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The $10,000 Pyramid, Host: Dick Clark (12 eps. and 1 clip)

Celebrities: Kaye Ballard and Richard Deacon

First Game: Lyn vs. Katherine. Quality is ok, not too bad compared to other copies. A little clearer (1973/OB/96)

Celebrities: Barbara Feldon and John Schuck

First game: Karen vs. Ernie. Show actually starts in the middle of a straddled game! WEIRD! Ahhhh, the early days of Pyramid (1973/GSN/432)

First game: Jim vs. Janice (1973/GSN/429)

Celebrities: Sandy Duncan and Ed Asner

First game: Ernie vs. Heline (1973/GSN/416)

First game: Ron vs. Kay. (1973/GSN/198)

First game: Kay vs. Gene. $10,000 win (1973/GSN/198)

First game: Stan vs. Joan (1973/GSN/198)

Celebrities: McLean Stevenson, Loretta Swit, Anita Gillette, David Speilberg

First game: Jerry vs. Joan. McLean and Anita play in game 1, David and Loretta game 2. (1973/GSN/198)

First game: Joan vs. Wayne. (1973/GSN/175)

First game: Loretta and McLean vs. David and Anita. Celebrities only play. $10,000 win! (1973/GSN/198)

Another Celebrity episode. $10,000 win! Game 2 has the men against the women (1973/GSN/198)

First game: Women at the Winners Circle. Teams are mixed up a little bit. Dick in a pink Pepto-Bismol suit, UGH! (1973/GSN/198)

Clip of William Shatner playing the winner's circle solo (1974/OB/79)

The $20,000 Pyramid, Host: Dick Clark (46 eps.)

Celebrities: Clifton Davis and Loretta Swit

First Game: Jenna vs. Rich (1976/SM/12)

Celebrities: JoAnne Worley and Tony Randall

First Game: Claudia at Winners Circle. Judges were obviously asleep during this ep. (1976/SM/12)

Celebrities: William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy

First game: Sheri vs. Leia (1977/OB/114)

First game: Shirley vs. Sheri (1977/OB/114)

First game: Shirley vs. Sharon. Bill throws a chair after he gives an illegal clue in the Winner's Circle (1977/OB/114)

First game: Reena vs. Shirley (1977/OB/114)

First game: Shirley vs. Mark (1977/OB/114)

Celebrities: Jamie Lee Curtis and George Maharis

First game: Don vs. Ellen. $15,000 win! (1978/GSN/261)

Celebrities: Anita Gillette and David Letterman

First Game: Randy vs. Alice (1978/GSN/101)

First Game: Sue vs. Stetha (1978/GSN/101)

First Game: Keith vs. Mary Anne. $15,000 win (1978/GSN/101)

First Game: Dave at Winners Circle. $10,000 win (1978/GSN/261)

First Game: Linda vs. Janet. David comes in wearing a Dodger jacket and get's booed by audience! (1978/GSN/101)

Celebrities: Adrienne Barbeau and Soupy Sales (Special Challenge Match)

First Game: Kathy vs. Myra (1978/OB/12)

Celebrities: Dick Cavett and Tony Randall

First game: Lyda vs. Mel. Dick and Tony play a charity Winner's Circle, with a very funny answer from Tony (1978/GSN/504)

Celebrities: Terry Davis and Daryl Anderson

First game: Eric vs. Ethel (1978/OB/59)

Celebrities: Rita Moreno and Robert Walden

First game: Jeff vs. Ronnie (1978/SM/59)

Celebrities: Didi Conn and Martin Mull

First game: Peter vs. Stephanie (1978/GSN/149)

Celebrities: Brianne Leary and Tony Danza

First game: Barbara vs. John (1978/GSN/429)

Celebrities: Didi Conn and Bart Braverman

First Game: Patti vs. Jackie. Announcer isn't Bob Clayton (1979/SM/12)

First game: Mindy vs. Jackie (1979/GSN/439)

Celebrities: Debralee Scott and Peter Lawford

First Game: Tony vs. Karen. Peter acts like he's high. Debralee almost cries after losing in the Winner's Circle. (1979/OB/59)

