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Magnificent Marble Machine, Host: Art James (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Roddy McDowell and Florence Henderson

First Game: Gary vs. Bobby. Fair Quality (1975/OB/33)

Majority Rules, Hosts: Marc Summers and Marcel Mandle (1 ep.)

Special Guest: Jimmie Walker (1994/OB/337)

Make Me Laugh, Host: Robert Q. Lewis (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Louis Nye, Orson Bean, Joey Carter.

First contestant: Rockard Gracion (1954/SM/125)

Make Me Laugh, Host: Bobby Van (6 eps.)

Celebrities: John Dobbs, Bill Kirchenbaur, Bob and Roger.

First contestant: Danielle. Premiere of the series (1979/OB/129)

Celebrities: Garry Shandling, Bruce Baum, Bob and Roger.

First contestant: Lee. Not very good quality (1979/OB/98)

Celebrities: Biff Maynard, the Unknown Comic, Bill Kirchenbaur.

First contestant: Deborah (1979/USA/104)

First contestant: Susie (1979/USA/104)

Celebrities: Steve Kriner, Bruce Baum, Franklin ?.

First contestant: Tom (1979/USA/109)

Celebrities: Steve Bleustien, Bruce Baum, Bob Saget.

Guest: Mr Whipple. Fair quality (1979/USA/164)

Make the Connection, Host: Jim McKay (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Betty White, Gene Claiven, Gloria Dehaven, Eddie Bracken.

Guest: Jerry Colona. (1954/GSN/135)

Make the Connection, Host: Gene Rayburn (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Betty White, Dean Claiven, Gloria Dehaven, Eddie Bracken.

Guest: Xavier Kugat. Funny moments in this ep. (1955/GSN/203)

Make the Grade, Host: Lou Schneider (1 ep.)

Game: Kathy vs. Gerard vs. Jayme (1990/GAS/337)

The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour, Hosts: Gene Rayburn and Jon Bauman (15 eps.)

Celebrities: Skip Stephenson, Alison Arngrim, Jimmie Walker, Twyla Littleton, Bill Proctor, Tom Villard, Barbi Benton, Bill Daily.

First game: Laurie vs. David. Premiere of the series (1983/OB/68)

First game: Connie vs. Laurie. $10,000 win! (1983/OB/511)

Celebrities: Gallagher, Richard Deacon, Ken Osmand, Jeri Weil, Jerry Mathers, Barbara Billingsly, Frank Bank, Rich Caroll.

First game: Patty vs. Andrea. Tribute to Leave it to Beaver (1983/OB/60)

Celebrities: Erin Moran, Lori Hendler, Michael Winslow, Nedra Volz, David L. Lander, Mindy Cohn, Eddie Mekka, and Lynda Goodfriend.

First game: Jenny vs. Rich. (1984/OB/79)

First game: Michel vs. Karna. JIP at second round's second Match Game question. $10,000 win (1984/OB/357)

First game: Lisa vs. Anne Marie. $30,000 LOSS! (1984/OB/357)

First game: Clayton vs. JoAnn (1984/OB/357)

First game: Lisa vs. Becky. Video is a bit glitchy (1984/OB/357)

Celebrities: Tom Poston, Fern Fitzgerald, Constance McCashin, Marty Cohen, Alan Thicke, Steven Schneitzer, Gloria Loring, Nipsey Russell.

First game: Janet vs. Laurie (1984/OB/358)

Celebrities: Larry Manetti, CNR, Marcia Wallace, Helen Reddy, PAT SAJAK, Tim Reid, SALLI JULIAN, Bruce Baum.

First game: Denise vs. Sandy. JIP at second round's first Match Game question. $10,000 win! (1984/OB/358)

Celebrities: Richard Kline, Bill Daily, Leonard Frey, Nancy Stafford, GEORGE GOBEL, Tom Wiggin, Elaine Joyce, Jimmie Walker.

First game: Mark vs. Kari. Telephone Match is played (1984/OB/511)

Celebrities: Leann Hunley, Deirdre Hall, Wayne Northrup, Marcia McCabe, David Forsyth, John DeLancie, Nancy Facione, Christoper Rich.

First game: Martha vs. Julie (1984/OB/15)

Celebrities: Jamie Farr, Heidi Bohay, Linda Dano, McLean Stevenson, Arsenio Hall, Paula Kelly, Chuck Woolery, and Arlene Francis.

First game: Joe vs. Chris (1984/OB/65)

Celebrities Phyllis Diller, Constance McCashin, Roger E. Mosely, CNR, FF, Roxie Roker, Leonard Frey, Barry Gordon.

First game: Karen vs. Tara. Second to last ep. (1984/OB/108)

First game: Angela vs. Sally. Final ep. (1984/OB/97)

Mindreaders, Host: Dick Martin (1 ep.)

Celebritiess: Patty Duke Astin and Nipsey Russell.

Fair quality (1977/OB/138)

Monopoly, Host: Mike Reilly (6 eps.)

Game: Mica vs. Marisa vs. Ross (1990/OB/186)

Game: Barry vs. Bonnie vs. Peter. $25,000 win! (1990/OB/184)

Game: Patrick vs. Rebbeca vs. Mike. (1990/OB/22)

Game: Matthew vs. Sharlene vs. Jeff. $25,000 win (1990/OB/238)

Game: Rick vs. Celeste vs. Tom (1990/OB/357)

Game: Tom vs. Debra vs. Tripp. (1990/OB/21)

Musical Chairs, Host: Adam Wade (1 ep.)

