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Gambit, Host: Wink Martindale (1 ep.)

First Game: Livingston's vs. Ferraro's (Excellent quality!) (1975/SM/38)

Get the Message, Host: Frank Buxton (2 eps.)

Celebrities: Peggy Cass, Phyllis Newman, Orson Bean, Howard Keel

First game: Ellen vs. Wilson (1964/GSN/98)

Celebrities: Ann Southern, Nancy Dessault, Abe Burrows, Darryl Hickman

First game: Barbara vs. Al. (1964/GSN/140)

Get the Message, Host: Robert Q. Lewis (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Arlene Francis, Barbara Cook, Joan Fontaine Douglas Fairbanks, Marty Ingles, Mitch Miller

All-Star episode (1964/GSN/125)

Get the Picture, Host: Mike O'Malley (1 ep.)

Game: Christie and Brent vs. Becky and Rob. Bonus win (1990/OB/239)

Giant Step, Host: Bert Parks (1 ep.)

First contestant: Kenneth (195?/SM/165)

Give-N-Take, Host: Jim Lange (1 ep.)

Game: Gina vs. Susan vs. Judy vs. Ann. Funny production slate! (1976/SM/5)

Go!, Host: Kevin O'Connell (14 eps.)

Celebrities: Richard Kline and Elaine Joyce

Premiere. Game: Corey-Patty-Sharon-Gene vs. Lisa-John-Blair-Chari (1983/GSN/4)

Missing opening and end credits. w/o/c (1983/OB/143)

Celebrities: Audrey Landers and Jay Johnson

Game: Larry-Kai-Dave-Steve vs. Leslie-Carol-Keith-Marcia. Last second bonus win! (1983/GSN/378)

Head to Head Matches:

Celebrities: Markie Post and Barry Gordon

Game: Larry-Kai-Dave-Steve vs. Deb-Candy-Bob-Billi. Friday ep. (1983/GSN/379)

Celebrities: JoAnne Worley and Grant Godieve

Richard-John-Barbara-John vs. Patrice-Melanie-Pat-Michelle. Monday episode.(1983/GSN/78)

Soap week with Another World vs. Days of Our Lives

Double Jackpot win!! Friday ep. with Jack Clark announcing. (1983/GSN/31)

Celebrities: Vicki Lawrence and Barry Gordon

Game: Rob-Daphne-Jim-Peter vs. Tricia-Shirley-Donna-Thom. $10,000 win! Thursday ep. (1983/GSN/378)

Celebrities: Bonnie Urseth and Michael J. Fox

Game: Julie-Robert-Valerie-Dave vs. John-Carol-Shane-Cathy. Tuesday episode. Record 21 second round. $10,000 win! (1983/GSN/384)

Wednesday episode. (1983/GSN/17)

Celebrities: Constance McCashin and Brian Mitchell

Game: Marion-Chris-Andy-Robyn vs. Sene-Chris-Lynn-Debbie. DOUBLE JACKPOT WIN!!! (1983/GSN/378)

Celebrities: Robert Mandan and Betty White

Game: Ira-Wes-Erica-Carol vs. Allison-Michelle-Harvey-Edna. Wednesday ep.(1984/GSN/35)

Celebrities: Kim Fields and Lauri Hendler

Game: David-Lauri-Lynne-Patricia vs. Donna-Anne-Keith-Marcy. Tuesday ep. (1984/GSN/384)

Celebrities: Didi Conn and Charlie Siebert (Finale week)

Game: Janet-Cindy-Roseanne-Steve vs. Judy-Matthew-Pat-Kelly. Wednesday ep. (1984/GSN/88)

Thursday ep.(1984/GSN/88)

Friday ep. Finale of the series (1984/GSN/88)

Gong Show, Host: Jon Barbour (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Jack Cassidy, JoAnne Worley, Jamie Farr.

Never aired premiere episode. (1976/GSN/83)

Gong Show, Host: Chuck Barris (10 eps.)

