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About Faces, Host: Tom Kennedy (1 ep.)

First contestant: Larry. Tom is filling in for Ben Alexander. (1953/SM/120)

All About Faces, Host: Richard Hayes (1 ep)

Celebrities: Glenn Byrden and William Shatner

Game: Richard vs. Mary Jane (1973?/GSN FPP/80)

Celebrities: Rich Little and Mel Belei

Both are teamed with their sons. (1973/GSN/117)

All-Star Blitz, Host: Peter Marshall (5 eps. plus a few clips)

Celebrities: Leslie Uggams, John Byner, Abby Dalton, Robert Mandan.

First Game: Coleen vs.Tim. Premiere of the series (1985/OB/18)

Celebrties: Madge Sinclair, Christopher Hewitt, Abby Dalton, and Peter Scolari.

First Game: Jerry vs. Debby (1985/OB/44)

Celebrities: Teresa Ganzel, Tom Poston, Abby Dalton, Steve Bond.

First Game: Doug vs. Susie (1985/OB/79)

Celebrities: Isabelle Sanford, Gordon Jump, Andrea Evans, Scott Holmes.

First Game: Don vs. Mary. Don is Brian Piccalo's brother (which explains why it's called All-Star "Blitz"! (1985/OB/86)

Celebrities: Sherlyn Walters, Ted Shackelford, Betty White, Bob Woods.

First game: Larry vs. Sheryl (1985/OB/132)

Clips from a guy's run, this guy just keeps winning bonus rounds! (1985/OB/160)

All-Star Secrets, Host: Bob Eubanks (2 eps.)

Celebrities: Wilt Chamberlain, Elaine Joyce, Bowzer, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Wayland Flowers.

Game: Wendy vs. Jon vs. Morrisa. Fair quality (1979/OB/40)

Celebrities: David Huddleson, Eva Gabor, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER (!!), Barbara Feldon.

Game: John vs. Joyce vs. Bev. Missing SOME parts (1979/OB/252)

Anything for Money, Host: Fred Travelena (1 ep.)

First game: Fred vs. Jan (1986/OB/184)

Bank On the Stars, Host: Bill Cullen (1 ep.)

First game: Joyce vs. John. Very young Bill Cullen. (1954/SM/129)

Bargain Hunters, Host: Peter Tomarken (1 ep.)

First Game: Dorothy vs. Juanita (1986/OB/40)

Battlestars, Host: Alex Trebek (7 eps.)

1981-1982 version:

Celebrties: Fred Williard, Randi Oakes, Joan Rivers, Skip Stephenson, Tim Reid, Carol Wayne.

First Game: Barabara vs. Bud (Excellent quality!) (1981/SM/66)

Celebrities: Todd Bridges, Nancy McKeon, Richard Simmons, Skip Stephenson, Nell Carter, Richard Keil.

First game: Russ at the Battlestars Two. Christmas Day episode (1981/OB/358)

Celebrities: Tom Poston, Debbie Reynolds, Jenilee Harrison, Rip Taylor, Jimmy Bullock, Ricky Shroeder.

First Game: Elizabeth vs. Bonnie. Finale of the first version (1982/SM/42)

1983 version (New Battlestars):

Celebrities: Erik Estrada, Debbie Reynolds, Tom Wopat, Jimmy Bullock, Glenn Scarpelli, Vicki Lawrence.

First Game: Deborah vs. Scott. Premiere of second version.(1983/OB/84)

Celebrities: Charles Nelson Reilly, Mary Frann, Andy Gibb, Fred Grandy, James B. Sikking, Emma Samms.

First Game: Christina vs. Sally. Missing most of opening and most of credits (1983/OB/69)

Celebrities: Tom Poston, Lynn Redgrave, Lynn Redgrave, Abby Dalton, Jimmy Bullock, Vic Payback, Denice Alexander.

First Game: Denise vs. McCarthy. First 10 minutes in B&W. Fair quality (1983/OB/98)

Celebrities: Charles Nelson Reilly, Betty White, Sandy Clark, Jimmy Bullock, Stuart Damon, Mary Crosby.

Finale of the series. (1983/OB/67)

Beat the Clock, Host: Bud Collyer (3 eps.)

First contestant: Mr. and Mrs. Waynard (1955/GSN/110)

First contestants: Mr and Mrs. Brownhall (1955/GSN/116)

First contestants: Hunts (1963/SM/49)

Beat the Clock, Host: John Reed King (1 ep.)