Celebrities: Billy Crystal and Sal Viscuco (Special Challenge Match)

First game: Maggie vs. Therese. Clip of Billy's 26 second Winner's Circle win is shown (1979/GSN/395)

First game: Heather Jo vs. Jennifer (1979/GSN/416)

First Game: Kim vs. Cindy (1979/GSN/9)

Celebrities: Valerie Bertinelli and Robert Mandan

First game: Lynn vs. Ellen (1979/GSN/420)

Celebrities: Loretta Swit and Geoff Edwards

First game: Lucille vs. Sue. $20,000 win (1979/GSN/287)

First Game: Linda vs. Marge. $20,000 win. (1979/GSN/287)

First game: Ilene vs. Elizabeth. They wish happy birthday to Bob Clayton! (1979/GSN/287)

First game: June vs. Leanne (1979/GSN/287)

Celebrities: Sandy Duncan and Nipsey Russell

First Game: Bill vs. Ann. Many tie-breakers in game 1, ends up being a 43-42 game. (1979/GSN/84)

First Game: Ann at the Winners Circle. (1979/GSN/58)

Celebrities: Della Reese and Fred Grandy

First game: Jim vs. Laurie (1979/GSN/435)

Celebrities: Barbara Feldon and Soupy Sales

First game: Leif vs. Denise (1979/GSN/158)

Celebrities: Nancy Lane and Michael McKeon

First game: Sheryl vs. Joe (1979/GSN/159)

Celebrities: Joanne Worley and David Letterman

First game: Amy vs. Rozzie. Joanne and David play Winner's Circle together at end (1979/GSN/233)

First game: Linda vs. Bill. 40-39 game (1979/GSN/233)

Celebrities: Susan Lucci and Robert Walden

First game: Mindy vs. Beverly. Announcer is not Bob Clayton and is TERRIBLE! (1979/OB/59)

Celebrities: Lois Nettleson and Bill Cullen (Finale week)

First game: Matthew vs. Nancy. (1980/OB/135)

First game: Bucky vs. Nancy. (1980/OB/135)

First game: Kim vs. Steve. (1980/OB/135)

First game: Vic vs. Kim. (1980/OB/135)

First game: Janice vs. Mary Lee. Finale of the series (1980/SM/126)

All-Star Junior Pyramid:

Celebrities: Susan Richardson and Tony Danza

First game: Tammy Lauren vs. David Hollander. Second Game: Olivia Barash vs. Rob Lowe. ABC primetime special for charity. (1979/OB/20)

Junior Partner Pyramid (No Celebrities):

First Game: Kevin and Terry vs. Bernie and Gene (1978/SM/20)

The $25,000 Pyramid, Host: Bill Cullen (13.5 eps. and 1 pitchfilm)

Celebrities: Anne Meara and Tony Roberts

Game: Dick vs. Barbara. First taped ep. $10,000 win (1974/SM/511)

All 1975 episodes have AVERAGE quality (grainy)

Celebrities: JoAnne Phlug and William Shatner

Game: Hap vs. Joan. $10K and $25K win! (1975/RER/324)

Celebrities: JoAnne Phlug and John Schuck

Game: Joel vs. Neda. (1975/RER/324)

Celebrities: Rita Moreno and Larry Linville

Game: Richard vs. Linda. $10K win (1975/RER/324)

Celebrities: Michelle Lee and DICK CLARK

Game: Tom vs. Becky. Dick wins the Winner's Circle TWICE!! (1975/RER/324)

Celebrities: Michelle Lee and Gabe Kaplan

Game: Stan vs. Angie (1975/RER/324)

Celebrities: Lucie Arnaz and Gabe Kaplan

Game: JT vs. Mary Anne (1975/RER/324)

Celebrities: Lucie Arnaz and Clifton Davis

Game: Bill vs. Susan. $10,000 win (1975/RER/324)

Celebrities: Anita Gillette and Dick Clark

Game: Nick vs. Leslie. Dick shows off his undershirt. Dick wins Winners Circle AGAIN! (1975/RER/324)

Celebrities: Adrienne Barbeau and Tony Randall

Game: Bill vs. Margie. $10,00 win (1975/RER/324)

