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Bamboozle, Host: Bob Hilton (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Stuart Pankin and Elaine Joyce

First story involves exercising pets. Terrible TTTT rip-off (1985/SM/51)

Beat the Clock, Host: Monty Hall (2 eps.)

Game: Les and Mindy vs. Michael and Rhonda. Les was on Match Game syndicated (1979/SM/252)

Game: Gary and Kris vs. Ed and Donna (1979/SM/252)

Beat the Odds, Host: Chuck Henry (1 ep.)

First game: Doralyn vs. Linda. Revival of the '60s word game. (1975/SM/120)

The Better Sex, Host: Bill Anderson and Sarah Purcell (1 ep.)

First Game: Janet-Blanch-Gwenda-Pat-Sharon-Diane-Jerri vs. Jeffrey-Bill-Jack-Joe-Chuck-Major-Jerry. 7 member teams (1977/SM/51)

Blank Check, Host: Art James (1 ep.)

First check writer: Bob. Counter on bottom (1974/SM/60)

Break the Bank, Host: Tom Kennedy (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Foster Brooks, Venela Hutton, Jaye P. Morgan, Buzz Aldrin, Jan Murray, Gale Fischer, Liz Torres, Rich Delany, Abe Vigoda.

First Game: Karen vs. Ron. Pilot done halfway through the run to test a new box rule. (1976/SM/32)

The Buck Stops Here, Host: Jim Peck (1 ep.)

First Game: Matt and Lisa vs. Sarah and Jerry. Boring pilot (1985/SM/123)

Bullseye, Host: Jim Lange (1 ep.)

First Game: Gale vs. Scott. Different theme and very different bonus round (1979/SM/93)

Caesar's Challenge, Host: Ahmad Rashad (1 ep.)

Game: Laurel vs. Scott vs. Leanna. Aired pilot with a strange format. (1993/OB/55)

Card Sharks, Host: Jim Perry (2 eps.)

First game: Jack vs. Pam. Famous pilot contestant Jack Campion busts in Money Cards! (1978/SM/251)

First game: Judith vs. Johnny. Cocky contestant Johnny whips the Money Cards for $28,800! (1978/SM/251)

Caught in the Act, Host: Jim Peck (1 ep.)

Panelists: Anne Meara, BILL CULLEN, Anita Gillette, Clifton Davis, Stephanie Braxton.

First Game: Terry vs. Mike. Neat pilot!(1977/SM/113)

Caught in the Act, Host: Jack Clark (1 ep.)

First game: Mimi vs. Holly. This pilot is different from the above, but both are Bob Stewart pilots. Weird prizes. (1981/SM/113)

Celebrity Sweepstakes, Host: Jim McKrell (1 ep.)

Celebrities: John Astin, Luci Arnaz, Ted Knight, Patty Duke Astin, Dean Jones, Jane Winters.

This pilot is the only episode known to exist (1975/SM/41)

Chain Reaction, Host: Bill Cullen (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Joyce Bulifant and Nipsey Russell

First Game: Lynn & Allen vs. Judy & Bob. Teams are one celebrity, one married couple and has a $100,000 bonus round. (1979/SM/32)

Celebrity Double Dare, Host: Bruce Jenner (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Heidi Bohay and Scott Baio

Game: Wayne vs. Holly. Stupid attempt to turn Double Dare into an adult show. (1988/SM/15)

Child's Play, Host: Bill Cullen (1 ep.)

Game: Glenn vs. Dautie. Slightly different format (1982/SM/15)

Combination Lock, Host: Ross King (1 ep.)

Game: Paul vs. Martyn. Foureign pilot produced by our own John Ricci! (1995/SM/37)

Concentration, Host: Orson Bean (1 ep.)

Game: Lori vs. Hap. New "word matching" format that just didn't catch on. Orson can't host. Became Classic Concentration. (1985/SM/123)

Cop Out!, Host: Geoff Edwards (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Anne Elder, James Ferrentino, Michelle Lee, Bill Bixby, Lois Nettleson, Larry Hovis, Della Reese, Richard Dawson.

First game: Sheryl vs. Frank (1973/GSN/201)

Crossword, Host: George Fenneman (2 eps.)

Celebrities: Tippi Hendrin and Paul Lynde

First Game: Hank vs. Pauly. Unsold pilot that, under a similar format, became Cross-Wits (1968/SM/54)

Celebrities: Carolyn Jones and Michael Landon

First game: Ammie vs. Patty. Second pilot, and again it's unsold :) (1968/SM/151)

Decisions, Decisions, Host: Bill Cullen (1 ep.)

Celebrities: David Letterman and Joyce Bulifant

First Game: Madeline vs. Mike. Format is a lot like the Hot Potato bonus round. (1980/SM/14)

Dr. IQ Jr., Host: ? (1 ep.)

