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The Dating Game, Host: Jim Lange (3 eps.)

First bachelorette: Carol. Red tinted kinescope (geez, first a green Let's Make Deal, now this?!? :-) (1968/SM/110)

Richard Dawson and Bill Bixby bachelors in game 1. An unkown Steve Martin is a bachelor in game 2 (1969/GSN/203)

Andy Kaufman is a bachelor! (197?/GSN/160)

The Dating Game, Host: Elaine Joyce (1 ep.)

First bachelorette: Costance (1985/GSN/137)

The Dating Game, Host: Jeff MacGregor (1 ep.)

First Bachelorette: Sharon. (1989/OB/B)

Dealers Choice, Host: Jack Clark (1 ep.)

Game: Marilyn vs. Carolyn vs. Kate. Bad pic quality (1975/SM/64)

3rd Degree, Host: Bert Convy (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Loni Anderson, Betty White, Charles Nelson Reilly, Burt Reynolds.

First relationship: Writers for I Love Lucy. Premiere of the series (1989/OB/156)

The Diamond Head Game, Host: Bob Eubanks (1 ep.)

First Game: Robert vs. Sandy (1975/GSN FPP/47)

Dr. IQ, Host: Tom Kennedy (1 ep.)

First contestant: Mary Anne (1958/SM/159)

Dollar A Second, Host: Jan Murray (1 ep.)

First contestant: Bernice (1954/SM/57)

Dotto, Host: Jack Narz (1 ep.)

First Game: John vs. Connie. RRRIIIGGGGEDDD!!! (1958/SM/69)

Double Dare, Host: Alex Trebek (12 eps.)

First Game: Johanna vs. Barry. Premiere of the series. (1976/GSN/3)

First Game: Mort vs. Doug (1976/GSN/42)

The following eight episodes have champion Alan Lusher:

First Game: Chuck vs. Al. Alan makes first appearance (1976/GSN/129)

First Game: Alan vs. Judy. (1976/GSN/129)

First Game: Alan vs. Kathy (1976/GSN/67)

First Game: Alan vs. Joe (1976/GSN/129)

First Game: Alan vs. Tony (1976/SM/110)

First Game: Alan vs Ed (1976/GSN/129)

First Game: Alan vs. Judy. Alan retires with over $20,000. (1976/GSN/79)

First game: Lee vs. Julie. Bright video (1976/GSN/384)

First Game: Ilene vs. Ron. (1976/SM/5)

First game: Ilene vs. Andy. Finale (1976/GSN/136)

Double Dare, Host: Mark Summers (3 eps.)

Regular version:

Game: Bengals vs. Wizards. Premeire of the series (1986/OB/236)

Family version:

Celebrities: Lou Ferrigno and Weird Al Yankovic

Game: Datz-Learners vs. Dieroffs. Obstacle Course win! (1988/OB/236)

Celebrities: Jaleel White and Candice Cameron

Game: Red Skins vs. Gadgets (1989/GAS/236)

Double Talk, Host: Henry Polic II (3 eps.)

Celebrities: Betty White and Stuart Pankin

First Game: Babs vs. Alice. Premiere (1985/GSN FPP/67)

First game: Tracy vs. Babs. Second episode (1985/OB/156)

Celebrities: Marcia Wallace and Jamie Farr (Titled "Celebrity Double Talk")

First Game: Pat vs. Amy. Finale. Fair quality Why's it called Celebrity Double Talk? Looks the same to me (1986/OB/114)

Dream House, Host: Mike Darrow (1 ep.)

First Game: Doyle and Pam vs. Susan and Jerry. Excellent quality! (1968/SM/96)

Dream House, Host: Bob Eubanks (5 eps.)

Game: Anderson's vs. Cubbelou's. Premiere of the series (1983/OB/1)

Game: Abrahm's vs. Krowt's. (1983/OB/1)

Game: Carla and Mark vs. Rhonda and Wayne. Automatic house win. (1983/OB/98)

Second season eps. with slightly different format:

Game: Shorter's vs. Donaldson's. 2nd season premiere. (1984/OB/1)

Finale of the series with a great ending. Game: Armand's vs. Nolan's (1984/OB/93)

Extreme Gong, Host: George Gray (1 ep., that all I want)

Premiere. An insult to the game show genre (1998/OB/83)

Every Second Counts, Host: Bill Rafferty (2 eps.)