Celebrities: Lee Meriwhether and Larry Linville

Game: Scott vs. Karen (1975/RER/324)

Celebrities: Lee Meriwhether and William Shatner

Game: Tina vs. Judy (1975/RER/324)

Celebrities: Sandy Duncan and Dick Cavett

Game: Sharon vs. Debby. Big 7 paid off for a car in this version (And it's won!!) (1978/OB/7)

Celebrities: June Lockhart and William Shatner

Game: Paul vs. Pam. Missing second part. (1978/OB/114)

Pitchfilm where Bill shows clips of the $10,000 Pyramid. Has red-tinted video (1974/SM/44)

The $25,000 Pyramid, Host: Dick Clark (93 eps.)

Celebrities: Constance McCashin and Robert Mandan

First Game: Scott vs. Janet. Premiere of the series. (1982/GSN/83)

Celebrities: Didi Conn and Richard Dean Anderson

First game: Chris vs. Loreen. $10,000 win (1982/GSN/468)

Celebrities: Audrey Landers and Nipsey Russell

First Game: Dave vs. Arlene. 12-4 final score in first round. (1982/GSN/52)

First game: Leah vs. Arlene. Nipsey gives his congress poem and a $25,000 win! (1982/GSN/181)

First game: Russ vs. Veronica (1982/GSN/191)

Celebrities: Florence Henderson and Tom Reilly

First Game: Janna vs. Marion (1982/GSN/77)

Celebrities: Lynn Redgrave and Levar Burton

First game: Judy vs. Diane. $10,000 win! (1982/GSN/173)

Celebrities: Rita Moreno and Robert Foxworth

First game: Nancy vs. Brian (1982/GSN/196)

First game: Joan vs. Nancy (1982/GSN/196)

Celebrities: Adrienne Barbeau and John Schuck

First game: Joe vs. Connie (1982/GSN/203)

Celebrities: Constance McCashin and Nipsey Russell

First game: Michell vs. Charles. $10,000 win, and the score goes a little wacky in game 1 (1982/GSN/205)

Celebrities: Constance McCashin and Brian Mitchell

First game: Sonia vs. Peggy (1982/GSN/210)

Celebrities: Audrey Landers and Grant Godieve

First game: Sharon vs. Brenda. $10,000 win (1982/GSN/220)

Celebrities: Melody Thomas and Tony Danza

First game: Julie vs. Lennee. Tony is acting like a serious IDIOT! $10,000 win (1982/GSN/261)

Celebrities: Denise Miller and Michael J. Fox

First game: Jeff vs. Sheryl. $10,000 win (1982/GSN/261)

Celebrities: Billy Crystal and Lynn Redgrave

First game: Jenny vs. Ted. $25,000 win (1982/GSN/261)

Celebrities: Vicki Lawrence and Harry Anderson

First game: Tamma vs. Bunny. $25,000 win! (1983/GSN/261)

Celebrities: Vicki Lawrence and Levar Burton

First game: Kathey vs. Laurie (1983/GSN/111)

First game: Dan vs. Kathey (1983/GSN/375)

Celebrities: Jill Whelan and Phillip McKeon

First game: Diane vs. Kelly (1983/GSN/139)

Celebrities: Elaine Joyce and Nathan Cook

First game: Doug vs. Pam. Card falls out during Winners Circle scaring Elaine half to death! (1983/USA/133)

Celebrities: Anita Gillette and Levar Burton

First game: Larae (former Blockbuster champ) vs. Kathy. Larae wins $10,000 at the Winners Circle! (1983/GSN/144)

Celebrities: Elaine Joyce and Soupy Sales

First game: Lorrine vs. Chris (1983/GSN/192)

Celebrities: Maureen Reagan and Robert Mandan

First game: Kitzi vs. Donna. $10,000 win! (1983/GSN/193)

First game: Kitzi vs. Beverly. $10,000 win! (1983/GSN/205)

Celebrities: Nancy Dessault and Richard Dean Anderson

First game: Julie vs. Gina (1983/GSN/202)

Celebrities: Vicki Lawrence and Barry Gordon

First game: Eric vs. Judy. $10,000 win (1983/GSN/208)

