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Pantomime Quiz, Host: Mike Stokey (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Adell Jurgen, Honce Only, Vincent Price, Jackie Kugan, Jean Wallace, Frank Duvall, Dorothy Pageant, Greg McLure

One ep. of the long running charades show (195?/SM/90)

The Parent Game, Host: Clark Race (1 ep.)

Game: Mike and Sheri vs. Chuck and Marina vs. Lewis and Tracy (1973/GSN/187)

Pass the Buck, Host: Bill Cullen (8 eps.)

First Game: Lisa vs. Steve vs. Dina vs. Betty. Premiere of the series. (1978/GSN/44)

First Game: Barbara vs. Ellen (1978/GSN/75)

First Game: Bianca at Fast Bucks (1978/GSN/19)

First game: Margie vs. Tony. Weird category! (1978/GSN/164)

First game: Michael vs. Mary. $5000 Fast Bucks win, and dollar graphic screw up (1978/GSN/233)

First game: Michael vs. James vs. Karen. Main game pot record ($1400) and $5,000 Fast Bucks win (1978/GSN/233)

First game: Barry vs. Karen. Two Fast Bucks wins! (1978/GSN/508)

First game: Tina at Fast Bucks. Missing some parts. (1978/OB/156)

People Are Funny, Host: Art Linkletter (1 ep.)

First game involves yawning (1958/SM/377)

The Perfect Match, Host: Dick Enberg (1 ep.)

First ladies: Georgie, Jewliann, Eileen. First men: Johnny, Don, Al. (1967/GSN/379)

Personality, Host: Larry Blyden (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Jack Cassidy, Joan Rivers, Flip Wilson, Shirley Jones (from home)

Only episode known to exist (1967/GSN/49)

Pictionary, Host: Alan Thicke (8 eps.)

Celebrities: Allison Sweeney, Victoria Raul, Bill Maher, Erik Estrada

Game: Alex vs. Mark. Erik Estrada accidentily punches Bill Maher in celebration! (1997/OB/184)

Celebrities: Anne Marie Johnson, Jess Walton, Brandi Sherwood, CCH Pounder

Game: Ralph vs. Jeff (1997/OB/522)

Game: Jeff vs. Brian (1997/OB/522)

Celebrities: Kianna Thoms, Weird Al Yankovich, Kim Alexis, Dan McVickar

Game: Susie vs. David. Big Bonus win! (1998/OB/522)

Game: Annette vs. David (1998/OB/522)

Game: Cindy vs. Gary (1998/OB/522)

Game: Dan vs. Jade (1998/OB/522)

Game: Julie vs. Patrick (Last 4 seconds of bonus round cut) (1998/OB/522)

Pick Your Brain, Host: Mark Summers (1 ep.)

Game: Alexander vs. Reed vs. Lisa (1995/OB/239)

Pitfall, Host: Alex Trebek (4 eps.)

First Game: June vs. Mona. (Excellent quality!!) (1980/OB/38)

First Game: Paul vs. Bonnie (1981/OB/19)

First Game: Rosemary vs. Dan. Funny bonus game. (1980/OB/48)

First game: Sharon vs. Sunny (1981/OB/143)

Place the Face, Host: Bill Cullen (1 ep.)

First contestant: JoAnne Gilbert (1955/SM/151)

Place the Face, Host: Jack Smith (1 ep.)

First contestant: Max Bear. Includes on camera appearances by announcer Jack Narz (1955/SM/151)

Play the Percentages, Host: Geoff Edwards (7 eps. and a lot of clips)

First Game: Smith vs. Grecis. Premiere (1980/GSN FPP/95)

First game: Grecis vs. Aronsons (1980/USA/513)

First game: Williams vs. Bernsteins. Geoff reveals an answer! (1980/USA/513)

First game: Hawkins vs. Williams (1980/USA/184)

First Game: Smeth's at the bonus round (1980/?/97)

First game: Gold's at bonus round (1980/GSN/128)

First Game: Tom at the Bonus Round. Solo format ep. (1980/USA/8)

A lot of hilarious clips involving bloopers and Geoff's clashes with the judge! Counts as one episode. (149)

Play Your Hunch, Host: Merv Griffin (2 eps.)