First Game: Heather and Daniel vs. Cynthia and Rick vs. Bill and Sharon (1985/OB/98)

First Game: Patti and Joe vs. Lisa and Paul vs. Rita and Royce (1985/SM/106)

Everybody's Talking, Host: Lloyd Thaxton (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Roger Smith, Vivian Vance, Goddfried Cummings

One episode of this game where celebrities play for home viewers. Wink Martindale announcing. (1961/SM/69)

Eye Guess, Host: Bill Cullen (1 ep. and a clip)

First game: Mildred at bonus round (1968/GSN/130)

First game: Jan at bonus round. Jan wins a car! Half ep, low audio (1968/SM/233)

Face is Familiar, Host: Jack Whitaker (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Mel Brooks and Pearl Bailey

Game: Carol vs. Cary. Premiere of the series. (1969/GSN/97)

Face the Music, Host: Ron Ely (7 eps.)

Game: Bill vs. Dana vs. Anothony. Premiere (1980/FAM/69)

Game: Gary vs. Karyn vs. Larry. $10,000 win! (1980/FAM/164)

Game: Kathi vs. Steve vs. Peggy. Ron Ely is the Mystery Face!! (1980/FAM/511)

Game: Terry vs. Dave vs. Lorrie. $10,000 win! (1980/FAM/511)

Game: Dean vs. Roxanne vs. Bill. $5,000 win (1980/FAM/511)

Game: Terri vs. David vs. Marlo. Bob Barker is the Mystery Face (1980/FAM/511)

Game: Judy vs. Larry vs. Anne. Dick Clark is the Mystery Face (1980/FAM/511)

Family Challenge, Host: Ray Combs (1 ep.)

Game: Kublers vs. Skaggs. Weird Carmen Miranda Rally (1994/FAM/335)

Family Feud, Host: Richard Dawson (114 eps.)

(Celebrity eps. listed below)

Premiere. Game: Moseley vs. Abromowitz (1976/GSN/83)

Game: Baedecker vs. Silvers. Infamous "Tea Bag" answer and bad Fast money Round. (1976/GSN/65)

Game: Anderson vs. Kawai (1976/GSN/47)

Game: Kawai vs. Curran (1976/GSN/80)

Game: Curran vs. Braun (1976/GSN/23)

Game: Hegstrom vs. Gaylord. Fast Money win (1976/GSN/263)

Game: Casey vs. Knauf. Fast Money win (1976/GSN/266)

Game: Kazai vs. Mac Vean. Fast Money win by a POINT! (1976/GSN/267)

Game: Estevez vs. Olivestone (1977/GSN/272)

Game: Turner vs. Sanchez (1977/GSN/289)

Game: Nguyen vs. Bartz (1977/GSN/293)

Game: Crutchfield vs. Boyle (1977/GSN/294)

Game: Gleason vs. Murray (1977/GSN/259)

Game: Hall vs. Conklin. Fast Money win (1977/GSN/270)

Game: Landi vs. Jury. Fast Money win (1977/GSN/270)

Game: Hedges vs. Park. Horrible second round with only 12 points. Fast Money win (1977/GSN/488)

Game: Russel vs. Belliss (1978/GSN/295)

Game: Teller vs. Olsby. Fast Money win (1978/GSN/296)

Game: Massa vs. Boehm. Fast Money win (1978/GSN/297)

Game: Mann vs. Real (1978/GSN/261)

Game: Gandy vs. Gillette (1978/GSN/298)

Game: Rockwell vs. Rowell. Fast Money win (1978/GSN/300)

Game: Begley vs. Garces. 63 points in Fast Money (1978/GSN/302)

Game: Martin vs. Morrison (1978/GSN/306)

Game: Smith vs. Bridges. Fast Money win (1978/GSN/308)

Game: Peoples vs. Harden. Fast Money won by ONE point! (1978/GSN/317)

Game: Dollar vs. Garcia. Fast Money win (1978/GSN/320)

Game: Flornoy vs. McBride (1978/GSN/330)

Game: Connolly vs. Yero. Dick Martin shows up and presents Richard with a cake on his birthday! (1978/GSN/131)

Game: Yero vs. Teel (1978/GSN/131)

Game: Lindsay vs. Gordon. Near Fast Money win! Ouch! (1978/GSN/276)

Game: Prior vs. Clift (1978/GSN/327)