First game: Maureen vs. Judy (1983/GSN/214)

Celebrities: Denise Miller and Brian Mitchell

First game: Sandy vs. Denise (1983/GSN/230)

First game: Julie vs. Sandy. $25,000 win! (1983/GSN/229)

Celebrities: Patty Duke and Jay Johnson

First game: Diane vs. Sharon. $10,000 win! Sharon retires with $30,750 (1983/GSN/243)

Celebrities: Annie Blume and Tom Poston

First game: Sally vs. Kris. LOUSY Winner's Circle, $0 (1987/OB/354)

Battle of the CBS Soaps

First game: As the World Turns vs. Young and the Restless (1987/GSN/295)

First game: Guiding Light vs. Young and the Restless. $10,000 win for As the World Turns (1987/GSN/315)

First game: Guiding Light vs. Young and the Restless. Judgement call gives Guiding Light $10,000!! Two $10K wins (1987/GSN/312)

Celebrities: Allison LaPlaca and Tom Villard

First game: Sonia vs. Jackson. $50 won in second Winner's Circle (1987/GSN/415)

First game: Alyssa vs. Jackson (1987/GSN/428)

Celebrties: Ilene Graf and Don Galloway.

First game: Laurel vs. Jeff (1987/GSN/254)

First game: Lee vs. Laurel. $25,000 win! (1987/GSN/259)

Celebrities: Francesca Roberts and Robert Hegyes

First game: Jennifer vs. Sandy (1987/GSN/260)

First game: Dawn vs. Jennifer (1987/GSN/270)

First game: Julianna vs. Dawn. $10,000 win (1987/GSN/265)

First game: Julianna vs. Dawn. (1987/GSN/266)

First game: Julianna vs. Dawn (yes, AGAIN!) (1987/GSN/268)

Celebrities: Martha Smith and Mitchell Lawrence

First Game: Sandy vs. Sheryl. $10,000 win! (1987/GSN/264)

Celebrities: Adrienne Barbeau and Henry Polic II

First game: Margaret vs. Marilyn (1987/GSN/278)

First game: Marilyn vs. Wendy. $10,000 win (1987/GSN/424)

First game: Wendy vs. Jackson (1988/GSN/467)

Celebrities: Ilene Graf and Soupy Sales

First game: Bobbi vs. Anita. $10,000 win (1987/GSN/430)

First game: Holly vs. Stephanie. Dick sneezes, and makes a Bob Eubanks Card Sharks reference. $10,000 win (1987/GSN/435)

First game: Carol vs. Stephanie. $10,000 win (1987/GSN/291)

First game: Jaosn vs. Carol (1987/GSN/284)

Celebrities: Robin Riker and Paul Krepel

First game: Jamie vs. Paul (1987/GSN/322)

First game: Matie vs. Judy (1987/GSN/333)

Celebrities: Betty White and Bill Cullen

First Game: Denise vs. Larry (1987/OB/58)

First game: Denise vs. Larry (second show). Dick reads a list of shows Bill hosted (1987/OB/354)

Celebrities: Stuart Pankin and Markie Post

First game: Debbie vs. Mimi. $10,000 win! (1987/GSN/429)

Celebrities: Anne Marie Johnson and Robert Hegyes

First game: Vanessa vs. Judy (1987/GSN/332)

First game: Sheri vs. Linda. The first finale of the series (For 13 weeks at least) (1987/GSN/334 and OB/114)

CBS return (1988):

Celebrities: Betty White and David Graf (Premiere Week)

First game: Sandra vs. Pom. Premiere, after 13 weeks. $25,000 win! (1988/GSN/443)

First game: Barbara vs. Pom. Ford Festiva won in Mystery 7. (1988/GSN/348)

First game: Katherine vs. Barbara (1988/GSN/338)

First game: Janine vs. Katherine (1988/GSN/350)

First game: Rick vs. Katherine. $10,000 win (1988/GSN/360)

Celebrities: Adrienne Barbeau and Henry Polic II

First game: Kip vs. Katherine (1988/GSN/365)

First game: Jean vs. Katherine. $10,000 win (1988/GSN/459)

First game: Craig vs. Jean. $10,000 win (1988/GSN/460)

