Twenty-One, Host:????

Comments/Changes: Make it more risky like the original. $2500/difference in score. No strikes, no second chances, no bonus game.

Weakest Link, Host: Kennedy

Comments/Changes: Not many changes you can really make. I like the half hour format better, but make the final round best of 5 questions instead of 3. And I do like George Gray as host, but women host the show a LOT better, which is why I'd want Kennedy.

Scrabble, Host: Chuck Woolery

Comments/Changes: Use something like the second format, where the champs always played the Sprint and the games straddled. But have the Sprint winner play the "Bonus Sprint" for a growing jackpot starting at $10,000 and increasing by $2,500 each time until won.

Sale of the Century, Host: Gordon Elliot

Comments/Changes: Hard to come up with hosts to some of these. Let's add some variety here. Combine some of the '70s and '80s elements together. Have the Fame Game, and Instant Bargains, but have questions late in the game worth $10 and maybe a $20 Speedround ("Century Round"). The bonus round will be the risk taking "shopping" round.

Wheel of Fortune, Host: Bob Goen (I hear the screaming already)

Comments/Changes: OK first off, yes, I picked Bob. I've never liked Pat Sajak. As for the show, I'd make the first two rounds shopping rounds, and every round after that all-cash. Also, use the "CBS" theme (Though it was used on the syndie version). Keep the set, but change the backdrops to REAL backdrops.

Wordplay, Host: ???

Comments/Changes: One problem with the original was the main game, where the champion always picked first in each round (giving them a disadvantage). Have the challenger pick first in round 1, the champion in round 2, and the player ahead in round 3. In the bonus round ("Triple Play"), take the final three words on the board and give them to each of the celebrities. One by one, the celebrities give their definition, and the contestant must say whether it's right or wrong. Each correct answer pays off at $500. Getting all three wins a growing jackpot starting at $10,000, increasing by $5,000 each time until won.