Game: Schmidt vs. Allen. Fast Money win (1978/GSN/328)

Game: Hall vs. Van Dam. On the money Fast Money win (1978/GSN/333)

Game: England vs. MacKay (1978/GSN/340)

Game: Hokansen vs. Westhoff. Weird Fast Money mistake by control people. Fast Money win (1978/GSN/347)

Game: Specht vs. Skaff (1979?/GSN/131)

Game: Easter vs. Sheehan (1979/GSN/131)

Game: Shaw vs. Carr (1979/GSN/131)

Game: Watson vs. Moore (1979/GSN/137)

Game: Iverson vs. Hollander (1979/GSN/141)

Game: Anderson vs. Sevilla (1979/GSN/146)

Game: Brubaker vs. Reynolds (1979/GSN/193)

Game: Luyben vs. Rimmon. Terrible Fast Money loss (1979/GSN/348)

Game: Taufer vs. Williams. First player in Fast Money cries. (1979/GSN/349)

Game: Hammomoto vs. Russo (1979/GSN/351)

Game: Adam vs. Solis (1980/GSN/145)

Game: Lomansey vs. Porras (1980/GSN/145)

Game: Childs vs. Lim (1980/GSN/210)

Game: Sanders vs. Knight (1980/GSN/219)

Game: Bogden vs. Coppi. Fast Money win (1980/GSN/285)

Game: Connell vs. Peterson (1980/GSN/384)

Game: Sandlund vs. Wuth. Fast Money loss by 3 points (1980/GSN/241)

Game: York vs. Lewis. Hilariously bad Fast Money round, Alligator answer (1980/GSN/488)

Game: Cahoon vs. Dolven (1980/GSN/491)

Johnny Gilbert announces the next six episodes

Game: Buttice vs. Johnson. Richard Dawson's future wife on Johnson's team (1982/GSN/249)

Game: Johnson vs. Brushett. Fast Money win! (1982/GSN/286)

Game: Mosca vs. Proctor. (1982/GSN/288)

Game: Bissette vs. Mitchell. Richard wears a hat Chuck Barris style. (1982/GSN/305)

Game: Mitchell vs. Buttice. Fast Money win (1982/GSN/262)

Game: Smith vs. Johnson. Fast Money win (1982/GSN/273)

Game: Way vs. Klepinger (1982/GSN/263)

Game: Duke vs. Davis. Heartbreaking Fast Money loss (1982/GSN/264)

Game: Dowd vs. Ferrar. $5000 win (1982/GSN/265)

Game: Dowd vs. Matzdorf (1982/GSN/267)

Game: Vitullo vs. Frith (1982/GSN/274)

Game: Wright vs. Logan (1982/GSN/278)

Game: Robinson vs. Coltrup (1982/GSN/279)

Game: McArthur vs. Ratner. Fast Money win (1982/GSN/300)

Game: McArthur vs. Rogers. 200 on the nose Fast Money win! (1982/GSN/308)

Game: Ordoine vs. Porter (1982/GSN/313)

Game: Magee vs. McArthur. (1982/GSN/301)

Game: Lomansey vs. Flooris (1982/GSN/333)

Game: Marks vs. Sullivan. Fast Money win (1982/GSN/360)

Game: Jensen vs. Aers (1982/GSN/370)

Game: Dolven vs. Macoon (1982/GSN/519)

Game: Cahoon vs. Buccola. Fast Money win (1982/GSN/538)

Game: Buccola vs. Parker. Fast Money win (1982/GSN/538)

Game: Funes vs. Schell. Fast Money win (1983/GSN/288)

Game: Avallone vs. Burke. Fast money win! (1983?/GSN/246)

Game: Livingston (yay!) vs. Herman. No relation :) (1983/GSN/256)

Game: Tyrelle vs. Saunders. Fast Money win (1983/GSN/427)

Game: Duke vs. Saperstein. Player on Saperstein has broken arm, poor guy. Terrible second round of Fast Money (1983/GSN/258)

Game: Maze vs. Dowd. Funny moment with RD and Gene. Audience member gives RD a stuffed hippo! (1983/GSN/258)

Game: Howie vs. Stangeland. Fast Money win (1983/GSN/323)

Game: Nagy vs. Benson. Fast Money win (1984/GSN/257)

Game: Quinn vs. Wood. Richard is given an American flag for becoming a US citizen. Very nice moment (1984/GSN/345)

