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Press Your Luck, Host: Peter Tomarken (158 eps. and special)

Game: Lana vs. Linda vs. Phil. Premiere of the series (1983/OB/27)

Game: Maggie vs. Randy West vs. Pam. Game show announcer Randy West is a contestant. (1983/OB/358)

Game: Richard vs. John vs. Ann. Richard was the first $100,000 winner on the $100,000 Pyramid. First GSN episode (1984/GSN/243)

Game: Jim vs. Ciann vs. Richard (1984/GSN/243)

Game: Kerry vs. Darlene vs. Jim (1984/GSN/243)

Game: Richard vs. Karen vs. Jimmy (1984/GSN/243)

Game: Pam vs. Kathy vs. Clifton. Great ending! (1984/GSN/243)

Game: Pamela vs. Vicki vs. Ed (1984/GSN/460)

Game: Ed vs. Michael Larson vs. Janie. Both Parts of this ep. which has Michael winning $110,237. (1984/OB/78)

Game: Nancy vs. Helen vs. Patrick (1984/GSN/300)

Game: Helen vs. Harry vs. Elva (1984/GSN/240)

Game: Sue vs. Karen vs. Bill. Pool table for Dan ep! (1984/GSN/241)

Game: Kacey vs. Chris vs. Skip. It's the "Battle of the Passed Spins!" folks. Peter nearly dies from shortness of breath at the end! (1984/GSN/254)

Game: Barbara vs. Menard vs. Keith. First day of Home Viewer Game, there's a question about the Whammy, and Menard does a dance! (1984/GSN/257)

Game: Sally vs. Menard vs. Brad. Sally has a "Whammy-eater." Will it work? (1984/GSN/260)

Game: Gilbert vs. Lorri vs. Darlene (1984/GSN/258)

Game: June vs. Scott vs. Veronica (1984/GSN/259)

Game: Chris vs. Paula vs. Ron. Champ retires with over $58,000! (1984/GSN/488)

Game: Neda vs. Andres vs. Otis (Quite a combo I must say!) (1984/GSN/262)

Game: Geron vs. Chris vs. Ruth. Win by $12! (1984/GSN/263)

Game: Ruth vs. Kathie vs. Phil (1984/GSN/442)

Game: Mac vs. Gilbert vs. Rachelle (1984/GSN/264)

Game: Mac vs. Kevin vs. Margaret (1984/GSN/270)

Game: Bob vs. Kathy vs. Margaret (1984/GSN/265)

Game: Brad vs. Brian vs. Therisa (1984/GSN/333)

Game: Patty vs. David vs. Jenneen. Patty hits three first round Whammies! David spins against the house!! (1984/GSN/332)

Game: David vs. Becky vs. Paul. Big Bucks day! $33,407!!!! (1984/GSN/331)

Game: Kathy vs. Jane vs. Andres (1984/GSN/267)

Game: Kathy vs. JoAnne vs. Greg (1984/GSN/424)

Game: Joyce vs. Kevin vs. Andres (1984/GSN/268)

Game: Ruth vs. Carolyn vs. Jake (1984/GSN/269)

Game: Ondreia vs. Ralph vs. Phyllis (1984/GSN/275)

Game: Phyllis vs. David vs. John (1984/GSN/440)

Game: Loreen vs. Dan vs. Ralph (1984/GSN/272)

Game: Loreen vs. Dolly vs. David (1984/GSN/274)

Game: Jimmy vs. Loreen vs. Cindy (1984/GSN/277)

Game: Mike vs. Karyl vs. Lynn (1984/GSN/276)

Game: Douglas vs. Liz vs. David. 11 Whammies hit (1984/GSN/273)

Game: Bo vs. Donna vs. Liz (1984/GSN/433)

Game: Bo vs. Kim vs. Craig (1984/GSN/278)

Game: Lynn vs. David vs. George. Funny drawing is shown (1984/GSN/277)