Very strange pilot of a junior version of Dr. IQ(195?/SM/113)

Dollar A Second, Host: Bob Eubanks (1 ep.)

First contestant: Lori. A revival of the Jan Murray classic went unsold. (1981/GSN/57)

Dream House, Host: Bob Eubanks (1 ep.)

Game: Peggy and Jim vs. John and Ashley. Slightly different format, TPIR music cues, Rod Roddy announcing, and NO lights on the big doors!!! (1983/SM/32)

Everything's Relative, Host: Jim Peck (2 eps.)

Game: Moranos vs. Phillips. Unsold (1980/SM/119)

Game: Egan vs. Rosenthal. Pilot 2. (1980/SM/119)

Face is Familiar, Host: Jack Clark (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Betsy Palmer and Bill Cullen

Game: Nathan vs. Phyllis. Jack Whitaker would become host of the series, but Jack Clark remained announcer :) (1968/SM/70)

Family Feud, Host: Richard Dawson (1 ep.)

Game: Speir vs. Madvig. Different set and Johnny Olson announcing (1976/SM/26)

Gambit, Host: Bob Eubanks (1 ep.)

First Game: Karla vs. Tony. Unsold revival pilot with a new boring bonus round. (1990/SM/4)

The Game Game, Host: Jim McKrell (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Donna Young, Scoey Mitchell, Nancy Culp.

First contestant: Wayne. (1969/GSN/133)

Get Rich Quick, Host: Steve Edwards (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Lynnie Green, Debralee Scott, Robert Urich, John Ritter.

First Game: Kevin vs. Karen. Word format like the Chain Reaction bonus/Go! format. Two copies SM/119 and GSN/201. Both have good quality (SM has slate) (1977)

Going, Going, Gone, Host: Richard Llewellen (1 ep.)

Game: Mrs. Agular vs. Art vs. Mary. Tom Kennedy is announcer! (1952/SM/90)

Grill Me, Host: Jordan Brady (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Dwerzel Zappa, Susan Olson, Kristoff St. John.

Pilot aired on USA network where celebrities compete in a restaurant themed game. (1996/USA/151)

Hollywood Squares, Host: Bert Parks (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Wally Cox, Rose Marie, Morey Amsterdam, Gisele McKenzie, Robert Q. Lewis, Vera Miles, Charlie Weaver, Abby Dalton, Jim Backus.

Not many differences, except no Secret Square. (1965/SM/91)

Hollywood Squares, Host: John Davidson (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Burt Reynolds, Loni Anderson, Marla Gibbs, Dick Butkus and Bubba Smith, Steve Landusberg, Abolonia, Tony Danza, Jackie Collins, Dom DeLuise(center square).

Game: Karla vs. Steve. Really not much difference between it and the series, besides the X/O displays, and Burt Reynolds being on it (There was a big contraversy with his contract before it went to series). Even Johnny Carson shows up for an appearance. (1985/SM/20)

Hot Streak, Host: Bruce Forsyth (2 eps.)

Pilot #2. Game: Jenny-Susan-Karen-Becky-Wanda vs. Jack-Scott-Peter-Patrick-Peter. (1984/SM/118)

Pilot #3. Game: Wanda-Robin-Jenny-Kathy vs. Lance-Brian-Bob-Peter-Jack (1984/SM/118)

It Had to Be You, Host: Ed McMahon (1 ep.)

Pilot of the show that later became He Said, She Said. Fair quality (1962/SM/90)

Jackpot, Host: Nipsey Russell (1 ep.)

First queen of the hill: Lorne. Pilot for a CBS revival went unsold. (1984/SM/84)

Jeopardy!, Host: Alex Trebek (2 eps.)

Game: Cynthia vs. Jack vs. Karen. VERY different set, the 1978 theme is used, and Jay Stewart is announcing (1983/SM/19)

Game: Michael vs. Cynthia vs. Jack. This pilot looks more like it became. (1984/SM/55)

Jumble, Host: Richard Kline (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Bill Kirchenbaur and Alana Reeves

Game: Antonio vs. Scott. Bad. (1985/SM/134)

King of the Hill, Host: Robert Earle (1 ep.)

First Game: Connie vs. Bill vs. Sharon. Neat Q&A game with a Card Sharks/Money Cards-esque bonus round!! (1975/SM/122)

Let's Make a Deal, Host: Monty Hall (1 ep.)

First contestant: Maggie. No costumes and the Big Deal has zonks (1963/SM/122)

Lucky Numbers, Host: Alex Trebek (2 eps.)

First Game: Gerald vs. Vicki. High Rollers-type dice game which uses Wink's High Rollers theme. (1985/SM/119)

First game: Michael vs. Vicki. Pilot #2 (1985/SM/119)

The Joker's Wild, Host: Allen Ludden (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Don Drysdale, Rosemary Clooney, Rich Little, Irene Ryan, Pat Paulson

Eventually sold pilot (With a much different format). Celebrities ask the questions! (1969/SM/82)

Love Me, Love Me Not, Host: Ross Shaeffer (1 ep.)