First game: Sweeney vs. Thorsten (1960/SM/107)

First game: Lovejoy vs. Danforth. Jonathan Winters is the guest (196?/GSN/167)

The Price is Right, Host: Bill Cullen (10 eps.)

Game: Mary vs. Frank vs. Mildred vs. Lydia. Daytime ep. (1957/GSN/125)

Game: Jim vs. Marilyn vs. John vs. Mary (1959/GSN/1)

Game: Stacy vs. Bernida vs. EG vs. Rose. Home viewer wins 1959 station wagon (1959/GSN/235)

Game: Beverly vs. John vs. Regina vs. David. Bob Stewart and son make an apperance, Bill plays some pool, and a Kangaroo also makes an appearance. (1961/GSN/235)

Game: Charles vs. Hazel vs. George vs. Jesse (196?/GSN/137)

Game: Carol vs. Roger vs. Geraldine vs. Donald (1962/GSN/354)

Game: Charles vs. Arlene vs. Paul vs. Shelly. Final NBC primetime ep. (1963/GSN/151)

Guest celebrity: Pat Caroll

Game: Marion vs. William vs. Stewart (1964/GSN/44)

Guest celebrity: Roddy McDowell

Game: Mary vs. Samuel vs. Joan (1964/GSN/151)

Guest celebrity: Jose Ferrerr

Game: Swasey vs. Leal vs. Dorothy (1964/GSN/166)

The Price is Right, Host: Merv Griffin (1 ep.)

Merv subbing for Bill while he's on vacation. Game: Albert vs. Nancy vs. Henry vs. Harriet (195?/GSN/35)

The Price is Right, Host: Arlene Francis (1 ep.)

Arlene subbing for Bill. Game: Marcy vs. David vs. Ruth vs. Edwin. (1961/GSN/55)

The Price is Right, Host: Jack Clark (1 ep.)

Guest celebrity: Anita Louise

Game: Don vs. Bernice vs. Mary. Jack's subbing for Bill. (1967/SM/125)

The (New) Price is Right, Host: Bob Barker (53 eps.)

CBS half-hour episodes:

First five episodes (EXCELLENT quality)

Pricing Games: Any Number, Bonus Game, Double Prices. Premiere of the series. A couple differences, including podiums for pricing games.(1972/OB/89)

Pricing Games: Grocery Game, Bullseye I, Double Prices (1972/OB/63)

Pricing Games: Grocery Game, Bullseye I, Double Prices (1972/SM/63)

Pricing Games: Any Number, Bonus Games, Double Prices (1972/SM/63)

Pricing Games: Grocery Game, Bullseye I, Double Prices (1972/SM/63)

Pricing Games: Grocery Game, 2 player Bullseye I, Double Prices (1972/GSN/18)

Pricing Games: Grocery Game, 5 Price Tages, One Right Price. HORRIBLE camera work! (1972/GSN/134)

Pricing Games: Bonus Game, Any Number, Clock Game (with audience help!). (1972/GSN/148)

Pricing Games: Money Game (Debut), Keep or Give, Double Prices (1972/GSN/238)

Pricing Games: Hi Lo, Double Digits, Range Game (1973/GSN/18)

Pricing Games: Mystery Price (Debut), Any Number, Clock Game (1973/GSN/354)

Pricing Games: Any Number, Give or Keep, Clock Game (1974/CBS re-air/24)

Pricing Games: Temptation, Hi-Lo, Clock Game. Bert Convy appears to plug Tattletales. (1974/GSN/156)

Weekly syndicated version (Half hour)

Pricing Games: Money Game, Cliff Hangers, One Right Price. Final nighttime episode (1980/SM/156)

CBS Hour long episodes:

Pricing games: Golden Road, Grocery Game, Most Expensive, Any Number, Range Game, Give or Keep. Experimental hour long ep. Bad tracking in second part (1975/SM/108)