First game: Julia vs. Craig (1988/GSN/463)

First game: Nancy vs. Julia. $10,000 and $25,000 win (1988/GSN/470)

Celebrities: Theresa Ganzel and Earl Hollimon

First game: Colin vs. Nancy. Dick gets a new podium and goes crazy (1988/GSN/471)

First game: Terry vs. Collin (1988/GSN/475)

First game: Kelly vs. Collin. $25,000 win! (1988/GSN/472)

First game: Debbie vs. Kelly. Winner's Circle win is reversed! OUCH!! (1988/GSN/474)

First game: Suzanne vs. Debbie (1988/GSN/483)

Celebrities: Dawnn Lewis and Joseph Bottoms

First game: Melissa vs. Debbie. $10,000 win (1988/GSN/484)

First game: Leah vs. Debbie. $10,000 win (1988/GSN/485)

First game: Isabelle vs. Leah (1988/GSN/488)

First game: Tom vs. Leah (1988/GSN/496)

First game: Claire vs. Tom (1988/GSN/497)

Celebrities: Susan Ruttan and Paul Kreppell

First game: Karen vs. Terry (1988/GSN/492)

Celebrities: Lucie Arnaz and Joel Brooks

First game: Steve vs. Debbie (1988/GSN/491)

First game: Lynn vs. Steve (1988/GSN/538)

First game: Jeanine vs. Lynn. Very funny conversation (1988/GSN/498)

First game: Terry vs. Lynn. Dick calls it the $100,000 Pyramid in the beginning (1988/GSN/494)

First game: Debbie vs. Terry. Dick shows his "laundry" and reads a letter (1988/GSN/494)

Celebrities: Markie Post and Stuart Pankin

First game: Nancy vs. Tom (1988/GSN/499)

First game: Yvonne vs. Tom. $10,000 win (1988/GSN/500)

First game: Mimi vs. Tom (1988/GSN/501)

First game: Roger vs. Mimi (1988/GSN/504)

First game: Debbie vs. Mimi. $10,000 win (1988/GSN/519)

Celebrities: Shelley Smith and Nathan Cooke

First game: Donna vs. Suzanne. $10,000 win (1988/GSN/503)

Celebrities: Robin Riker-Hasley and Charlie Siebert

First game: Lisa vs. Kelly (1988/GSN/370)

First Game: Dorothy vs. Lisa. This is the "actual" finale of the series (1988/GSN/136)

The $50,000 Pyramid, Host: Dick Clark (4 eps.)

Celebrities: JoAnne Worley and Sal Viscuco

Game: Patty vs. Marge. Premiere. Not very good quality (1981/OB/69)

Celebrities: Shelley Smith and Nipsey Russell

Game: Kevin vs. Roseanne. Now complete! (1981/OB/324)

Celebrities: Anita Gillette and Soupy Sales

Game: Art vs. Kathy. $5,000 win (1981/OB/324)

Celebrities: JoAnne Worley and Soupy Sales

Game: Bob vs. Bob. Bob Verini, future Jeopardy! champ a finalist. $50,000 win!!!! (1981/OB/513)

The $100,000 Pyramid, Host: Dick Clark (26 eps.)

Celebrities: Mary Cadorette and Henry Polic II

First Game: Crystal vs. Barb.(1985/USA/B)

Celebrities: Shelley Smith and Henry Polic II

First Game: Richard vs. Robin. $100,000 win! (1985/GSN/9)

Celebrities: Laurie Hendler and Henry Polic II

First game: Cindy vs. Ester. Missing intro. Two $10,000 wins! (1985/GSN/116)

Celebrities: Dick Cavett and Martha Smith

First game: Kathy vs. Michael (1985/GSN/193)

Celebrities: David Graf and Patty Duke

First Game: Lauren vs. Felicia. (1986/GSN/27)

Celebrities: Betty White and David Graf

First game: Ilene vs. (1986/GSN/264)

Celebrities: Mary Cadorette and David Graf

First Game: Barb vs. Patty. $100,000 win! (1986/GSN/77)

Celebrities: Florence Henderson and Terry Lester

First Game: Susan vs. Dana (1986/GSN/25)