Game: Sanlund vs. Woot (1984/GSN/346)

Game: Draxler vs. Burns. Fast Money win (1984/GSN/361)

Game: Hilleger vs. Woody. Fast Money win (1984/GSN/363)

Game: Parker vs. Rusis. Fast Money win (1984/GSN/368)

Game: Howard vs. McGee (1984/GSN/383)

Game: Rae vs. Heck (1984/GSN/400)

Game: Kline vs. Loretta (1984/GSN/405)

Game: Soulard vs. Ward (1984/GSN/410)

Game: Bubley vs. O'Gorman. Fast Money win (1985/GSN/523)

Game: Murphy vs. Macken. Finale. Included is Richard Dawson's emotional speech to the audience (1985/GSN/137) (SM/97 for speech)

All-Star Family Feud:

First game: Love Boat vs. Eight is Enough. Second Game: Three's Company vs. Soap. Hour long (1978/GSN/182)

First game: Ropers vs. Angie. Second game: Waltons vs. Dukes of Hazzard (1978/GSN/182)

Love Both Mutiny Special. First game: Gavin MacLeod's team vs. Fred Grandy's team. Second Game: Ted Lange's team (Bert Parks on team) vs. Lauren Tweed's team (1980/GSN/182)

Game: Brady Bunch vs. Your Hit Parade. (1980/GSN/320)

Game: Gilligan's Island vs. Lost in Space. (1980/OB/159)

Game: Gilligan's Island vs. Hawaiian Eye (1980/GSN/161)

Game: Lost in Space vs. Hawaiian Eye (1980/GSN/162)

Game: Giligan's Island vs. Batman (1980/GSN/162)

World Series rematch special. Game: Phillies vs. Royals (1980/GSN/135)

Game: Miss America's vs. Miss USA's. Sale of the Century hostess Summer Bartholomew on Miss USA team. (1980/GSN/204)

Miss America's special. Debbie Maffet from Lucky Numbers pilot on one team (1982/GSN/307)

Different ep. from week above (1980/GSN/309)

Magnifecent M.C's vs. The Heavenly hosts. Peter Marshall, Leslie Uggams, Bert Parks, Tom Kennedy, Jim Lange vs. Betty White, Jim Perry, Bill Cullen, Nipsey Russell, Bob Eubanks. Monday ep. (1983/GSN/168)

Tuesday ep. (1983/GSN/168)

Wednesday ep. (1983/GSN/168)

Commercial favorites special. Game: Dick Wilson team vs. Patsie Garrett team. (198?/GSN/163)

From same week as above. Game: Dick Wilson team vs. Avery Schrieber team (198?/GSN/171)

Hollywood Walk of Fame Special. Women's team: Betty White, Arlene Dahl, Gloria Dehaven, Audrey Meadows, Dorothy Lamour vs. Mark Goodson, Rod McKuen, Cesar Romero, Rory Calhoun, Keenan Wynn. (198?/GSN/170)

Game: Buchanans (One Life to Live) vs. Courtlands (All My Children) (1983/GSN/179)

Crime fighters special. First game: Doris' Defenders vs. Lee's Lionhearts. Second game: Barbara's Brigade's vs. Connie's Crusaders (1984/GSN/182)

1994 Version:

First game: Shneidmiller vs. Stewart. Richard return to the Feud, gets a standing ovation by the crowd (1 hour.) (1994/GSN/143)

Family Feud, Host: Ray Combs (52 eps.)

Game: Brozdowski vs. Holtrust. Premiere (1988/GSN/30)

Game: Funny Women vs. Funny Men (1988/OB/B)

Game: Gallagher vs. Arnold. Family wins fast money with one person and Ray asks silly questions to the other player (1988/OB/B)

Game: Clark vs. Prosser (1988/GSN/137)

Game: Dainko vs. Koehler (1988/GSN/141)

Game: Robinson vs. Geren (1988/GSN/207)

Game: Lenker vs. Frost (1988/GSN/210)

Game: Davis vs. McGinn. Game show related question (1988/GSN/236)

Game: Wilson vs. Pellaton. Fast Money win (1988/GSN/258)

Game: Deboy vs. Litka. Ray pulls a Jim Peck in the intro!!! Fast Money win (1988/GSN/263)

Game: Cope vs. Puckett. Fast Money win(1988/GSN/309)