First Hour Long ep. Pricing Games: Golden Road, Grocery Game, Most Expensive, Any Number, Poker Game, Give or Keep. Johnny O. is "Captain Klutz" in the Showcase. (1975/SM/5)

Pricing games: Clock Game, Dice Game, Grocery Game, Most Expensive, Temptation, Give or Keep. Double Showcase win and Jay Wolpert appears on camera (1975/GSN/188)

Pricing Games: Lucky Steven, Keep or Give, Clock Game (14 second win), Grocery Game, Ten Chances, Danger Price. Funny Showcase ski (1975/GSN/238)

Pricing Games: Hi-Lo, Lucky Seven, Poker Game, Barker's Bargain Bar, Money Game, Cliff Hangers. Vanna White comes on down! (1980/GSN/148)

Pricing Games: Shell Game, Danger Price, Dice Game, Most Expensive, Grand Game, Range Game. Features Pauline the Grand Game chase lady (1980/GSN/148)

Pricing Games: Switcheroo, Range Game, Most Expensive, Danger Price, Any Number, Bullseye. (1981/GSN/77)

Pricing Games: Super Ball, Blank Check, Any Number, Double Prices, It's Optional, Bullseye (1981/GSN/25)

Pricing Games: Danger Price, Switcheroo, Safe Crackers, Most Expensive, 3 Strikes, Hurdles (1981/GSN/25)

Pricing Games: Now and Then, Squeeze Play, Temptation, Range Game, Ten Chances, Secret "X" (1981/GSN/23)

Pricing Games: Danger Price, Hole in One, One Right Price, Blank Check, Dice Game, Cliff Hangers (1981/GSN/45)

Pricing Games: Any Number, Plinko(Debut), Most Expensive, Poker Game, 3 Strikes, Pick a Pair (1983/GSN/18)

Pricing Games: Lucky Seven, Now and Then, Most Expensive, Poker Game, Safe Crackers, Switcheroo. (1983/GSN/515)

Pricing Games: Lucky Seven, Danger Price, Hit Me, One Right Price, Blank Check, Five Price Tags. The Price is Right News showcase skit is used, with a Pac Man phone..oooooh (1983/GSN/515)

Pricing Games: Lucky Seven, Hi-Lo, One Right Price, Poker Game, Shell Game, Ten Chances. $4 and $8 bids! DOUBLE SHOWCASE WIN! (WHOOP! WHOOP! WHOOP!) (1983/GSN/515)

Pricing Games: Now or Then, Card Game, One Right Price, Clock Game, Three Strikes, Trader Bob. (1983/GSN/515)

Pricing Games: Any Number, Poker Game, Plinko, Bump, One Away, Bullseye. Johnny Olson's death is recognized (1985/OB/166)

Pricing Games: Superball, Deluxe Dice Game, Most Expensive, Range Game, Any Number, Grand Game. Bob Hilton annoucing (1985/OB/109)

Pricing Games: Clock Game, Hole in One, Right Price, Most Expensive, Cliffhangers, Dice Game (1985/GSN/238)

Pricing Games: Bump, Hit Me, Temptation, Safe Crackers, Cliff Hangers, Dice Game. Rich Jefferies announces and Bob Eubanks plugs Card Sharks! (1986/OB/132)

Pricing Games: Lucky 7, Poker Game, Phone Home Game, Barkers Bargain Bar, Bonus Game, 3 Strikes (1986/GSN/18)

Pricing Games: Grocery Game, Temptation, Squeeze Play, Take Two, Punchboard, Money Game. Double showcase win! (1986/GSN/187)

Pricing Games: Squeeze Play, 3 Strikes, Phone Home Game, Barker's Bargain Bar, Cliffhangers, One Away. Janice is hit by camera (noticable edit) (1988/OB/238)

Perfect show!!! Pricing Games: Spelling Bee, Safe Crackers, Take Two, Double Prices, Bulls-Eye, Dice Game. (1989/OB/225)

Pricing Games: Lucky 7-Plinko-One Away. The 25th Anniversary special with lot's of old clips (1996/OB/73)