Game: David vs. Vicki vs. Sue Ellen (1984/GSN/459)

Game: Vicki vs. Drew vs. Pat (1984/GSN/278)

Game: John vs. Jill vs. Pamela. Pretty abrupt ending (1984/GSN/280)

Game: Kimberly vs. David vs. Rhonda. Champ wins with $750 (1984/GSN/370)

Game: Michael vs. Bob vs. Maggie. The famous Maggie, who was also on the PYL pilot and Second Chance (1984/GSN/370)

Game: Cameron vs. Cynthia vs. Brad. Cameron was on a gum commercial when he was a kid (oh boy!) (1984/GSN/293)

Game: Kathy vs. Cameron vs. Richard. (1984/GSN/288)

Game: Reva vs. Brad vs. Adoris (1984/GSN/338)

Game: Wes vs. Reva vs. Sandy (1984/GSN/348)

Game: Gary vs. Suzie vs. Lois (1984/GSN/281)

Game: Lori vs. Mauri vs. Mike. Car win! (1984/GSN/283)

Game: Sandra vs. Fernando vs. Mike (1984/GSN/284)

Game: Mike vs. Jo vs. Jeffie (1984/GSN/280)

Game: Jana vs. Jobe vs. Jeffie (1984/GSN/285)

Game: Julio vs. Mae vs. Harris. Harris has a rubber duck (1984/GSN/290)

Game: Geralyn vs. Betty vs. Leon. $13,000 Whammy! Ouch! (1984/GSN/291)

Game: Susie vs. Cliff vs. Joanne. Exciting end! Susie retires with $27,210 (1984/GSN/292)

Game: Allen vs. Lisa vs. Kathy (1984/GSN/294)

Game: Allen vs. Vicky vs. Brad (1984/GSN/299)

Game: Helen vs. Harry vs. Elva. Passed spins battle! Helen retires with $30,850 (1984/GSN/295)

Game: Jeff vs. Judi vs. Bill (1984/GSN/296)

Game: Phil vs. Sandy vs. Bob (1984/GSN/298)

Game: Vicki vs. Drew vs. Pat (1984/GSN/454)

Game: Vicky vs. Bill vs. Tammy. Very competitive! (1984/GSN/350)

Game: Karyl vs. Jim vs. Pat (1984/GSN/457)

Game: Keith vs. Angie vs. Sancy. Angie can wiggle her eyes! (1984/GSN/303)

Game: Joe vs. LaVerne vs. Diana. $18,000 Whammy! (1984/GSN/295)

Game: Miguel vs. LaVerne vs. Patti. Patti gets an unbelievable spin! LaVerne can barely talk afterwards (1984/GSN/304)

Game: Jeff vs. Patti vs. Betti. Patti retires with $34,000+ (1984/GSN/308)

Game: Kay vs. Lee vs. Andres. Winner wins $800 (1984/GSN/305)

Game: Art vs. Alexis vs. Laurie (1984/GSN/304)

Game: Greg vs. Laurie vs. Sharon (1984/GSN/306)

Game: Jim vs. Laurie vs. Judy. Jim makes a funny Michael Larson reference. Laurie retires with $31K+ (1984/GSN/311)

Game: Lynn vs. Fredda vs. Rick (1984/GSN/307)

Game: Jerry vs. Linda vs. Rick (1984/GSN/306)

Game: Tom vs. Karin vs. Suzanne (1984/GSN/310)

Game: Sharon vs. Charles vs. Corey (1984/GSN/313)

Game: Corey vs. Sancy vs. Bob. Car is won! (1984/GSN/314)

Game: Dean vs. Emily vs. Steven (1984/GSN/314)

Game: Karin vs. Tom vs. Angelea (1984/GSN/314)

Game: Quincey vs. Gil vs. Allen (1984/GSN/315)

Game: Clark vs. Colleen vs. Charles. $27,407 win!!! (1984/GSN/316)

Game: Andy vs. Jani vs. Peter. (1984/GSN/319)