Game: Puckett vs. Shonebrun. Fast Money win (1988/GSN/313)

Game: Lamonica vs. Devan. Ray does push ups! Fast Money win (1989/GSN/318)

Game: Anderson vs. Lamonica. End segment missing (1989/GSN/317)

Game: Anderson vs. Terra (1989/GSN/265)

Game: Terra vs. Dubois (1989/GSN/267)

Game: Hussey vs. DeShawn. Fast Money win (1989/GSN/274)

Game: Hawblitzel vs. Barron. Fast Money win (1989/GSN/279)

Game: Devan vs. Carnegie (1989/GSN/321)

Game: Curtis vs. Barnes (1989/GSN/323)

Game: St. Pierre vs. Golding (1989/GSN/523)

Game: Hofer vs. Haines. VERY close Fast Money win! (1989/GSN/405)

Game: Haubrich vs. Brazil. Fast Money win (1989/GSN/492)

Game: Hanson vs. Sodo. (1989/GSN/516)

Game: Hanson vs. Johnson. $5,000 win with one player! (1989/GSN/531)

Game: Hanson vs. Johnson (error brought family back). $5,000 win! (1989/GSN/532)

Game: Hansen vs. Brown (1989/GSN/561)

Game: Jacobs vs. Treppor. Fast Money win (1989/GSN/536)

Game: James vs. Avney. Fast Money win (1989/GSN/543)

Game: Avney vs. Leake. Fast Money win (1989/GSN/551)

Game: Leake vs. Madrano (1989/GSN/551)

Game: Medrano vs. Mainiss. Fast Money win (1989/GSN/544)

Game: Medrano vs. MacDowell (1989/GSN/555)

Game: Blair vs. Smalley (1989/GSN/560)

Game: Smalley vs. Fitzpatrick (1989/GSN/534)

Game: Smalley vs. O'Hara (1989/GSN/550)

Game: Harrington vs. Langsbury. Fast Money win (1989/GSN/557)

Game: Harrington vs. Brehm. Halloween ep. Fast Money win (1989/GSN/559)

Monthly Winner Take All Finals:

Game: Kimzey vs. Madrano. $35,000 Fast Money win!! (1989/GSN/530)

Game: Harrington vs. Smalley. $30,000 Fast Money win! (1989/GSN/549)

Game: Kimzey vs. Smalley. Finals of tournament (1989/GSN/537)

Game: Bobcock vs. Hawthorne (1989/GSN/547)

Game: Young and the Restless vs. Bold and the Beutiful (1989/OB/225)

3 eps. of Super Bowl rematch: Bengals vs. 49ers (1989/GSN/133)

Armed Forces special. Game: Marines vs. Army. (1991/GSN/202)

2 eps. of AFC vs. NFC quarterbacks specials (1994/GSN/133)

Family Feud, Host: Louie Anderson (38 eps.)

Game: Hauptman vs. Chesbro (1999/OB/335)

Game: Bautista vs. Hadley. Weird answer and Louie gets hit! Fast Money win (1999/OB/335)

Game: Sigman vs. Jackson. Weird answer in third question. Terrible Fast Money (1999/OB/335)

Game: Tichy vs. Moreno. Fast Money win (1999/OB/335)

Game: Randolph vs. Edson. Fast Money win (1999/OB/336)

Game: Sowers vs. Torre. (1999/OB/336)

All-Star Special. Game: Playboy vs. WCW. Friday episode. Louie is given a present from the Wrestlers. Burton Richardson shown on camera in intro. Fast Money win (1999/OB/336)

Game: Danguard vs. Bufkin. Funny question in round 2 with some funny answers! (1999/OB/336)

Game: Franzone vs. Dabasinskas. Weird face off handshake! (1999/OB/336)

Game: McDonald vs. Slater (1999/OB/336)

Game: DeGuardi vs. Blanton. Fast Money win. (1999/OB/336)

Game: Wallace vs. McCaskill (1999/OB/336)

Game: Wilson vs. Flores. Fast Money win (1999/OB/336)

Game: Kauffman vs. Moore. 3rd season premiere with $20,000 Fast Money prize. Funny Fast Money win (2001/OB/336)

Game: Magdeleno vs. Williams. Magdeleno's show a picture of them on the original Feud. Fast Money question is Name a Game Show about relationships. (2002/OB/327)