Pricing Games: Golden Road, Clearance Sale, Pick a Pair, Double Prices, Plinko, Lucky Seven. 27th Season Premiere (1998/OB/206)

Pricing Games: Triple Play (WIN!), It's In The Bag, Squeeze Play, Plinko, One Away, Double Prices. 30th Anniversary Special from LAS VEGAS! Very nice set for the road (2002/OB/253)

The Price is Right Special (1986 CBS primetime)

Pricing Games: Most Expensive-One Away-Plinko-Clock Game-Hole in One-Take Two (1986/GSN/22)

Pricing Games: Lucky Seven, Race Game, Grand Game, Range Game, Punchboard, Any Number. Average quality (1986/OB/233)

Pricing Games: Clock Game, Hole in One, Money Game, Race Game, Punch Board, One Away. $10,000 Showcase Showdown win! Average quality (1986/OB/233)

Pricing Games: Lucky Seven, Plinko, Danger Price, Grand Game, Temptation, Range Game. Bad color (1986/OB/233)

Pricing Games: Superball, Money Game, Danger Price, Plinko, One Away, Clock Game. Bad color in second half (1986/OB/233)

2002 Primetime Specials:

US Navy Special. Pricing Games: Plinko, Three Strikes, Push Over, Grand Game ($20,000 win!), Cover Up, Switch. $6,000 win in Showcase Showdown. Includes very funny ending where Bob gets to New York City in 20 seconds with the help of his Taxi driver....Dick Clark! (2002/OB/462)

Air Force Special. Pricing Games: Lucky Seven, It's In The Bag ($16,000 win!), One Wrong Price, One Away, Punch-A-Bunch, Range Game (2002/OB/329)

US Army Special. Pricing Games: Plinko ($40,000 win!!), Take Two, Make Your Move, It's In the Bag, Lucky Seven, Double Prices. (2002/OB/343)

US Marine Corps special. Pricing Games: Golden Road, Grand Game ($20,000 win!), Bonkers, Cliffhangers, Any Number, Squeeze Play. (2002/OB/364)

Los Angeles, Washington DC and New York Firefighters Special. Pricing Games: Triple Play, Punch-A-Bunch, Race Game, Grocery Game, That's Too Much, Barker's Bargain Bar. (2002/OB/481)

US Coast Guard Special. Pricing Games: Triple Play (WON!), Plinko, Clock Game, Barker's Bargain Bar, Money Game, Grocery Game. .35 tie in Showcase Showdown! $127,660 winning total!!! (2002/OB/522)

2003 Million Dollar Spectacular Specials:

Pricing Games: Golden Road, One Away, Punch A Bunch, Squeeze Play, That's Too Much, Grocery Game (2003/OB/533)

Pricing Games: Three Strikes, Plinko, Race Game, Push Over, Grand Game, Double Prices. $1 spun on Big Wheel, but Million is missed :( (2003/OB/548)

Pricing Games: Triple Play, It's In the Bag, Clock Game, Lucky Seven, Range Game, Cliff Hangers (2003/OB/555)

The Price is Right, Host: Dennis James (4 eps. and pitchfilm)

Price is Right pitchfilm from 1972! Mark Goodson plays some pricing games while Dennis is hosting and a clip from when Dennis subbed on Let's Make a Deal is shown! (1972/SM/103)

Pricing Games: Grocery Game (win on right on the nose!), Any Number, Double Double Prices (Double prices with two prizes). This episode was taped on 9/4/72, the day the daytime version premiered (1972/SM/251)

Pricing Games: 5 Price Tags, Race Game, Range Game. Excellent quality! (1976/SM/106)

Pricing Games: Money Game, Grocery Game (HEARTBREAKING loss!), Clock Game. Showcase winner runs before Dennis can congratulate her! (1977/SM/151)

Dennis subbing for Bob on daytime version:

Pricing Games: Grocery Game-Any Number-Most Expensive (1975/GSN/13)

The Price is Right, Host: Tom Kennedy (20 eps.)