Celebrities: Anson Williams, Phyllis Diller, Pat Harrington. (1978/GSN/98)

Celebrities: Jaye P. Morgan, Pat Paulsen, Pearl Bailey

First contestant: Rick (1978/GSN/221)

Celebrities: Louis Nye, Jaye P. Morgan, Pat McCormick

First contestant: Rick. Chuck shows Gong Show honor roll, Unknown Comic makes an appearance (1978/GSN/221)

Celebrities: Arte Johnson, Charlotte Rae, Chuck Woolery (1978/GSN/158)

Celebrities: Arte Johnson, Jaye P. Morgan, Steve Garvey

First contestant: Tom. Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman) contestant (1978/GSN/221)

Celebrities: Anson Williams, Dionne Warwick, Jamie Farr

First contesant: Jim. Mare Winningham contestant, 400th episode (1979/GSN/221)

Celebrities: Arte Johnson, Jaye P. Morgan, Steve Martin

First contestant: Jesse. Kaye Sommersby Morgan Day, Unkown Comic appearance (1979/GSN/221)

Celebrities: Arte Johnson, Jaye P. Morgan, Jamie Farr

First contestants: Jerry and Lil. Chuck gets a little "tied up." LOL (1980/GSN/221)

Celebrities: Arte Johnson, Jaye P. Morgan, Jamie Farr

One Hour "All-Star Gong Show" NBC primetime special, with cameos by many celebrities (1980/GSN/221)

Daytime finale told in a fable (1980/GSN/137)

Gong Show, Host: Gary Owens (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Elke Sommer, Rex Reed, Phyllis Diller.

Premiere of the nighttime version. (1978/SM/126)

Greed, Host: Chuck Woolery (31 eps.)

First team: Rodan, Chris, Dwallu, Laurie, Will, Marcie. Premiere of the series. $500,000 LOSS!!! (1999/GSN/366)

First team: Tim, Richie, Michelle, Michael, Teddy. Second part of the premiere, originally aired on Fox (1999/GSN/383)

First team: James, Jackie, Melissa, Curtis, Daniel. $1,000,000 win!! (1999/GSN/383)

First team: Daniel, Curtis, Melissa. $2.2 Million Question (1999/GSN/381)

First team: Kurt, Eric, Mary, Marteen, Laurie, Michael (1999/GSN/373)

First team: Robert, Brian, Troy. $500,000 loss! (1999/GSN/374)

First team: Arlan, John, Melissa, Charmaine, Robert. (1999/GSN/381)

First team: Kim, Robin, Todd, Danelle. $500,000 win. $1,000,000 moment loss (1999/GSN/386)

First team: Jeremy, Irwin, Matthew, Anthony (1999/GSN/391)

First team: Tony, Sheryl, Gretchen, Mitch, Brooks (1999/GSN/391)

First team: Theresa, Todd, Stacy, Victor, Jason, James (1999/GSN/404)

First team: Jerry, KT, Todd, Brian, Joe (1999/GSN/404)

First team: Dana, Patrick, Jennifer, Forrest. $1,000,000 Moment where Curtis Warren takes home the million! (2000/GSN/259)

First team: Theresa, Joel, DeWallu, Mike, Steve. "Losers" episode. Dan Avila loses $1 Million question. (2000/GSN/271)

First team: Elizabeth, Eric, Ed, Rachel, Tellie. Player later in show was a pilot killed in the September 11th tragedy, Charles "Chic" Burlingame (2000/GSN/278)

First team: Brian, Joel, Cindy, Brent (2000/GSN/290)

First team: Aaron, Victoria, David, Sarah, Peter, Randy (2000/GSN/370)

First team: Christian, Angela, Bruce, Ed, Alex, Brad. $500,000 loss because of captain's mistake!! (2000/GSN/304)

First team: Jeff, Marion, Adam, Carol Anne, Tom, Lisa. $500,000 win! (2000/GSN/315)