Game: Carole vs. Steve vs. Ronnie vs. Gerri. Strange show (1975/SM/105)

My Generation, Host: Craig Shoemaker (1 ep.)

Game: 1986 vs. 1974. Premiere (1998/OB/186)

Name That Tune, Host: George DeWitt (1 ep.)

Show with highlights from other shows. Fair quality. (1955/SM/61)

The $100,000 Name That Tune, Host: Tom Kennedy (5 eps.)

Game: Jack vs. Debbie. Player wins Car during "Melody Roulette". VCR counter on the bottom of the screen. (1976/SM/65)

Game: Richie vs. Joan. Karen wins $100,000!!!!!!!!!! (1977/OB/20)

Game: Danny vs. Martha. Begins during Melody Roulette. Very different from the other two episodes. Different set, and a more "Rock and Roll"-ish format. No Kathie Lee (YES!) (1980/SM/218)

Game: Chester vs. Sister Jean (1980/SM/218)

Game: Ken vs. Sylvia (1980/SM/218)

The $100,000 Name That Tune, Host: Jim Lange (3 eps.)

Game: Tammy vs. Tom. ATGS' Tammy Warner is a contestant! (1984/FAM/90)

Tammy Warner's semi-final ep. First game: Myra vs. Steve vs. Tammy vs. Les

Game: Michael vs. Hap. $100,000 final (1984/OB/186)

The Names the Same, Host: Robert Q. Lewis (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Meredith Wilson, Joan Alexander, Jerry Lester.

First Contestant: Robert (1953/GSN/49)

The Names the Same, Host: Dennis James (2 eps.)

Celebrities: Joan Alexander, Gene Rayburn, Bess Myerson, Arnold Sagg.

First contestant: James (1954/GSN/110)

Celebrities: Joan Alexander, Walter Slezack, Audrey Meadows, Roger Price.

First contestant: Ed. Dennis' last. (1955/GSN/116)

The Newlywed Game, Host: Bob Eubanks (5 eps.)

Game: Kendler vs. Fiddle vs. Hoover vs. Zenachodo (1968/SM/110)

Finale of the series (1973/GSN/136)

Game: Larry and Lucie vs. Garner and Sharon vs. Rob and Rhonda vs. John and ?. Ends in 4 way tie! (197?/GSN/153)

Game: Pat and Charlie vs. Anita and Bob vs. Edith and Kurt vs. Margaret and David. Pat and Charlie have some funny moments (1980/GSN/203)

Game: Rita and Dave vs. Judy and Myron vs. Rhonda and Charles vs. Stu and ?. Finale of syndicated version (1980/GSN/152)

The Newlywed Game, Host: Jim Lange (2 eps.)

Game: Charlotte and Don vs. Harlene and Jeff vs. Sherrie and Cole vs. Angie and Russ. From his one week ABC series (1984/OB/129)

Game: Maria and Kelly vs. Brenda and Chad vs. Lydia and Mike vs. Lisa and John (1984/GSN/566)

The Newlywed Game, Host: Paul Rodriguez (1 ep.)

Game: Porches vs. Hughes vs. Herrimans. Paul's first show. Bob Eubanks says good-bye before the show (1989/OB/102)

Nick Arcade, Host: Phil Moore (1 ep.)

Game: Brian and Amy vs. Nicole and Richard. Premiere episode (1991/OB/337)

Now You See It, Host: Jack Narz (9 eps.)

First Game: Tony and Mylsa vs. Lanie and Bert. Premiere (1974/GSN/3)

First game: Lynn and Bill vs. Flo and Ricky. (1974/GSN/131)

First Game: Betty and Sally vs. Fred and Jan (1974/GSN/9)

First Game: Rita and Linda vs. Kathleen and Ben (1974/GSN/44)

First game: Vera and Carol vs. Richard and Kathy (1974/GSN/143)

First game: Donald and Sharon vs. Marty and Debbi (1974/GSN/143)

First game: Patty and Holly vs. Marge and Rick (1974/GSN/143)

First game: Carrine vs. Lucille. Wet underwear mentioned! (1975/GSN/143)

First Game: Pat vs. Art. Finale (1975/GSN/136)

Now You See It, Host: Chuck Henry (7 eps.)

First Game: JoAnne vs. Jeff. Premiere of the series (1989/OB/8)

First game: Jay vs. Cheryl. $10,000 win! (1989/OB/184)

First game: Joanna vs. John. (1989/OB/184)

First game: Joyce vs. Jim (1989/OB/184)

First game: Kathy vs. Harold. Game Show hosts category in game 2! (1989/OB/164)

Soap Opera week. First game: Bold and the Beautiful vs. General Hospital. (1989/OB/185)

First Game: JoAnne vs. Carol. Finale. Missing opening but has a $35,000 win! (1989/OB/55)

Number, Please, Host: Bud Collyer (1 eps.)

First Game: Catherine vs. Helen (1961/GSN/67)

The Object Is..., Host: Dick Clark (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Barry Sullivan, Arlene Dahl, Carl Valentine

First game: Karen vs. Don vs. Juanita. Sort of a varient of Password and Pyramid (1964/SM/358)

Okay, Mother, Host: Dennis James (1 ep.)

Oldest ep. of a game show known to exist. Audio breaks up in several parts (1947/SM/49)


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