Pricing Game: Lucky 7-Grocery Game-Danger Price. Premiere (1985/GSN/10)

Pricing Games: Money Game-Punchboard(unbelievable winner!)-Most Expensive (1985/GSN/14)

Pricing Games: Any Number, Pick A Pair (Ferris Wheel), Range Game. Apple //c offered in showcase, Johnny is Professor Olson (1985/GSN/238)

Pricing Games: Any Number, Pick A Pair, Safe Crackers (1985/OB/512)

Pricing Games: Safe Crackers, Plinko, One Right Price (1985/OB/512)

Pricing Games: Squeeze Play, Race Game, Grand Game (1985/GSN/512)

Pricing Games: Money Game, Most Expensive, Shell Game (1985/GSN/512)

Pricing Game: Lucky Seven, Plinko, One Right Price (1985/OB/512)

Pricing Games: Safe Crackers, Switcheroo, One Right Price (1985/OB/515)

Pricing Games: Range Game, Grand Game ($10K win!), Race Game (1985/GSN/515)

Pricing Games: Plinko, Race Game, One Right Price. Who left the CBS logo in the credits?? (1985/GSN/515)

Gene Wood announces:

Pricing Games: Grocery Game, One Away, Take Two. (1985/GSN/35)

Pricing Games: Golden Road, Hi-Lo, Double Prices. (1985/GSN/512)

Pricing Games: Deluxe Dice Game, Safe Crackers, Secret X. (1985/GSN/515)

Rod Roddy announces:

Pricing Games: Switcheroo (contestant breaks prop!), Range Game, Take Two. (1985/GSN/512)

Pricing Games: Shell Game, Three Strikes, Double Prices. (1986/GSN/512)

Pricing Games: Punch-A-Bunch, Three Strikes, Double Prices. (1986/OB/512)

Pricing Games: Race Game, Most Expensive, Shell Game. Very funny showcase involving Tom (1986/GSN/512)

Pricing Games: Deluxe Dice Game, Danger Price, Cliff Hangers. (1986/GSN/515)

Pricing Games: Golden Road, Cliff Hangers, One Right Price. Double overbid! (1986/OB/515)

The New Price is Right, Host: Doug Davidson (5 eps.)

Pricing games: Money Game, Race Game, Magic #. Premiere (1994/OB/152)

3 cars offered in a showcase!!! Pricing Games: Squeeze Play, Hole in One, Danger Price (1994/OB/2)

Pricing Games: Temptation, Punchboard, Switch (1994/OB/138)

Pricing Games: Clock Game (with the infamous graphic clock and G-T beeping sound effect), Ten Chances, Cliff Hanger. (1994/OB/143)

Pricing Games: Superball, Most Expensive, Safe Crackers (1994/OB/515)

$64,000 Question, Host: Hal March (2 eps.)

First contestant: Stanley. Dr. Joyce Brothers on this ep! (1955/SM/85)

First contestant: Virgil. Virgil is Wyatt Earp's nephew (1958/SM/379)

$128,000 Question, Host: Alex Trebek (5 eps.)

First game: Joseph for $8,000 on boxing. Don Benn wins $2,000 on television. (1977/OB/252)

First game: Dwier for $16,000 on Leonardo Davinci. Don Benn wins $4,000. Missing tail end and credits (1977/OB/252)

First game: Mr. and Mrs. Herson going for $128 on Gilbert & Sullivan. Dob Benn wins $8,000 (1977/OB/252)

First game: John goes for $8,000 on World War I (discrepency on the last show brought him back). Don wins $16,000 (1977/OB/252)

First game: John goes for $16,000 on World War I. Don misses the $32,000, but gets a consolation Cadillac! (1977/OB/252)

Quiz Kids Challenge, Host: Jonathan Prince (1 ep.)

Game: Milan-Gretchen-Matt vs. Aditi-David-Tous. Premiere (1990/OB/152)

Russian Roulette, Host: Mark L. Wahlberg (76 eps.)