First Game: Dana vs. Kurt (1986/GSN/47)

First Game: Nancy vs. Susan (1986/GSN/23)

Celebrities: Lynn Herring and Charlie Siebert (Blind players)

First Game: Jose vs. Shannon (1986/GSN/301)

Celebrities: Gladys Knight and Smokey Robinson

First game: Suzie vs. Kim (1986/GSN/261)

First game: Barbara vs. Suzie. $10K and $25K wins (1986/GSN/273)

First game: David vs. Suzie (1986/GSN/274)

First game: Marcia vs. Suzie (1986/GSN/286)

Celebrities: Heidi Bohay and Michael Spound

First game: Colleen vs. Theresa (1986/GSN/279)

Celebrities: Theresa Ganzel and Nathan Cooke

First game: Nancy vs. Kim. $25,000 win (1986/GSN/263)

Celebrities: Marcia Wallace and Michael Spound

First game: Linda vs. Jody (1986/GSN/333)

Celebrities: Markie Post and Brian Mitchell

First Game: Andy vs. Leia. $100K win! (1987/GSN/318)

Celebrities: Lois Nettleson and Terry Lester

First game: James vs. Maurie. Weird situation where Terry knew a player, disqualifying her for the week (1987/GSN/370)

Celebrities: Adrienne Barbeau and Charlie Sibert (Dean Goss announcing)

First game: Linda vs. Paul (1987/GSN/360)

Celebrities: Shelley Smith and LeVar Burton

First game: Heather vs. Denise. $100,000 win! (1987/GSN/153)

Celebrities: Audrey Landers and Charlie Siebert

First game: Sydney vs. Sheryl. $100,000 win! (1987/GSN/153)

Celebrities: Abby Dalton and Scott Hamilton

First game: Ricelle vs. Pat (1987/GSN/270)

Celebrities: Theresa Ganzel and Joel Brooks

First game: Rossicar vs. Robin (1987/GSN/348)

Celebrities: Meg Bennett and Henry Polic II

First game: Judy vs. Julia. $5,000 tie breaker win (1987/GSN/241)

Celebrities: Shelley Smith and Barry Jenner

First game: MG vs. Marilyn. $100,000 win (had to come close to the record time!) (1987/GSN/488)

The $100,000 Pyramid, Host: John Davidson (4 eps. and clips)

Celebrities: Vicki Lawrence-Shultz and Clifton Davis

First game: Diane vs. Dan. Premiere. Fuzzy audio. (1991/OB/109)

Celebrities: Vicki Lawrence-Shultz and Howard Morton

First Game: Laura vs. Kristen. Henry Polic II announcing? (1991/OB/64)

Celebrities: Lynn Redgrave and Jason Alexander

First game: Deborah vs. Robin (1991/OB/88)

Clips of two winners circles games with a HEARTBREAKING loss with $100K on the line (1991/OB/188)

Celebrities: Adrienne Barbeau and Jason Alexander

First game: Baron vs. Mary. $100,000 win!! Final ep. of series (1991/OB/88)

Pyramid, Host: Donny Osmond (79 eps.)

Celebrities: Ed Begley Jr. and Kathy Najimy

Game: Anne vs. John. First aired episode. $10,000 win (2002/OB/414)

Celebrities: CCH Pounder and Steve Valentine

Game: John vs. Heather. $10,000 win (2002/OB/412)

Game: Jean vs. Troy. $10,000 win (2002/OB/417)

Celebrities: Ariana Huffington and Roger Lye

Game: Joe vs. Michelle. Terrible second game (2002/OB/413)

Celebrities: Joey McIntyre and Caleena Smith

Game: Michelle vs. Aaron. $10,000 win (2002/OB/413)

Celebrities: Elaine Hendrix and Tim Stack

Game: Tommy vs. Tara (2002/OB/413)

Game: Rick vs. Jill (2002/OB/434)

Game: Quenin vs. Peter. $10,000 win (2002/OB/493)

Celebrities: Kelly Packard and Hal Sparks

Game: Mark vs. Janet. $10,000 win. Judges were being stupid on this ep (2002/OB/415)