Game: Sass vs. Misner (2002/OB/327)

Game: Gann vs. Gajan. Judge is shown on camera. Game show question in Fast Money. Fast Money win! (2002/OB/339)

Game: Hartley vs. Secor. Awful second part of Fast Money (2002/OB/340)

Game: Morrison vs. Rutledge (2002/OB/340)

Game: Sanchez vs. Smeil (2002/OB/349)

Game: Williams vs. Connors (2002/OB/349)

Game: Lewis vs. Freeman. Fast Money win (2002/OB/361)

Game: Gagnon vs. Eighmy (2002/OB/361)

Game: Collins vs. Dowling. An old Feud home game is shown. Fast Money win (2002/OB/362)

Game: Chester vs. Magness (2002/OB/362)

Game: Jaekel vs. Woodard. Flood warning icon throughout. (2002/OB/363)

Game: Aaron vs. Sanford. Flood warning icon still on. Incredible Fast Money win! (2002/OB/363)

Game: Wong vs. Welch. Fast Money win! (2002/OB/389)

Game: Cisneros vs. Plahn (2002/OB/389)

Game: Williams vs. Sykes. Fast Money win by ONE point!! (2002/OB/394)

Game: Marsh vs. Lubozynski (2002/OB/394)

Game: Johnson vs. Smith. Fast Money win by ONE point!!! (2002/OB/404)

Game: Greene vs. McCoy (2002/OB/404)

Game: Soriano vs. Gallagher (2002/OB/411)

Game: McCormick vs. Tran (2002/OB/462)

Game: Greene vs. McCoy (2002/OB/462)

Game: Green vs. Edwards. Fast Money win (2002/PAX/448)

Game: Frescas vs. Miller (2002/PAX/572)

Family Feud, Host: Richard Karn (6 eps.)

Game: Rico vs. Klopfenstein. Rico family brough back due to technical difficulties. Second episode of new season. Fast Money win (2002/OB/433)

Game: Hinich vs. Wilson (2002/OB/466)

Game: Speek vs. Myles (2002/OB/528)

Game: Ospina vs. Ivory. Former football player Sam Cunningham a contestant! (2003/OB/568)

Game: Morgan vs. Smith. Fast Money win (2003/OB/568)

Game: Smith vs. Morgan. Mistake brings family back (2003/OB/571)

Family Game, Host: Bob Barker (1 ep.)

Game: Weltons vs. Hartley vs. Guesses (1967/SM/97)

Family Secrets, Host: Bob Eubanks (1 ep.)

First game: Friedman vs. Davidson (1993/OB/184)

Fandango, Host: Bill Anderson (1 ep.)

Game: Stanley vs. David vs. Rich (198?/OB/186)

Fantasy, Hosts: Peter Marshall and Leslie Uggams (1 ep.)

Sylvester Stallone is a guest (1983/GSN/249)

Finders Keepers, Host: Wesley Eure (1 ep.)

Game: Dennis and Christin vs. Venoy and Stephanie (1986/OB/239)

Friend or Foe?, Host: Kennedy (75 eps.)

First season episodes:

First players: Summer, Raymond, Diana. First partners: Maurice, Dana, Phil. First aired episode. MEAN ending! (2002/GSN/328)

First players: Tina, Andre, Lisa. First partners: Manny, Kathy, Dave. (2002/GSN/339)

First players: Greg, Heather, Lance. First partners: Lucy, Brian, Nicole. (2002/GSN/340)

First players: Chris, Amber, Andrew. First partners: Vicki, Michael, Jennifer. Is Kennedy wearing pajamas? (2002/GSN/342)

First players: Lani, Aaron, Eva. First partners: Grant, Tamar, Billy. (2002/GSN/343)

First players: Mark, Melissa, Julian. First partners: Ellen, Jeff, Dana. Loser in final round says f word and is censored 13 times!!! (2002/GSN/344)

First players: Barney, Lina, Kevin. First partners: La Kesha, Bryan, Amy. (2002/GSN/344)

First players: Barbie, Tony, Deenie. First partners: Christopher, Debbie, George (2002/GSN/346)

First players: Gena, Josh, Alison. First partners: Mike, Betty, Yanju. (2002/GSN/347)

First players: Ross, Ashley, Mike. First partners: Candice, John, Madeline. $9200 win (2002/GSN/349)