Game: Dave vs. Jani vs. Nancy (1984/GSN/323)

Game: Michelle vs. Harold vs. Nancy (1984/GSN/351)

Game: Steph vs. Suzanne vs. Jeff (1984/GSN/322)

Game: Cathy vs. Craig vs. Pete (1984/GSN/340)

Game: Randy vs. Lori vs. Cathy. Follow the bouncing passed spin! Unbelieveable round 2! $31,408 LOSS!! (1984/GSN/327)

Game: Lori vs. James vs. Beverlie. Funny ending with screaming contestants. (1984/GSN/349)

Game: Beverlie vs. Ernie vs. Susan (1984/GSN/347)

Game: Cindy vs. David vs. Ernie (1984/GSN/346)

Game: Vicki vs. Ernie vs. Kevin (1984/GSN/345)

Game: Kevin vs. Mark vs. Sonya (1984/GSN/344)

Game: Eleanor vs. Steve vs. Ted (1984/GSN/328)

Game: Dolores vs. Jeff vs. Leila. Rod's voice cracks in the opening (1984/GSN/368)

Game: Jeff vs. Laura vs. Steve (1984/GSN/328)

Game: Heidi vs. Jeff vs. Bill (1984/GSN/341)

Game: Sheri vs. John vs. Bill. Rod Roddy makes a on camera appearance! (1984/GSN/353)

Game: Sheryl vs. Craig vs. Linda (1984/GSN/334)

Game: Craig vs. DeAnn vs. Sandy (1984/GSN/328)

Game: Alpha vs. Cheryl vs. Jim (1984/GSN/329)

Game: Aaron (has a "No Whammies" bumper sticker) vs. Nyna (shows a stuffed Whammy) vs. Nancy (1984/GSN/330)

Game: Eric vs. Ozzie vs. Chandra (1984/GSN/332)

Game: Rich vs. Eric vs. Adriana (1984/GSN/331)

Game: John vs. Tami vs. Kris (1984/GSN/361)

Game: David vs. Christy vs. Todd (1984/GSN/366)

Game: Christy vs. Dan vs. Leila (1984/GSN/458)

Game: Shane vs. Evette vs. Bob (1984/GSN/367)

Game: Rick vs. Teresa vs. Ilene (1984/GSN/399)

Game: Barbara vs. Patrick vs. Mike (1984/GSN/402)

John Harlan announcing:

Game: Kirk vs. Dee Dee vs. Teresa (1984/GSN/398)

Game: Dee Dee vs. Nelson vs. Laura (1984/GSN/478)

Game: Judy vs. Laura vs. Tom (1984/GSN/405)

Game: Giovanni vs. Betty vs. Judy (1984/GSN/410)

Game: Betty vs. Tissa vs. Bob (1984/GSN/373)

Game: Dawn vs. Debbie vs. Regis (1984/GSN/388)

Game: Doug vs. Janet vs. Beverlyn (1984/GSN/398)

Game: Mike vs. Dawn vs. Beverlyn (1984/GSN/387)

Rod Roddy back:

Game: Mike vs. Laura vs. Beverlyn (1984/GSN/392)

Game: Barbara vs. Patrick vs. Mike (1984/GSN/374)

Game: Shane vs. Pattie vs. Gail (1984/GSN/400)

Game: Sande vs. Rick vs. Joyce (1984/GSN/383)

Game: Martha vs. Frank vs. Rick (1984/GSN/382)

Game: Denise vs. Rick vs. Jeff (1984/GSN/481)

Game: Sam vs. Frank vs. Maytee (1984/GSN/407)

Game: Kathy vs. Gene vs. Maytee (1984/GSN/380)

Game: Patrick vs. Maria vs. Kent. Whammies mean on this episode! (1984/GSN/411)

Game: Glenn vs. Barbara vs. Kent (1984/GSN/389)

Game: Joe vs. Clarice vs. Kent (1984/GSN/390)