Game: Scott vs. Christina. $10,000 and $25,000 win!! (2002/OB/461)

Game: Nyee vs. David. Two $10,000 wins! (2002/OB/538)

Game: Molly Culver and Gordon Clapp

Game: Brian vs. Lindy (2002/OB/416)

Game: Janet vs. Drew. $10,000 win (2002/OB/546)

Celebrities: Steven Root and Debra Jo Rupp

Game: Ally vs. Tom. $10,000 win (2002/OB/422)

Game: Alex vs. Doug. Two $10,000 wins (2002/OB/425)

Game: Jamie vs. Brad (2002/OB/506)

Celebrities: Estelle Harris and Peter Paige

Game: Chuck vs. Barbara. $10,000 win (2002/OB/423)

Game: Jody vs. Brad. Hilarious ep! $10,000 win (2002/OB/488)

Celebrities: Michael McDonald and Debra Wilson

Game: Joanne vs. Robert. $10,000 win (2002/OB/424)

Celebrities: Coolio and Nancy Cartwright

Game: Telly vs. Raphael (2002/OB/425)

Game: Winnie vs. Jeff (2002/OB/558)

Celebrities: Michael McKean and Annette O'Toole

Game: Jennifer vs. Mike. $10,000 and $25,000 wins!! (2002/OB/430)

Celebrities: Terry Garr and Fred Williard

Game: Jeremy vs. Dori. $10,000 win (2002/OB/431)

Game: Christie vs. Michael (2002/OB/521)

Celebrities: Rosa Blasey and Aries Spears

Game: Jeff vs. Amber. Two $10,000 wins (2002/OB/433)

Celebrities: Colin Mochrie and Jillian Barberie

Game: Dorothy vs. Tomrad. $10,000 win (2002/OB/434)

Game: Bill vs. Rose. Jillian burps in the Winner's Circle! $10,000 win (2002/OB/474)

Celebrities: Jennifer Lewis and David Brenner

Game: Jerome vs. Jean (2002/OB/435)

Celebrities: Scott Lowell and Elise Neal

Game: Kaleena vs. David. $10,000 win (2002/OB/437)

Game: Bart vs. Yuson. $10,000 win and $25,000 win!! (2002/OB/441)

Celebrities: Shelley Morrison and Steve Schirripa

Game: Amhad vs. Cat (2002/OB/440)

Celebrities: Michael Ian Black and Kim Coles

Game: Samantha vs. Brad. $10,000 win (2002/OB/441)

Celebrities: Larry Joe Campbell and Leeza Gibbons

Game: Pam vs. Ty. $10,000 and unbelievable $25,000 win right on the BUTTON! (2002/OB/561)

Celebrities: Mimi Kennedy and Rafael Sbarge

Game: George vs. Rachel. Includes hilarious "French kiss" clue. 33 second $10,000 win and a $25,000 win on the buzzer! (2002/OB/443)

Game: Christine vs. Hector. Very weird $10,000 win! (2002/OB/540)

Celebrities: Dickie Barrett and Jody Watley

Game: Camille vs. Bruce. $10,000 win (2002/OB/444)

Celebrities: Sharon Lawrence and Mario Cantone

Game: Rich vs. Sybil (2002/OB/445)

Game: Rachel vs. Don. $10,000 win (2002/OB/497)

Celebrities: Janet Evans and Tara Torres

Game: Stacy vs. Nicole (2002/OB/454)

Celebrities: Mary Lou Retton and Scott Hamilton

Game: Jack vs. Tammy. $10,000 win (2002/OB/457)

Celebrities: Marion Jones and Scott Hamilton

Game: Dan vs. Lorna (2002/OB/459)

Celebrities: Lisa Lobe and Dweezel Zappa

Game: Christian vs. Sue Jean (2002/OB/464)

Celebrities: Gary Valentine and Lisa Ann Walter

Game: Helen vs. Steven. $10,000 win (2002/OB/467)

Game: Harish vs. Musada (2002/OB/546)

$100,000 Tournament:

Celebrities: Hal Sparks and Rosa Blasi

Game: Carla vs. Aaron. $25,000 win (2002/OB/470)