Women: Sally, Elisa, Catina, Theresa. Men: Peter, Bob. (1986/SM/121)

The Match Game, Host: Gene Rayburn (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Peggy Cass and Peter Lynd Hayes

First game: Ronni and Arthur vs. Rick and Mary. "Test" episode for the NBC version. Has commercials (?!?!) (1961/SM/511)

Match Game, Host: Gene Rayburn (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Arlene Francis, Jack Klugman, Bert Convy, JoAnne Phlug, Richard Dawson, Betty White

First Game: Susan vs. Wendy. Much different questions and a slightly different set. Super Match is called "Jackpot Match" (1973/SM/7)

Mama Non Mama, Host: Alex Trebek (2 eps.)

Women: Karid, Lyn, Pam, Susan. Men: Mitchell and Danny. Became "Love Me, Love Me Not" (1984/SM/121)

Men: Mark, Danny, Nathan, Larry. Women: Nancy and Cinder (Appeared on Bruce Forsyth's Hot Streak). Pilot #2 (1984/SM/121)

$50,000 A Minute, Hosts: Geoff Edwards and Meredith McRae (2 eps.)

Celebrities: Shelley Smith and Charlie Siebert

First pilot. Uses the NBC Jackpot theme song, and a variation of the Go! format. (1985/SM/118)

Celebrities: Ed Begley Jr. and Markie Post

Pilot #2. First game: Claire vs. Andrea. (1985/SM/118)

Monday Night Quarterback, Host: Jerry Kramer (1 ep.)

Game: Dick Martin and John Hadle vs. Peter Lawford and Myron Pottios. Game where they predict what happens during a football play. (1971/GSN/57)

Money Maze, Host: Nick Clooney (1 ep.)

Game: George and Joyce vs. Bernard and Helen. Pilot and only existing episode. (1975/SM/95)

Nothing But the Truth, Host: Mike Wallace

Celebrities: Polly Bergen, John Cameron Swayze, Hilde Parks, Dick Van Dyke.

Original To Tell the Truth pilot! First story involves a truent officer (1956/SM/510)

Now You See It, Host: Jack Clark (1 ep.)

First Game: Laurel and Alysen vs. Tony and Ronata. Unsold pilot for a revival with a Pyramid-esque format. Tape glitch during second round through the bonus round, audio remains throughout. (1985/SM/121)

Party Line, Host: Gene Rayburn (1 ep.)

Game: Lauren-Judy-Laura Chambers-Sue-Evelyn vs. John-David-Stu-Wayne-Bob. This Grundy pilot became "Bruce Foryth's Hot Streak" (1983/SM/123)

PDQ, Host: Dennis James (1 ep.)

First Game: Stubby Kaye and Dick Patterson vs. Gisele McKenzie and Jerry ?. Became one of Dennis' great series' (1963/SM/33)

People on TV, Host: Jimmy Cefalo (1 ep.)

Game: Victoria vs. Bob vs. Jeanine. Unsold pilot (1991/SM/153)

Penny to a Million, Host: Bud Collyer (1 ep.)

First game: Mrs. Dafoe vs. Howard vs. Evilyn (1958/SM/358)

100%, Host: Mark Hammond (1 ep.)

Pitchfilm and pilot. Game: Kevin vs. Diana vs. John. (1998/SM/115)

Press Your Luck, Host: Peter Tomarken (1 ep.)

Game: Maggie-Jack-Matt. PILOT of the series with different backround and theme.(1983/SM/91)

Quick as a Flash, Host: Bill Cullen (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Boris Karloff and Wendy Barry

Game: Margo vs. Jan. (1952/SM/90)

Rhyme and Reason, Host: Bob Eubanks (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Nipsey Russell, Lee Meriwhether, Richard Dawson, Jaye P. Morgan, Jack Cassidy, Adrienne Barbeau

First game: Patrick vs. Yenson. Some adult material, so viewer discretion is advised (1975/SM/249)

Riddlers, Host: David Letterman (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Joanne Worley, Robert Urich, Joyce Bulifant, Michael McKeon, Debralee Scott

First team: Dance Instructors. Jackpot variant where celebrities COMPETE against contestants. (1978/GSN/57)

Run For the Money, Host: Bill Rafferty (1 ep.)

First Game: Steve vs. Christie vs. Doug vs. Nancy. Was a pilot for a US version of "Going for the Gold" (1987/SM/86)

Say When!, Host: Art James (1 ep.)

First Game: Mary vs. Paul. Like Price is Right. (1963/SM/93)

Says Who?, Host: Geoff Edwards (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Anne Meara, Betsy Palmer, Bill Cullen, Peter Lawford.