First team: Mo, Guy, Mike, Randy (2000/GSN/328)

First team: Mark, Annemarie, Penny, Laizer, David. Two $500,000 wins. $1,000,000 moment LOSS (2000/GSN/429)

First team: ACC. College episode (2000/OB/170)

First team: Big 10 (finishing up College Greed). $500,000 win (2000/GSN/334)

First team: Mark, Nicole, Joe, Sarah, Aaron. (2000/GSN/338)

First team: Jenny, Theresa, Mike, Taylor, Jonathan (2000/GSN/341)

First team: John, Mike, Kevin, Jill (2000/GSN/350)

First team: Stonegarden, Macy, Christopher, Linda, Josh (2000/GSN/365)

Super Greed (with $4,000,000 top prize):

First team: Kathi, Brian, John, Dennis, Rachel. Two players win Jaguar XKA convertibles!! (2000/GSN/314)

First team: Liz, George, Brian, Bob, Elizabeth. $1,000,000 win!! (2000/GSN/310)

First team: Lauren, David, Gloria, Ed. (2000/GSN/332)

First team: David, Lauren, Phyllis. $2,000,000 win!! (2000/GSN/331)

50 Grand Slam, Host: Tom Kennedy (2 eps.)

First Game: Marry Ann vs. David. Premiere with an appearence by Allen Ludden (Excellent quality!!) (1976/OB/66)

First Game: Dwayne vs. Terri. Finale of the series (Excellent quality!)(1976/OB/66)

He Said, She Said, Host: Joe Gariagiola (4 eps.)

Game: Anne and Bert Convy vs. Carol Rossin and Hal Holbrook vs. EJ Peeker and Bob Zampino vs. Dick and Lorretta Clark. (1970/GSN/75)

Game: Wally Bruner and wife vs. Tylle Ropes? and wife vs. David Seatime and wife vs. Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara (1969/GSN/70)

Game: Nanette Fabray and Randy Macdougal vs. Joyce and Alejandro Ray vs. Jackie and John Davidson vs. Sally Field and Steve Craig (1969/GSN/90)

Game: Bill and Ann Cullen vs. 3 other couples who I have no idea who they are (1970/GSN/90)

Headline Chasers, Host: Wink Martindale (1 ep.)

Game: Annie and Toby vs. Bob and Cindy. Premiere (1985/OB/40)

High Rollers, Host: Alex Trebek (2 eps.)

First Game: Daphne vs. Gene. Gene is one lucky contestant! (Excellent quality!) (1978/SM/43)

First Game: Richard vs. Betty. Finale of the series. Alex may be drunk during this ep.(1980/OB/16)

High Rollers, Host: Wink Martindale (5 eps.)

Premiere. First Game: Anna vs. Al. Time runs out before Big Numbers can be played. (1987/OB/5)

First Game: Claudia vs. Rick. Big Number's win! (1987/OB/29)

First Game: Sheryl vs. John. (1987/SM/68)

First Game: Vicki vs. Joe (1987/OB/40)

Finale although no mention is made. First Game: Linda vs. Andrew (1988/USA/19)

History IQ, Host: Marc Summers (1 ep.)

Game: Ronald vs. Joseph vs. Ernest. Premiere (1998/OB/336)

Hit Man, Host: Peter Tomarken (7 eps.)

First Game: Patricia vs. Fred vs. Patty. $10,000 win in bonus game! (1983/OB/35)

First game: Ray vs. Marianne vs. Mel (1983/OB/138)

First game: Larry vs. Beverly vs. Craig. $10,000 won in Triple Crown! (1983/OB/152)

First game: Emily vs. Gil vs. Jackie. Subjects are Bette Davis and Famous Clowns. Triple Crown win! (1983/OB/513)

First Game: Kacey vs. Chuck vs. Jennifer. Color flickers from B&W to color. (1983/OB/55)

First game: Diana vs. Marlin vs. Carol. Subjects are Marlon Brando and American President's. Some questionable answers in first round. Triple Crown win! (1983/OB/513)

Finale. First Game: Maureen vs. Randy vs. Janet. Funny ticket plug ("If you'd like to be a contestant on Hit Man, forget it!) (1983/OB/11)

Hollywood Connection, Host: Jim Lange (3 eps.)