Game: Claudia vs. Kent vs. Ron (1984/GSN/404)

Game: Bob vs. Claire vs. Mark. Peter announces it's the first day of the new $50,000 limit (1984/GSN/393)

Game: Bob vs. Debbe vs. Tony (1984/GSN/408)

Game: Adele vs. Bob vs. Lee (1984/GSN/403)

Game: Sue vs. Rick vs. David. Big Money battle! (1984/GSN/413)

Game: Jimmy vs. Katherine vs. Sue (1984/GSN/415)

Game: Susan vs. Nita vs. Michael (1984/GSN/418)

Game: John vs. Geralyn vs. Andy (1984/GSN/430)

Game: Geralyn vs. Julio vs. Carla (1984/GSN/425)

Game: Dean vs. Emily vs. Stephen (1984/GSN/427)

Game: Sally vs. Larry vs. Stephen (1984/GSN/426)

Game: Gene vs. Carol vs. Nancy (1984/GSN/462)

Game: Gene vs. Joy vs. Bob (1984/GSN/462)

Game: Sandra vs. Fernando vs. Mike (1984/GSN/470)

Game: Jennie vs. Terry vs. Nancy. Jennie Jones first appearance. (1984/USA/27)

Game: Sam vs. Jim vs. Pamela. Jim has a potty mouth (1984/USA/188)

Game: Andrea vs. Al vs. Rita. 11 whammies hit!! Low Audio (1985/USA/35)

Game: Barbara vs. Jody vs. Evan. Peter does some New York accents (1985/USA/337)

Game: Pam vs. Sam vs. Jerry. Sylvester call-in episode! Fair quality (1985/USA/357)

Game: Jon vs. Carla vs. Shirley. $36,000 Home Sweepstakes win!! (1985/USA/357)

Game: Jacklynn vs. Mark vs. Matt. Player plays against the house! (1985/USA/357)

Game: Sam vs. Todd vs. Mary (1986/USA/357)

Game: Dorothy vs. Wayne vs. Joe. Three way $0 tie! (1986/USA/357)

Game: Yvonne vs. Lauren vs. Dave. Four Whammies hit in a ROW! Rod Roddy shown on camera (1986/USA/357)

Game: Lisa vs. Judy vs. Steven. Steven with the "No whammmmmmmieees!" Steven also played for the NFL's Houston Oilers (1986/USA/357)

Game: Bruce vs. Jo vs. Paige (1986/USA/357)

Game: Scott vs. Paige vs. Jacque. The N in Spins falls off! Missing intro (1986/USA/357)

Game: Helen vs. Sheila vs. Kurt. VERY high scoring episode! (1986/USA/357)

Game: Andy vs. Karen vs. Bill. Finale episode (no mention is made) Fair quality (1986/OB/357)

Also of note:

Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal: The story behind the entire Michael Larson episode. Includes the question rounds and board rounds, with behind the scenes information. Peter Tomarken hosts/narrates this 2 hour documentary. (2003/GSN/564)

Whammy! The All New Press Your Luck, Host: Todd Newton (80 eps.)

Game: Laura vs. Skyler vs. Jerry. First aired episode. STUPID move in round one!!! (2002/GSN/298)

Game: Allen vs. Lisa vs. Kathy (2002/GSN/294)

Game: Amy vs. Grammet vs. Sha. Grammet gets a bit messy, and Sha is MEAN at the end! See for yourself! (2002/GSN/293)

Game: Sean vs. Christine vs. Dawn. Great second round! $20,000 win!!! (2002/GSN/288)

Game: Paulette vs. Beau vs. Sheri. Edge of your seat ending here! (2002/GSN/295)

Game: Shannon vs. Cynthia vs. John. All three players Whammy in round one. Cynthia makes GRAVE mistake in round 2, Whammies out in full force on this one! (2002/GSN/296)