First contestants: Mr. and Mrs. Foy. John is subbing for Bud Collyer. (1955/GSN/114)

Beat the Clock, Host: Jack Narz (2 ep.)

Guest star: Tom Kennedy

Game: Wall's vs. Mendolson's. (197?/GSN/41)

Guest Star: Bert Convy

Game: Jerry and Thelma vs. Rick and Monica (1971/GSN/379)

Beat the Clock, Host: Gene Wood (2 eps.)

Guest star: Gisele McKenzie

First couple: Fred and Marlene. Gene's first ep. as host. (1975/GSN/15)

Guest star: William Shatner

First contestant: Marilyn. (1975/GSN/166)

(All-Star) Beat the Clock, Host, Monty Hall (6 eps.)

Game: Gary and Sue vs. David and Jerri. Premiere. (1979/GSN/10)

Game: Jerry and Marlene vs. Burt and Sheila. Announcer Jack Narz plays a drunk in the first stunt! Hilarious! (1979/GSN/158)

All-Star Beat the Clock:

Game: Elaine Joyce and Bobby Van vs. Mitzi McCall and Charlie Brill. Bobby looks really weak and sick (1979/GSN/166)

Game: Patti Deutsch and Johnny Brown vs. Joyce Bulifant and Ronnie Schelle. Christmas ep (1979/GSN/233)

Same celebs as above. Bonus Stunt win! (1979/GSN/233)

Game: Hovis' vs. MacCook's. Finale (1980/OB/138)

Beat the Genius, Host: Art Baker (1 ep.)

Panelists: Commander Murray, Marianne Seldes, Kenneth Shanks, Major Parker, Hugo Friedhoffer (195?/SM/107)

Beat the Odds, Host: Warren Hull (1 ep.)

First game: Liz vs. George (1960?/OB/110)

$1.98 Beauty Show, Host: Rip Taylor (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Jaye P. Morgan, Trini Lopez, Dorothy Lamour.

First contestant: Joy (1980/OB?/164)

The Better Sex, Hosts: Bill Anderson and Sarah Purcell (3 eps.)

First Game: George-Hank-Ernest-Richard-Curtis-Robaire at the bonus game. Audience is elimintated after one question in the bonus game! (1977/GSN/6)

First Game: Beverly-Jeanette-Gail-Louise-Crystal-Carolyn vs. Harold-Eric-Ray-Bill-Jim-Charles (1977/GSN/97)

First game: Neal-Burns-Robert-Bob-Angel-Mike at the bonus round. Finale of the series. Bill Anderson sings! (1977/SM/85)

The Big Showdown, Host: Jim Peck (1 ep. and a bonus clip)

Game: Andy vs. Diane vs. Mike. Jim falls down the stairs!! (1975/SM/102)

Bonus round clip (1975/OB?/14)

The Big Surprise, Host: Mike Wallace (1 ep.)

First contestant: Marge (1962/SM/133)

Blackout, Host: Bob Goen (13 eps.)

Celebrities: Markie Post and Charlie Siebert

Game: Jan vs. Nancy. Premiere of the series (1988/OB/49)

Celebrities: Fred Travelena and Shelley Smith

Game: Chris vs. Lee (1988/OB/165)

Game: Mauricio vs. Lou (1988/OB/165)

Celebrities: Dwayne Hickman and Connie Stevens

Game: Jeffrey vs. Marion (1988/OB/165)

Celebrities: Phyllis Diller and Charles Nelson Reilly

Game: John vs. Caroline (1988/OB/18)

Game: Tony vs. Karen (1988/OB/377)

Game: Margie vs. Tony (1988/OB/384)

Celebrities: Theresa Ganzel and Soupy Sales

Game: Harvey vs. Don. Fair Quality (1988/OB/49)

Celebrities: Ken Kerchival and Marsha Warfield

Game: Brian vs. Marcia. No end credits (1988/OB/165)

Celebrities: Paul Kreppel and Heidi Bohay

Game: Laurie vs. Matt (1988/OB/377)

Celebrities: Harry Anderson and Emma Sams

Game: Wendy vs. Jeff. Fair Quality. Jay Stewart announcing. (1988/OB/35)

Celebrities: Pat Harrington and Crystal Bernard

Game: Ken vs. Wendy (1988/OB/165)

Game: Andi vs. Ken. Finale. (1988/OB/95)

Blankety Blanks, Host: Bill Cullen (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Anne Meara and William Shatner

First Game: Bill vs. Kathy. Now with excellent quality!! (1976/OB/85)

Blockbusters, Host: Bill Cullen (110 eps.)