Celebrities Jaye P. Morgan, Buddy Hackett, Marcia Wallace, Jan Murray, Pat Carroll, Anson Williams.

Game: Joyce vs. Jim (1977/GSN/67)

Celebrities: Robert Reid, Pat Caroll, Nipsey Russell, JoAnn Phlug, Jack Carter, Jaye P. Morgan.

Game: Allison vs. David (1977/GSN/49)

Celebrities: Jaye P. Morgan, Jan Murray, Barbara Rhodes, Dick Smothers, Pat Caroll, Tommy Lasorda.

Game: Connie vs. Harmon (1977/GSN/70)

Hollywood Game, Host: Peter Allen (1 ep.)

Game: Jim and Sharon vs. Julie and Don. Pilot of the series (1991/OB/152)

Hollywood Game, Host: Bob Goen (1 ep.)

Game: Max and Vicki vs. Steve and Steve. Premiere (1991/OB/152)

Hollywood Showdown, Host: Todd Newton (2 eps.)

First expert: Jerry. Armed forces week (2000/GSN/202)

First expert: Larry. (2001/GSN/266)

Hollywood's Talking, Host: Geoff Edwards (1 ep.)

First episode ever hosted by Geoff! First Game: Donna vs. Appolos vs. Gail (who looks like she was on The Joker's Wild 10 years later!) (1973/SM/29)

(Celebrity) Hot Potato, Host: Bill Cullen (70 eps.)

First Game: Moms to be vs. Teachers. Premiere of the series. (1984/GSN/172)

First game: Teachers vs. Firemen (1984/GSN/173)

First game: Firemen vs. Dental Hygenists (1984/GSN/173)

First game: Dental Hygenists vs. Waitresses (1984/GSN/173)

First game: Waitresses vs. Air Force members (1984/GSN/173)

First game: Waitresses at the bonus round (They win $20,000!) (1984/GSN/174)

First game: Moms of Twins vs. Telegram Singers (1984/GSN/174)

First game: Telegram Singers vs. Redheads (1984/GSN/174)

First game: Telegram Singers vs. Grocery Checkers (1984/GSN/174)

First game: Grocery Checkers vs. Softball Managers (1984/GSN/175)

First game: Beer Tasters at the bonus round (1984/GSN/176)

First game: Flight Attendants at the bonus round (1984/GSN/176)

First game: Flight Attendants at the bonus round (different ep.) (1984/GSN/176)

First game: Phone Reps vs. Computer Salesmen (What a matchup! :) (1984/GSN/176)

First game: Computer Salesmen at the bonus round (1984/GSN/177)

First game: Computer Salesmen at the bonus round (different ep.) (1984/GSN/177)

First game: Computer Salesmen vs. Bus Operators (1984/GSN/177)

First game: Comptuer Salesmen vs. Insurance Agents. Mothers To Be (From premiere ep.) return (1984/GSN/177)

First game: Insurance agents vs. Mothers to Be (1984/GSN/178)

First game: Magicians vs. 411 Operators (1984/GSN/191)

First game: 411 Operators vs. Bartenders (1984/GSN/191)

First game: Bartenders vs. Bee Keepers (1984/GSN/191)

First game: Bee Keepers at Bonus Round (1984/GSN/191)

First game: Bee Keepers vs. Sales Reps (1984/GSN/191)

First game: Bee Keepers vs. Waiters (1984/GSN/190)

First game: Bee Keepers vs. Nurses (1984/GSN/190)

First game: Accountants at Bonus Round (1984/GSN/190)

First game: Accountants vs. Car Saleswomen (1984/GSN/190)