Game: Gus vs. Deborah vs. Jackie vs. Anthony. $10,000 win. First aired episode (2002/GSN/328)

Game: Shawn vs. Amy vs. Paige vs. Shireece. $10,000 win (2002/GSN/339)

Game: Darren vs. Amy vs. Gordon vs. Julie (2002/GSN/340)

Celebrity Edition:

Game: Kristin Millia vs. Ken Taylor vs. Danny Bonaduce vs. Gail Anderson (2002/GSN/340)

Game: Chuck vs. Peter vs. Angela vs. Derek (2002/GSN/343)

Game: Sobia vs. Ray vs. Mary Anne vs. Juan (2002/GSN/344)

Game: Jennifer vs. Traci vs. Brian vs. Augie (2002/GSN/344)

Game: Joe vs. Becky vs. Chris vs. John. $10,000 win (2002/GSN/346)

Game: Henry vs. Michelle vs. Dana vs. Mike (2002/GSN/349)

Game: Jason vs. Warren vs. Lisa vs. Karen (2002/GSN/352)

Game: James vs. David vs. Alisa vs. Eric (2002/GSN/353)

Game: Kimberly vs. Jason vs. Roger vs. Mike. $10,000 win (2002/GSN/362)

Game: Russell vs. Peter vs. Dawn vs. Chris (2002/GSN/364)

Game: Kim vs. Kathy vs. Bill vs. Jim (2002/GSN/365)

Game: Rob vs. Tom vs. Phil vs. Shelley. $10,000 loss in bonus game (2002/GSN/367)

Game: Lara vs. Brett vs. Michael vs. Dan (2002/GSN/367)

Game: Victoria vs. Jody vs. Jason vs. Tony (2002/GSN/369)

Game: Eric vs. Lisa vs. Frank vs. Steve (2002/GSN/371)

Game: Paul vs. Joshua vs. Lynn vs. Jovan (2002/GSN/373)

Game: Shawn vs. Kristen vs. Christopher vs. Sonja (2002/GSN/376)

Game: Paula vs. Mike vs. Shanda vs. Dawn (2002/GSN/380)

Game: Maggie vs. Donna vs. Todd vs. Matt (2002/GSN/382)

Game: Nancy vs. Steve vs. Jack vs. Amber (2002/GSN/387)

Game: Steve vs. Dan vs. Elizabeth vs. Isaac. $10,000 win. (2002/GSN/388)

Game: Paul vs. Tara vs. Craig vs. Shannon. Contestant runs through final round. (2002/GSN/388)

Game: Ellen vs. Quanna vs. Ed vs. Brian (2002/GSN/389)

Game: Yvette vs. Linda vs. Greg vs. Eric (2002/GSN/389)

Game: Marcia vs. Camille vs. Cliff vs. Susan. Missing first part of opening (2002/GSN/390)

Game: Natalie vs. Diane vs. Josh vs. Brian (2002/GSN/392)

Game: Kristen vs. Rae vs. Ed vs. Tim. Rae is former Blockbusters champ, Larae Dillman. (2002/GSN/392)

Game: Patrick vs. Bob vs. Maria vs. Erin (2002/GSN/398)

Game: Dana vs. Jenny vs. Erin vs. Johnny (2002/GSN/398)

Game: Paul vs. Sheila vs. AJ vs. Lisa (2002/GSN/400)

Game: Will vs. Deborah vs. John vs. Rick (2002/GSN/402)

Game: Lisa vs. Mannie vs. Kathleen vs. Ted (2002/GSN/404)

Game: Frank vs. Caroline vs. Michelle vs. Jason. $10,000 win! (2002/GSN/405)

Game: Evangeline vs. Quinn vs. Gregg vs. Rick (2002/GSN/407)

Game: John vs. Allan vs. Carol vs. Muffy. $10,000 win...but lost when trying for $100K (2002/GSN/410)

Game: Mark vs. Samantha vs. Margie vs. Amanda (2002/GSN/421)

Game: Karen vs. Lisa vs. Bill vs. Eric (2002/GSN/429)