Game: Penelope vs. Mia vs. Jeff. Big mistake made by passing spins, $11K loss! (2002/GSN/297)

Game: Kelly vs. Katie vs. Steven. Kelly hits three Double Whammies and gets VERY messy! (2002/GSN/300)

Game: Lex vs. Ryan vs. Cynthia (2002/GSN/302)

Game: Jerry vs. Sandy vs. Grant. Sandy's voice, ehhh. BIG gamble in round 1 pays off! (2002/GSN/303)

Game: Chana vs. Sara vs. David (2002/GSN/306)

Game: Renee vs. Daniel vs. Brenda (2002/GSN/307)

Game: Kimberly vs. Lori vs. Ryan. Heartbreaking ending!!! (2002/GSN/311)

Game: Scott vs. Sharon vs. Michelle. Scott was on the original Press Your Luck and Match Game '98. Loss on last spin! (2002/GSN/313)

Game: Jason vs. Melissa vs. Rhomyen. Melissa's mom was on Press Your Luck 16 years ago! (2002/GSN/314)

Game: Katy vs. David vs. Krista (2002/GSN/315)

Game: Jethro vs. Brigid vs. Kendra. Anne Robinson Whammy must be seen!! (2002/GSN/316)

Game: Alisha vs. Teri vs. Don (2002/GSN/317)

Game: Heather vs. AJ vs. Jennifer (2002/GSN/319)

Mother's Day Celebrity Edition:

Game: Karen Grassly (Little House on the Prarie) vs. Estelle Harris (Seinfeld) vs. Mimi Kennedy (Dharma & Greg) (2002/GSN/320)

Game: Keith vs. Brooke vs. Chantel (2002/GSN/321)

Game: Alicia vs. Jaymes vs. Keitha. Crazy episode with a three way $0 tie, plus a Double Whammy cameo by the live Whammy. Very Whammy-licious (2002/GSN/322)

Game: Rebekah vs. Mario vs. Lesha (2002/GSN/323)

Game: Pookie vs. Johnna vs. John (2002/GSN/351)

Game: Bill vs. Chase vs. Leah (2002/GSN/326)

Game: Bunny vs. Stephanie vs. Theo. STUPID mistake in round 1 (2002/GSN/326)

Game: Tracy vs. Balkah vs. Steve (2002/GSN/326)

Game: Nicole vs. Ned vs. Karen (2002/GSN/326)

Game: Shanbi vs. Naureen vs. Jason. Todd gives the contestants M&M's at the end of the show (2002/GSN/326)

Game: Paul vs. Joleen vs. Stephanie. Comes down to the last spin! (2002/GSN/328)

Game: Mandi vs. Scott vs. Nora. Mandi and Scott have...interesting wardrobe tastes. Lucky round 1 spin! (2002/GSN/329)

Game: Rainelle vs. John vs. Michael. Rainelle hit three Double Whammies, Todd makes a nice pun. Very Whammy-licious episode. (2002/GSN/330)

Game: Bob vs. Flynn vs. Goreti (2002/GSN/334)

Game: David vs. Shirley vs. Don. All three players hit Whammies in round 1. (2002/GSN/339)

Game: Ronata vs. Jerry vs. Samantha (2002/GSN/340)

Game: Kim vs. Todd vs. Sharon (2002/GSN/341)

Game: Matthew vs. Joqueeta vs. Julie (2002/GSN/342)

Game: Sasha vs. Anasa vs. Dabling (Quite a threesome!). Close game, down to the wire! (2002/GSN/343)

Game: Pamela vs. Arlene vs. Adam. Heartbreaking Whammy hit! Ouch! (2002/GSN/344)

Game: Heather vs. Jenny vs. Don (2002/GSN/345)

Game: April vs. Scott vs. Mary (2002/GSN/346)

Game: Shelly vs. Christina vs. Jack. Competitive Round 1!! (2002/GSN/347)

Game: Sherri vs. Damone vs. John (2002/GSN/349)

