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Blankety Blanks (Match Game), Host: Graham Kennedy (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Barry Creighton, Noleen Brown, Dave Gray, Carol Raye, Stuart Wagstoff, Peggy Dupano

First game: Dave vs. Sue. VERY cool version, with near clone of orange set, and Graham is Gene Rayburn from down under! (1979/RER/325)

Blankety Blanks (MG), Host: Shane Bourne (2 eps.)

Panelists: GARY COLEMAN, Rhonda ?, Marty ?, Annie ?, Tim ?, Nicky Buckley.

Game: Rebbecca vs. Paul (1996/OB/69)

Panelists: Molly ?, Rhonda ?, Marty ?, Annie Rigby, George Ariss, Susie Arnell.

Game: Jackie vs. Jamie (1996/OB/69)

Catch Phrase, Host: John Burgess (2 eps.)

Game: Sharon vs. Ila (1996/OB/69)

Game: Helen vs. Chamilla (1997/OB/69)

Concentration, Host: Mike Hammond (2 eps.)

First Game: Greg vs. Robin (1997/OB/84)

First game: George vs. Katherine (1997/OB/490)

Double Dare, Host: Tom James (1 ep.)

Game: United States vs. Australia. This episode aired in the US (1994/OB/236)

Family Feud, Host: Rob Brough (1 ep.)

Game: Kite vs. Murphy. Not to good video (1994/OB/490)

Greed, Host: Carryanne Coreneli? (3 eps.)

First team: Cerentha-Richard-Greg-Lyndal-Brian. Only four players per team in this version. $250,000 loss! Premiere (2000/OB/325)

First team: Mark-Louise-Matthew-Paula-John. (2000/OB/325)

First team: Goran-Linda-Howard-Carol-Mark. Finale (2000/OB/325)

Hot Streak, Host: James O'Neil (4 eps.)

Game: Tough Boys vs. Jungle Fever (1998/OB/216)

Game: Thunderbirds vs. Licorice All-Stars (1998/OB/216)

Game: Movie Girls vs. Goodfellas (1998/OB/216)

Game: Lost Boy vs. Disco Dames (1998/OB/216)

Now You See It, Host: Scott McRae (1 ep.)

First Game: Llon vs. James. Kids play this version (1998/OB/69)

The Price is Right, Host: Larry Emdur (1 ep.)

Pricing Games: Double Prices-Buy or Sell-Make Your Move (1996/OB/14)

Sale of the Century, Host: Tony Barbour (5 eps.)

(Entire Week from 1990)

Game: John vs. Colin vs. Karen (1990/SM/325)

Game: John vs. Chris vs. Maria (1990/SM/325)

Game: John vs. Alec vs. Ruth (1990/SM/325)

Game: John vs. Mark vs. Julia. John decides to take a BIG risk. (1990/SM/325)

Game: John vs. Paul vs. Kate. John's risk backfires (1990/SM/325)

Sale of the Century , Host: Glenn Ridge (3 eps.)

Game: Barry vs. Sue vs. Tony. Tony takes home a bundle! (1994/OB/132)

Game: Jason vs. Amanda vs. Adam. Adam wins the show! (1998/OB/216)

Game: Robert vs. Pauline vs. Matthew. BIG win! (2001/OB/490)

Weakest Link, Host: Cornelia Frances (3 eps.)

Game: Gary-Shenae-Andrew-Christine-David-Jarrod-Lyn-Glenn-George (2001/OB/489)

Game: Gary-Shaun-Jacque-Greg-Sue-Adam-Sonya-Ian-Pat (2001/OB/489)

Game: Ben-Ada-Andrew-Judith-Ryan-Georgie-Scott-Kimberley-Michael. Celebrity edition (Like they didn't shove them down our throats in America enough?) (2001/OB/490)

Wheel of Fortune, Host: John Burgess (1 ep.)

Game: Gary vs. Glen vs. Julie (1990/OB/216)

Wheel of Fortune, Host: Tony Barbour (1 ep.)

Game: Tim vs. Joanne vs. Greg. His first ep. as host with weird rules (1996/OB/218)

Wheel of Fortune, Host: Rob Elliot (1 ep.)

Game: Barbara vs. Kimbo vs. Kathy. Starts with taped message from Tony apologzing for the show and introducing Rob (1997/OB/218)

Who Dares Wins, Host: Mike Whitney (1 ep.)

First dare involves catching a egg (2000/GSN/304)

Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, Host: Eddie McGuire (1 ep.)

First contestant: Trevor. Trevor wins $500,000! Slightly cheaper set, different graphics, and different fastest finger rules (2000/OB/490)


Definition, Host: Jim Perry (2 eps.)

Celebrities: Pat Marzden and Dan Mathison

First game: Victoria vs. Joanne (1985/OB/127)

No Celebrity Format:

First Game: Jess and Carol vs. Ron and Jeffrey. From 1987 Tourny of Champs(with a win!). Low Audio (1987/OB/55)

Supermarket Sweep, Host: Tino Monte (1 ep.)

Game: Adrienne and Dave vs. Lina and Steph vs. Faith and Joanne (1995/OB/132)

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Host: Pamela Wallin (2 eps.)

First contestant: Bill. $64,000 winner! (1999/OB/216)

First contestant: Shannon. (1999/OB/216)


Pyramide (Pyramid), Host: ? (1 ep.)

First word described: Epouser (199?/OB/68)


Bube Dame Horig (Card Sharks), Host:? (1 ep.)