First game: Nathan vs. Lynne. (1969/GSN/201)

Scrabble, Host: Chuck Woolery (1 ep.)

First Game: Laura vs. Bill. Pilot of the series with a different format. (1984/SM/91)

Second Chance, Host: Jim Peck (1 ep.)

Pilot. Like Press Your Luck.Game: Maggie vs. Jack vs. Lynn(1976/SM/28)

Second Guessers, Host: Jack Carter (1 ep.)

Guest: Brenda Vicarro. Odd pilot taped in Miami (1969/GSN/201)

Shoot the Works, Host: Geoff Edwards (2 eps.)

Pilot that became Shoot for the Stars. First Game: Anne Meara and David vs. Rick Hurst and Kathy (1976/SM/32)

Second pilot. First game: Anita Gillette and John vs. Bill Cullen and Kathy (1976/GSN/152)

Showdown, Host: Jim Peck (1 ep.)

Later became "The Big Showdown." Game: Nancy vs. Bob vs. Elaine (1974/SM/14)

Simon Says, Host: Bob Barker (1 ep.)

First contestant: Patricia. Unsold NBC pilot. This pilot might've been how Bob got the Price gig. (Uses the Savers theme from Joker's Wild) (1971/SM/134)

Smart Alecks, Host: Allen Ludden (1 ep.)

Celebrities: David Letterman, Pat Carroll, Don Meredith.

First contestant: Don. Unsold pilot. (1976/SM/109)

Split Decision, Host: Jim McKrell (1 ep.)

First game: Bob vs. Miriam. Great pilot! (1987/SM/113)

Split Personality, Host: Tom Poston (1 ep.)

First game: Gloria vs. Carl. Audio drops off in beginning. Unsold pilot (196?/SM/165)

Split Second, Host: Robb Weller (1 ep.)

Unsold pilot. Game: Paula vs. Gary vs. Lynn (1985/SM/33)

$10,000 Sweep, Host: Jack Clark (1 ep.)

First Game: Coleman and Tom vs. Cindy and Sue. Unsold pilot (1972/GSN/57)

Talking Pictures, Host: Allen Ludden (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Ann Miller, Peter Lawford, Angela Cartwright, Lloyd Green, Jan Serling, Stubby Kaye, Agnes Moorehead, Carol Burnett, Paul Winchell.

Combination of Concentration and Hollywood Squares(1968/SM/120)

Temptation, Host: Jed Allen (1 ep.)

First prize is a record player. Unsold pilot, but should've sold (Would've been a budget breaker though!) (1981/SM/118)

To Tell the Truth, Host: Richard Kline (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Morton Downey Jr, Cindy Adams, Lynn Swann, Lynn Redgrave.

First story involves women in Wall St. Pilot that NBC accidently fed to midwest! (1991/OB/51)

Top Secret, Host: Wink Martindale (1 ep.)

First Game: Sharon vs. Mike vs. Wendy. Unsold pilot for CBS. Excellent quality! (1987/SM/120)

Trivia Trap, Host: Bob Eubanks (1 ep.)

Game: Bonnie-John-Addie vs. Alysen-Tim-Kathy. (1983/SM/104)

Twenty-One, Host: Jim Lange (1 ep.)

Unsold pilot for a revival of the rigged classic! First Game: Steve vs. Marie. This pilot isn't as bad as people say it is, but the bonus was out of place (1982/SM/32)

Twenty Questions, Host: Jack Clark (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Kelly Garrett, Tony Roberts, Gene Schallit, Anne Meara.

Game: Ron vs. Suzanne. Unsold pilot. (1975/SM/94)

Twisters, Host: Jim Perry (1 ep.)

First King of the Hill: Mimi. Cool pilot which combines elements of Your Number's Up, Jackpot, and many other Bob Stewart games. Uses the Shoot for the Stars/Jackpot theme (1982/GSN/201)

We've Got Your Number, Host: Jack Barry (1 ep.)

Unsold pilot. First Game: Bill vs. Susan (1975/SM/123)

Wipeout, Host: Peter Tomarken (1 ep.)

Game: Nan vs. Chuck vs. La Dawn. Pilot ep. with a different set, theme, and a hostess! (1987/SM/121)

Win, Lose, or Draw, Host: Bert Convy (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Loni Anderson, Betty White, Burt Reynolds, Tony Danza

Game: Zehs vs. Terry. Aired pilot (as a sneak preview). Slight differences in set and Rod Roddy announcing (1987/OB/29)

You Bet Your Life, Host: Groucho Marx (1 ep.)

Pilot of the classic for radio (195?/SM/239)

You Bet Your Life, Host: Richard Dawson (1 ep.)

First contestants: Sigrid and Mel. Unsold pilot of a revival.(1988/SM/102)


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