Game: Dana vs. John vs. Ron (2002/GSN/351)

Game: Betty vs. Jennifer vs. Randle. $17,000 win (2002/GSN/353)

Game: Aric vs. Pamela vs. Donn. VERY emotional winner! (2002/GSN/361)

Game: Benjamin vs. Leon vs. Kara (2002/GSN/364)

Game: David vs. Kelly vs. Brooke (2002/GSN/365)

Game: Kristin vs. Kira vs. Derek. $14K win! (2002/GSN/366)

Game: Matt vs. Pamela vs. Kelsey. $14,805 win (2002/GSN/367)

Game: Brian vs. Christian vs. Kathy (2002/GSN/367)

Game: Alicia vs. Erin vs. James. Alicia was on the $0 tie episode. (2002/GSN/368)

Game: Abner vs. Michelle vs. Tami. Second taped episode with no $1000 rule and different values on the board (2002/GSN/376)

Game: Bryant vs. Mitch vs. Melissa. Neverending first round! (2002/GSN/380)

Game: Ben vs. Sean vs. Michelle (2002/GSN/382)

Game: David vs. Greg vs. Sabrina (2002/GSN/398)

Game: Scott vs. Anitra vs. Brent (2002/GSN/399)

Game: Kameena vs. Kenny vs. Leora. First taped episode with no $1000 rule and other differences (2002/GSN/400)

Game: Benny vs. Kisha vs. Jennifer (2002/GSN/407)

Game: Michael vs. Alexis vs. Damion (2002/GSN/458)

Game: Jackie vs. Kent vs. Debbie (2002/GSN/462)

Game: Lisa vs. Mike vs. Lerlane (2002/GSN/465)

Game: Kellie vs. Greg vs. Afordite (2002/GSN/465)

Game: Sebastian vs. Lynette vs. Morgan. $16,700 win! (2002/GSN/481)

Game: Tracy vs. Sarah vs. Ben. Halloween episode with contestants in costume and Todd dressed as the Grim Reaper (2002/GSN/452)

Second Season Episodes (Big Bank, Suzuki and slightly different set)

Game: Kelly vs. Shannon vs. Kevin. St. Patrick's Day edition and first aired episode of the season. (2003/GSN/564)

Game: Ed vs. Janie vs. James. The Larson rematch episode, with Michael's brother James Larson playing! PETER TOMARKEN makes a cameo and hosts the question round!! (2003/GSN/564)

Game: Aaron vs. Amie vs. Chad. UNBELEIVABLE ending! Whammy takes a BUNDLE on the last spin!! (2003/GSN/565)

Game: Doyle vs. Jetta vs. Stacie. Biggest win to date!! $24,929!! (2003/GSN/566)

Game: JoAnn vs. Randy vs. CJ (2003/GSN/567)

Game: Aaron vs. Eric vs. Taline. BIG BANK WIN!!! $20K win (2003/GSN/567)

Game: Colleen vs. Alex vs. Rachael (2003/GSN/568)

Game: Kim vs. Lisa vs. George (2003/GSN/569)

Game: Matthew vs. Tanya vs. Tiffany. Big money game! (2003/GSN/569)

Game: Nicole vs. Donell vs. Johnny (2003/GSN/570)

Game: Heather vs. Theresa vs. Troy (2003/GSN/570)

Game: Lisa vs. Antonio vs. Stacy (2003/GSN/571)

Game: Theresa vs. Robert vs. Adam (2003/GSN/571)

Game: Melissa vs. Cynthia vs. Jeff (2003/GSN/572)

Game: Eboney vs. Betheny vs. Greg. Big Bank win, but Whammy eats up $25,000!!! (2003/GSN/574)

Whammy! The All New Press Your Luck, Host: Graham Elwood (1 ep.)

Game: Larry vs. Katie vs. Cheryl. April Fools ep. hosted by Graham Elwood of Cram. Todd makes appearances as the Double Whammy (2003/GSN/566)