First game: Accountants vs. Pro Surfers (1984/GSN/190)

First game: Accountants vs. Construction Workers (1984/GSN/189)

First game: Accountants vs. Circus Performers (1984/GSN/189)

First Game: Accountants vs. Navy Fliers. The accountants lose on this ep. after being the all-time winners on Hot Potato (1984/GSN/8)

First game: Navy Fliers vs. Mailroom Clerks (1984/GSN/189)

First game: Mailroom Clerks vs. Calender Makers (1984/GSN/189)

Miss America's vs. All-American Sportsmen Week

Monday ep. Game: Susan Perkins-Kylene Barker-Cheryl Pruitt vs. Rick Barry-Ken Norton-Vince Ferragamo. (1984/GSN/178)

Tuesday ep. Game: Liz Ward-Debbie Maffett (from Lucky Numbers pilot!)-Vanesa Williams (before crown was taken away) vs. Steve Yeager-Kurt Thomas-Wilt Chamberlain (1984/GSN/179)

Wednesday ep. Game: Susan Perkins-Kylene Barker-Cheryl Pruitt vs. Steve Yeager-Kurt Thomas-Wilt Chamberlain (1984/GSN/179)

Thursday ep. Game: Liz Ward-Debbie Maffett-Vanesa Williams vs. Rick Barry-Ken Norton-Vince Ferragamo (1984/GSN/179)

Friday ep. Game: Susan Perkins-Kylene Barker-Cheryl Pruitt vs. Rick Barry-Ken Norton-Vince Ferragamo (1984/GSN/179)

First game: Moms To Be vs. Travel Agents (1984/GSN/179)

First game: Clowns at the bonus round (They win $5,000 and put on quite a celebration) (1984/GSN/179

First game: Dentists vs. Air Traffic Controllers (1984/GSN/179)

First game: Dentists vs. Cookie Makers (only on Hot Potato!). Audio is screwy (GSN's tape) (1984/GSN/179)

First game: Dentists at Bonus Round (1984/GSN/180)

First game: Little League Coaches at Bonus Round (1984/GSN/180)

First game: Little League Coaches at Bonus Round (1984/GSN/180)

First game: Little League Coaches at Bonus Round (1984/GSN/180)

First game: Private Eyes vs. Paralegals (1984/GSN/180)

First game: Private Eyes vs. Magicians (1984/GSN/181)

First game: Mailroom Clerks vs. Candlemakers (1984/GSN/192)

First game: Mailroom Clerks vs. Process Servers (1984/GSN/192)

First game: Mailroom Clerks vs. Beer Tasters (1984/GSN/192)

First game: Mailroom Clerks vs. Caterers (1984/GSN/193)

First Game: Mailroom Clerks vs. Preachers. (1984/GSN/193)

First game: Monks vs. Rescue Team (1984/GSN/199)

First game: Rescue Team vs. Interior Design (1984/GSN/199)

First game: Rescue Team vs. Locomotive Engineers (1984/GSN/197)

First game: 411 Operators at the bonus round (1984/GSN/197)

First game: 411 Operators vs. Bartenders (1984/GSN/197)

First game: Hypnotysts vs. Monks (1984/GSN/468)

First game: Monks vs. Probation Officers. $5,000 win (1984/GSN/468)

First game: Reporters vs. Auctioneers. $5,000 bonus win, and $1,500 7 straight jackpot win. Last civilian ep. (1984/GSN/233)

Celebrity Hot Potato

Celebrities: Emma Samms, Phyllis Diller, Renee Enriquez, Billy Hufsee

First game: Connie vs. Chris (1984/GSN/197)

First game: Chris vs. Shirley (1984/GSN/197)

First game: Shirley vs. Joe (1984/GSN/197)

Celebrities: Brad Garrett, Marcia Wallace, Nipsey Russell, Christopher Durham

First game: Larry vs. Sandy. Nipsey gives his "Fish to fry" rhyme, and a $5,000 win!