First players: Jonathan, Renae, Pierre. First partners: Sabrina, Rodney, Jill. (2002/GSN/352)

First player:s Byron, Claudia, Joy. First partners: Scotty, Rob, Wendy. Early taped episode, with some differences (2002/GSN/353)

First players: Mike, Susan, Andrea. First partners: Lance, Silvana, Tony. (2002/GSN/362)

First players: Maria, Chad, Nicole. First partners: Roger, Felicia, Kenneth. (2002/GSN/364)

First players: Mina, Bret, Christianne. First partners: Greg, Hala, Walt. (2002/GSN/365)

First players: Adeye, Sam, Jessica. First partners: Michael, Anne, Robert. (2002/GSN/367)

First players: Michael, Maria, Matthew. First partners: Alexis, Chris, Joanne (2002/GSN/367)

First players: Jessica, Rob, Julie. First partners: Reptone, Michelle, Kristopher. Massive $16,400 Trust Box win!! (2002/GSN/369)

First players: Jeff, Deanna, Reginia. First partners: Zach, April, David. (2002/GSN/371)

First players: Carole, Evolve, Jessica. First partners: Justin, Kristin, Joshua (2002/GSN/373)

First players: Rodda, John, Jen. First partners: Rob, Serena, Preston. $6,700 win (2002/GSN/376)

First players: Sabra, Dino, Rachel. First partners: Sam, Adelle, David. (2002/GSN/380)

First players: Brendan, Christina, Jack. First partners: Holly, Ted, Talitha (2002/GSN/382)

First players: Ryan, Rosangela, Randy. First partners: Veronica, David, Melody. $7,700 win (2002/GSN/387)

First players: Tianna, Joshua, Sheri. First partners: Christopher, Zakia, Eric. (2002/GSN/388)

First players: Fiona, Tim, Cecilia. First partners: Coreie, Steve, Denise. $5700 win (2002/GSN/388)

First players: Rachel, Mike, Crystal. First partners: Paul, Catharine, Darius. (2002/GSN/392)

First players: Donna, Marc, Willie. First partners: Susan, Brian, Yanay (2002/GSN/398)

First players: John, Carol, Sam. First partners: Suzani, Michael, Kimberly. $8,700 win (2002/GSN/478)

First players: Susan, Doug, Lea. First partners: Skyler, Marsha, Valentin (2002/GSN/399)

First players: Gwen, Tom, Danielle. First partners: Omar, Crystal, Fernando (2002/GSN/400)

First players: Jennie, Anthony, Paige. First partners: Adam, Teresa, John (2002/GSN/405)

First players: Michael, Miriam, Martin. First partners: Darla, TJ, Erin. (2002/GSN/407)

First players: Francie, Darren, Mya. First partners: Lisa, Johnny, Sidney. $9,700 win! (2002/GSN/410)

First players: Candice, Mike, Holly. First partners: Eric, Angela, James (2002/GSN/458)

First players: Steffany, Ben, Lynn. First partners: Michael, Paula, Aaron. (2002/GSN/481)

Special Halloween episode (where people have REAL grudges!)

Game: Pierre and Jaimi vs. Ian and Tylo vs. Lauren and Arthur. Kennedy is dressed as a spooky maid (2002/GSN/452)

Second Season episodes:

Game: Julie and Todd vs. Azzie and Jody vs. Nathan and Robb. $9,000 win! (2002/GSN/423)

Game: Tony and Heather vs. Joe and Corwin vs. Sylvia and Randi (2002/GSN/423)

Game: John and Su vs. Natalie and Jason vs. Dave and Darianne. Ouch, anger during Final Trustbox (2002/GSN/423)

Game: Kat and Dusty vs. Josh and Richelle vs. La Dasha and Randall (2002/GSN/423)

Game: Heather and Ellen vs. Mark and Isaac vs. Chase and Laura. $15,000 win!! (2002/GSN/423)

Game: Gina and Elezea vs. Rob and Christopher vs. Manuel and Sandy (2002/GSN/413)

Game: Sherrie and Lily vs. Ron and Daniel vs. Brooks and Kerry. $7,500 win (2002/GSN/414)

Game: Nichoel and Danny vs. Stephen and Carrie vs. Dana and Mat. $10,000 win! (2002/GSN/414)

Game: Jeff and Thelma vs. Valerie and Christopher vs. Greg and Crystal (2002/GSN/422)