First Card: King of Spades (199?/OB/15)

Great Britain:

Blankety Blank (Match Game), Host: Terry Wogan (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Roy Kinnear, Thora Earn, Henry Cooper, Karen Kaye, Kenny Everett, Lorraine Chase.

First game: John vs. Susan. Weird version with ANNOYING theme song. (1979/RER/325)

Blankety Blank, Host: Les Dawson (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Janet Brown, David Wilkie, Sabina Franklin, Harry Marks, Diana Moran.

First game: Peter vs. Jacqui. Odd, cheap set, even the panelists have to flip over cards when they've bene matched.(1985/Challenge/490)

Blockbusters, Host: Bob Holness (1 ep.)

First Game: Matt vs. Susan and Steve (199?/OB/79)

Bruce's Price is Right, Host: Bruce Forsyth (4 eps.)

Pricing Games: Danger Price-Pathfinder-Switcheroo. Premiere (1995/OB/14)

Pricing Games: Any Number, Credit Card, Clock Game (With a cool set up! A giant watch!) (1998/OB/217)

Pricing Games: Money Game, Race Game, Brucie's Bargain Bar. Showcase Showdown has two way tie at 100 ($1.00). Narrow Showcase loss (1998/OB/489)

Pricing Games: Side By Side, Three Strikes (very odd playing), Cliffhanger (complete with a British Hans!). Showcase win! (2000/OB/489)

Concentration, Host: Bob ? (1 ep.)

Game: Jim vs. Pearl. Same graphics as Classic Concentration and same gameplay. Bonus win! (1990/OB/489)

Cross-Wits, Host: Tom O'Connor (1 ep.)

Game: Jim and Vicki vs. Linda and Charles (1997/OB/51)

Family Fortunes (Family Feud), Host: Les Dennis (5 eps.)

Game: Simpsons vs. Wood. (1992/OB/129)

Game: Phipps vs. Kairns (1992/Challenge/489)

Game: Hogan vs. Gregory (1992/Challenge/489)

Game: Watson vs. Cenci (1994/Challenge/490)

Game: Game Show Hosts vs. Chefs (All-Star special) (1995/OB/490)

Finders Keepers, Host: Neal Buchanan (1 ep.)

Game: Richard and Chikira vs. Ryan and Vicky (199?/OB/336)

Fun House, Host: Ty Shaw? (1 ep)

Game: Alex and Michael vs. Ian and Yvonne. Unbelievable set! (1998/OB/336)

Greed, Host: JERRY SPRINGER (2 eps.)

First team: Sarah-David-Allison-Hammot-Calet-Chris. VERY cool version and Jerry does a great job! Premiere (2001/OB/324)

Second episode (2001/OB/324)

Jeopardy!, Host: Paul Ross (1 ep.)

Game: Judy vs. Ian vs. Shirley. Nice copy of our set, but rather cheap payoffs (1995/OB/489)

Lucky Ladders (Chain Reaction), Host: Lenny Bennett (1 ep.)

First Game: Maureen and Elaine vs. Siv and Debbie (199?/OB/40)

Lucky Numbers (Trump Card), Host: Shane Ritchie (1 ep.)

Game: Alaine vs. Howard vs. Claire (1996/OB/98)

Pass the Buck, Host: ? (1 ep.)

First category: Males names starting with A. This show starts with 12 players! (199?/OB/164)

Play Your Cards Right (Card Sharks), Host: Bruce Forsyth (3 eps.)

First game: Sam and Wayne vs. Sally and Nigel. Car win! Premiere (1997/OB/217)

First game: Sandra and Andy vs. Deanna and Roy (1997/OB/128)

First game: Surinder and Andy vs. Jane and Yousif. Season finale (1998/OB/489)

The Pyramid Game (Pyramid), Host: Steve Jones (1 ep.)

Game: Dee and Cauctas vs. Stefan and Jackie. Cool set. (1994/Challenge TV/134)

The Weakest Link, Host: Anne Robinson (7 eps.)

Daytime version (No audience, lower payoffs, cards for voting):

Game: Barry-Darren-Vikki-Jeff-Rhys-Dawn-Ann-Brian-Peter (2000/OB/489)

Game: Alun-Sarah-Mandy-Andrew-Steve-Sharon-Deborah-Sally-Darren. 2001 daytime premiere, all Welsh contestants (2001/OB/489)

Game: Dean-Linda-Craig-Irmgard-Kate-Hugh-Tabbi-Steve-Janice (2001/OB/489)

Game: Jo-Chris-Shirley-Austin-Gill-Beth-Steven-Sally-David (2001/OB/489)

Game: Kelly-Austin-Yvonne-Ian-Nick-Lucy-Robin-Morag-Ross (2001/OB/490)

Nighttime version (Flashier set, higher payoffs):

Game: Tom-Merryl-John-Clare-Jack-Hilary-Jason-Heather (2000/OB/216)

Game: Beryl-Gordon-Louise-Sam-Paul-Chris-Nadya-John (2000/OB/252)

Wheel of Fortune, Host: Nicky Campbell (1 ep.)

Game: ? vs. Thomas vs. Karen (1994/OB/132)

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Host: Chris Tarrant (4 eps.)

First contestant: Ally. Last ep. with lots of clips (1998/OB/217)

First contestant: Fiona. (1998/OB/218)

First contestnt: Judith. Million pound win! (2000/OB/216)

First contestant: Steve. Steve is going for the million! (2000/OB/216)

News story about Million pound winner Judith Keppel (324)


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