First game: Fred vs. Don. $5,000 win!

Celebrities: Arte Johnson, Kristen Alfonzo, Beverly Garland, Rob Masek

First game: Geri at the bonus round (1984/GSN/197)

Celebrities: Jan Murray, Lanie Kazan, Arte Johnson, Anson Williams

First game:: John vs. Sarann. Ep. from final week (1984/OB/126)

Hot Seat, Host: Jim Peck (1 ep.)

First couple: Fred and Debbie. Strange show (1976/OB/153)

I'll Bet, Host: Jack Narz (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Beverly Garland and Richard Long (196?/SM/358)

Information Please, Host: Clifton Fadiman (1 ep.)

Panelsits: John Keirgen, Franklin Adam, Oscar Levant, Alice Marble.

This is actually a radio show on video, 10 minutes (Will throw it in for the asking) (195?/SM/107)

It Takes Two, Host: Vin Scully (1 ep.)

Game: Meredith and Gordon MacRae vs. Pat Harrington and wife vs. Gary and Barbara Crosby. (1968/SM/13)

It Takes Two, Host: Dick Clark (1 ep.)

Guests: Darlene Conley, Christina Ferrare and Michael Berger

Game: Mary Ellen and Biz vs. Bea and Adam vs. Eric and Paul. Bonus win (1997/OB/384)

It's Anybody's Guess, Host: Monty Hall (1 ep.)

Game: Denise vs. Joe. Bonus win! (1977/SM/153)

It's News to Me, Host: John Daly (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Quincy Howell, Anna Lee, Gene Darinbal, John Faulk.

First contestant: Shirley. Premiere (1951/GSN/3)

It's Your Chance of a Lifetime, Host: Gordon Elliot (1 ep.)

First contestant: David. $1,040,000 win! (2000/OB/218)

I've Got A Secret, Host: Garry Moore (10 eps.)

Celebrities: Bill Cullen, Jayne Meadows, Henry Morgan, Kitty Carlisle.

First contestant: Steve (1953/GSN/110)

Celebrities: Bill Cullen, Betsy Palmer, Henry Morgan, Bess Myerson.

First contestant: Albert. (195?/GSN/112)

Guest: Polly Bergen (GSN/272)

Celebrities: Faye Emerson, Henry Morgan, Jayne Meadows, Bill Cullen

Guest: Jack Lemmon. Set is a little...unfinished (GSN/479)

Celebrities: Bill Cullen, Bess Myerson, Johnny Carson, Betsy Palmer

Guest: Rocky Marciano (GSN/268)

Celebrities: Henry Morgan, Betsy Palmer, Louie Szodan, Bess Myerson

Guest: Olivia Dehavilin (GSN/456)

Celebrities: Lucille Ball, Bill Cullen, Jayne Meadows, Henry Morgan.

Guest: Desi Arnaz. Guess Desi's secret :) (1957/GSN/203)

First contestants: Jean, Pamela, and Frankie. 10th anniversary show! (1962/GSN/112)

Celebrities: Bill Cullen, Jayne Meadows, Henry Morgan, Joan Bennett.

Guest: Patti Paige (1962/GSN/202)

Celebrities: Bess Myerson, Henry Morgan, Joan Benny, Betsy Palmer.

Guest: Jack Benny (1963/GSN/140)

I've Got a Secret, Host: Ralph Bellamy (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Bill Cullen, Jayne Meadows, Henry Morgan, Faye Emerson.

Ralph guest hosts for a vacationing Garry. Guests are Armed Forces (1963/GSN/202)

I've Got A Secret, Host: Steve Allen (2 eps.)

Celebrities: Betsy Palmer, Bill Cullen, Bess Myerson, Henry Morgan.

First contestant: Steve. Finale (1968/GSN/79)

Celebrities: Pat Carroll, Arte Johnson, Anita Gillette, Richard Dawson.

Special Guest: Bob Barker. Audience members bid on celebrities belongings! (1972/GSN/136)


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