Game: Adam vs. Karen vs. Dave vs. Terry. $10,000 win (2002/GSN/429)

Game: David vs. Stacy vs. Michael vs. Darren (2002/GSN/434)

Game: Vincent vs. Al vs. Gerald vs. Cheryl. ****$100,000 WIN!!!!**** (2002/GSN/447)

Game: Becky B. vs. Lizardman vs. Cat vs. Isabella. Halloween episode. WEIRD WEIRD episode (2002/GSN/452)

Game: Kenwa vs. Miguel vs. Tammy vs. Jeremy (2002/GSN/458)

Game: Erin vs. Wesley vs. Linda vs. Robert (2002/GSN/481)

Second Season episodes:

Game: Lucy vs. Kimberly vs. Pat vs. Jason. $10,000 win (2002/GSN/437)

Game: Brian vs. Stacy vs. Bob vs. Helen (2002/GSN/437)

Game: Joe vs. Justin vs. Heather vs. John. ATGS' Joe Van Ginkel a contestant. $10,000 win (2002/GSN/437)

Game: Fran vs. Lisa vs. Kyle vs. Steven (2002/GSN/437)

Game: Larry vs. Celeste vs. Kierstin vs. Jason. Finders Keepers host Larry Toffler contestant. $10,000 win lost on big risk! (2002/GSN/437)

Game: Cijay vs. Nicole vs. Marcus vs. Corey (2002/GSN/432)

Game: Brian vs. Arch vs. Courtney vs. Joan. $10,000 win (2002/GSN/433)

Game: Jeff vs. Wendy vs. Anh vs. Tom (2002/GSN/438)

Game: Laura vs. Chris vs. Vanessa vs. Darren (2002/GSN/439)

Game: David vs. Hollis vs. Lauren vs. Daniel (2002/GSN/440)

Game: Jordan vs. Emily vs. Gisesle vs. Jessica (2002/GSN/444)

Game: Perry vs. Helen vs. Michael vs. Loreena (2002/GSN/448)

Game: Ran vs. Kerry vs. Adam vs. Josh (2002/GSN/453)

Game: Courtney vs. Edith vs. Billy vs. Rob (2002/GSN/455)

Game: Diego vs. Alicia vs. Jordan vs. Jonathan (2002/GSN/456)

Game: Adam vs. Jenna vs. Rose vs. Serena. $10,000 win (2002/GSN/460)

Game: Kissy vs. David vs. Gerard vs. Joe (2002/GSN/463)

Game: John vs. Miriam vs. Angie vs. Meredith (2002/GSN/469)

Game: Robin vs. Amy vs. Bill vs. Adam (2002/GSN/471)

Game: Mike vs. Sarah vs. Alan vs. Janine (2002/GSN/472)

Game: Donny vs. Rhonica vs. Lane vs. Travis. $10,000 win (2002/GSN/483)

Game: Jason vs. Maureen vs. Alton vs. Hedy. $10,000 win (2002/GSN/484)

Game: Chantal vs. Linna vs. Jack vs. Jaffer (2002/GSN/491)

Game: Janine vs. Christine vs. Yumi vs. Craig (2002/GSN/492)

Game: Kamika vs. Steve vs. Kim vs. James (2002/GSN/494)

Game: Michael vs. Amy vs. Hannah vs. Kevin (2002/GSN/500)

Game: Cohen vs. Michelle vs. Larry vs. Fran (2002/GSN/501)

Game: Robert vs. Lisa vs. Christian vs. Melissa (2002/GSN/504)

Game: Joe vs. Steph vs. Jason vs. Roshelle (2002/GSN/518)

Game: Tiffany vs. Andrea vs. David vs. Althea (2002/GSN/524)

Game: Patrick vs. Melinda vs. Chris vs. Andrea (2002/GSN/526)

Russian Roulette, Host: Todd Newton (1 ep.)

Game: Cassy vs. Richa vs. Charlene vs. Mike. Todd of Whammy! The All New Press Your Luck hosts this very bizarre episode, with the Whammy in the audience. (2003/GSN/566)



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