Game: Alex and Mike vs. Mario and Ashley vs. Christina and Shawn (2002/GSN/431)

Game: Dave and Jennifer vs. Joe and Michael vs. La-Chic and Sara (2002/GSN/432)

Game: Mike and Rob vs. Jill and Andre vs. Summer and David. Return of "Foe"-ed contestants. $7,500 win! (2002/GSN/433)

Game: Jo 'Ellyn and Bo vs. Lana and Madeline vs. John and Ken. $8,000 win! (2002/GSN/434)

Game: Rod and Jenna vs. Shante and Ian vs. Anita and Autumn (2002/GSN/435)

Game: Jeanine and Brendan vs. Jim and Christopher vs. Camille and Patti (2002/GSN/438)

Game: Louie and Ryan vs. Natosha and Danielle vs. Bill and Christopher (2002/GSN/439)

Game: Rachel and Jason vs. John and Stephanie vs. Amy and Cliff (2002/GSN/440)

Game: Pam and Cori vs. Rob and Robert vs. Kisa and George (2002/GSN/444)

Game: Brittany and Vahag vs. Germel and Arlene vs. Wenona and James (2002/GSN/447)

Game: Matt and Monte vs. Jeannie and Collette vs. Greg and Jennifer (2002/GSN/448)

Game: Delmar and Tracey vs. Sandra and Gary vs. Dan and Tiffani (2002/GSN/453)

Game: Liana and Robert vs. Jay and Penny vs. Buffy and Robbie. Horrible first round (2002/GSN/455)

Game: Sasha and Wendi vs. Stacia and Jennifer vs. Anthony and Michael (2002/GSN/456)

Game: Dan and Sydney vs. Leah and Evan vs. James and Michelle (2002/GSN/460)

Game: Glen and Meredith vs. Nicole and Mark vs. Andre and Dinasye (2002/GSN/463)

Game: Cameron and Adelina vs. Lisa and Bob vs. Hodari and Meredith (2002/GSN/469)

Game: Shananne and Randall vs. Paul and Darrell vs. Roberta and Jamie (2002/GSN/471)

Game: Cameron and Kari vs. Alex and Ariel vs. Astrid and Latecia (2002/GSN/472)

Game: Julie and Jack vs. Tanzy and Michelle vs. Adam and Phil (2002/GSN/483)

Game: Jessica and John vs. Madeline and Amy vs. Brian and Ra (2002/GSN/484)

Game: Greg and Devon vs. Jennifer and Price James vs. Gary and Ashley (2002/GSN/491)

Game: Sherri and Gabi vs. Lenny and Shopan vs. Milton and Gayle (2002/GSN/492)

Game: Armine and Janice vs. Ryan and Patrick vs. Maurice (Mo Shaw, the former Washington Husky running back!!!!!!!) and Melanie (2002/GSN/494)

Game: Theresa and Danielle vs. Dahahabu and Christian vs. Richard and Karin (2002/GSN/496)

Game: Bob and Michele vs. Michael and Justin vs. Tara and Cherice (2002/GSN/500)

Game: Lillia and Jeff vs. Marcus and Cassie vs. Tina and Lance (2002/GSN/501)

Game: Viv and Dennis vs. Bruce and Mai vs. Heather and Danny (2002/GSN/504)

Game: Nicole and Matt vs. Brian and Raul vs. Bethany and Barbara. Winner is a real jerk (2002/GSN/518)

Game: Jason and Roxy vs. Gina and Tim vs. Eric and Silvana (2002/GSN/524)

Game: Alike and Phil vs. Ben and Kevin vs. Lisa and Jaymie (2002/GSN/526)

Friend or Foe?, Host: Mark L. Wahlberg (1 ep.)

Game: Frank and Kimberly vs. Michael and George vs. Laura and Linda. Mark hosts this special April Fools ep. (2003/GSN/566)

Fun Factory, Host: Bobby Van (2 eps.)

First contestant: Gale (1977/GSN/97)

First contestant: Chris (1977/GSN/165)

Fun House, Host: JD Roth (1 ep.)

Game: Sam and Jon vs. Jimmy and Elizabeth. Christmas episode (1988/OB/336)

Funny You Should Ask, Host: Lloyd Thaxton (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Rose Marie, Stu Gilliam, Dean Jones, Marty Allen, Meredith MacRae

Only episode known to exist (1968/SM/70)


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