Celebrities: Bill Brodrock and Debra Wilson

Game: Christina vs. Bart. (2002/OB/568)

Celebrities: Kelly Packard and Willie Garson

Game: George vs. Michelle. $25,000 win, and the $100,000 is awarded!!! (2002/OB/472)

End of $100,000 Tournament

Celebrities: Nancy O'Dell and Scott Cohen

Game: Tom vs. Sharon. 33 second $10,000 win!! (2002/OB/473)

Game: Eric vs. Stephanie. $10,000 (2002/OB/546)

Celebrities: **DICK CLARK** and Betty White

Game: Dan vs. Michelle. Dick wins a contestant $10,000 in the Winner's Circle in 32 seconds!!! Dick's first playing appearance on Pyramid since 1975 (2002/OB/483)

Celebrities: Dick Clark and Coolio

Game: Jim vs. Christine (2002/OB/484)

Celebrities: Dick Clark and Carrie Turner

Game: Michael vs. Nanette. Missing some of second game for WDIV news report (2002/OB/487)

Celebrities: Steve Schirippa and Shelley Morrison

Game: Judy vs. Kilvaillas. $10,000 win (2002/OB/491)

Celebrities: Melissa Peterman and Kevin Meaney

Game: Chris vs. Jackie (2002/OB/493)

Game: Samantha vs. Tim. JIP at second category (station difficulties). Very funny ep. (2002/OB/519)

Celebrities: Bill Brochtrup and Debbie Morgan

Game: Brock vs. Linda (2002/OB/493)

Celebrities: Diana Maria Riva and Tyson Bedford

Game: Peter vs. Margaret. $10,000 win (2002/OB/500)

Game: James vs. Darrady (2002/OB/545)

Celebrities: Daniel Baldwin and Lanie Kazaan

Game: Molly vs. Tony. $10,000 win (2002/OB/504)

Celebrities: Scott Patterson and Mindy Sterling

Game: Natasha vs. Leslie. HORRIBLE Winner's Circle (2002/OB/518)

Game: Chia vs. Gary. $10,000 win on a judgement call (2002/OB/558)

Celebrities: Diane Amos (Pine Sol Lady) and Jared Fogle (Subway Guy)

Game: Robert vs. Courtney. $10,000 win (2002/OB/540)

Celebrities: Liza Snyder and Diedrich Baker

Game: Andrew vs. Kelly. $10,000 win (2002/OB/558)

Celebrities: Neil Flynn and Sheri Shepard

Game: Debbie vs. Patrick (2002/OB/558)

Game: Cheryl vs. Ed. $10,000 win (2003/OB/520)

Celebrities: Debbie Boone and Bonie James

Game: Galen vs. Jason. $10,000 and $25,000 win!!! (2003/OB/530)

Celebrities: Patti Austin and Dave Koz

Game: Jason vs. Evette. $10,000 win (2003/OB/537)

Celebrities: Picabo Street and Lenny Krayzelberg

Game: Jeremy vs. Ruthie. Fellow Game Show fan Jeremy Soria contestant, and he wins $10,000! (2003/OB/534)

Celebrities: Greg Louganis and Janet Evans

Game: Cori vs. Dave (2003/OB/547)

Celebrities: Ricki Lake and Willie Garson

Game: Ryan vs. Yolando (2003/OB/548)

Celebrities: Hilde Santo Damas and Doug Wilson

Game: Carl vs. Kathy (2003/OB/551)

Celebrities: Glenda Hatchett and Joe Brown

Game: David vs. Suzannah. $10,000 win (2003/OB/555)

$100,000 Tournament

Celebrites: Melissa Peterman and Doug Wilson

Game: Jason vs. Raka. $25,000 win! (2003/OB/516)

Celebrities: Kathy Najimy and Michael McDonald

Game: Michael vs. Pamela. 18-17 second game! $25,000 win! (2003/OB/531)

Celebrities: Neill Flynn and Nancy O'Dell

Game: Pamela vs. Jason. $100,000 championship game. $50,000 win!! (2003/OB/532)

End of $100,000 Tournament

Celebrities: Greg Proops and Sheila Eve

Game: Liz vs. Jeremy (2003/OB/570)