Premiere of the series. First Game: JoAnne vs. Joe and Tom. (1980/GSN/77)

First game: Nancy vs. Joe and Tom. $2,500 Gold Run (1980/GSN/506)

First game: Georgia vs. Joe and Tom. $2500 Gold Run win and $5000 Super Gold Run win (1980/GSN/542)

First game: Geri vs. Joe and Tom. $5000 Super Gold Run win (1980/GSN/542)

First game: Bill vs. Joe and Tom. $5000 Super Gold Run win (1980/GSN/556)

First game: Larae vs. Joe and Tom (starts at Gold Run board). $2500 Gold Run win (1980/GSN/375)

First game: Larae vs. Denise and Linda (starts at Gold Run board). $5,000 Gold Run win (1980/GSN/375)

First game: Larae vs. Pat and Florence (starts at Gold Run). Gold Run win (1980/GSN/375)

First game: Larae ($10,900) vs. Pat and Florence. Two Gold Run wins (1980/GSN/520)

First Game: Larae vs. Cassandra and Don. (1980/GSN/521)

First game: Larae ($26,400) vs. Ruby and James. $2500 Gold Run win (1980/GSN/505)

First game: Larae ($28,900) vs. Ruby and James (starts at Gold Run) $2500 and $5000 Gold Run win (1980/GSN/505)

First game: Larae ($33,500) vs. Barbara and Jerrilyn. Super Gold Run win and $2500 Gold Run win! (1980/GSN/528)

First game: Larae ($42,000) vs. Ronda and Matt. Super Gold Rush win! Larae retires with $47,000! (1980/GSN/528)

First game: Patti vs. Diane and Steve. $2,500 Gold Rush win (1980/GSN/507)

First game: Penny vs. Diane and Steve (1980/GSN/507)

First game: Penny vs. Diane and Steve (1980/GSN/517)

First game: Penny vs. Eileen and Vicki (1980/GSN/517)

First game: Tommy vs. Eileen and Vicki (1980/GSN/541)

First Game: Gene vs. Jody and Anne. Gene is a 10-time winner with winnings over $45,000!!!(1980/CBN/26)

First game: Sharon vs. Michael and Allen (1980/GSN/199)

First Game: Tommy vs. Vicki and Eileen (1980/GSN/45)

First Game: Kandi vs. Agnes and Freda (1980/GSN/34)

First Game: Carlos vs. Jan and Jack (1980/GSN/34)

First Game: Helen at Gold Run. Tom Kennedy appears in the game board! (1980/GSN/15)

First game: Anne vs. Jan and Jack (1980/GSN/535)

First game: Dan vs. Jan and Jack. $5,000 win! (1980/GSN/535)

First Game: Jackie vs. Jan and Jack. John Hatton makes his first appearence (1980/GSN/94)

First Game: John Hatton vs. Jan and Jack (1980/GSN/94)

First Game: John Hatton vs. Beverly and Melanie (1980/GSN/94)

First Game: John Hatton vs. Addie and Puff (1980/GSN/94)

First Game: John Hatton vs. Jimmy and Cindy (1980/GSN/94)

First Game: John Hatten vs. Norma and Faith. John announces that his house burned down! (1980/GSN/84)

First Game: John Hatton vs. Jean and Deirdre (1980/GSN/94)

First Game: John Hatton vs. David and Rosalie. John retires with $60,000! (1980/GSN/94)

First game: Cathy vs. Carla and Richard. Gold Run win (1980/GSN/550)

First game: Pam vs. Carla and Richard (1980/GSN/533)

First game: Pam vs. Maletta and Robin (1980/GSN/547)

First game: Pam vs. Maletta and Robin (1980/GSN/548)

First game: Donna vs. Paula and Pam. Gold Run win. John and Kathy make first appearance (1980/GSN/543)

First game: Donna vs. John and Kathy. Bill introduced as the "Santa of Blockbusters" (1980/GSN/543)

First game: Heidi vs. John and Kathy. Gold Run win (1980/GSN/551)

First game: Susan vs. John and Kahty. Gold Run win (1981/GSN/555)

First game: Rick vs. John and Kathy. Gold Run win (1980/GSN/544)

First game: Linda vs. John and Kathy. Gold Run win! (1980/GSN/552)

First game: John and Kathy at Gold Run. Two Gold Run wins! (1980/GSN/552)

First game: Wayne vs. John and Kathy. New Year's Eve 1980 ep. (1980/GSN/549)

First game: Lesley vs. John and Kathy. $5,000 win! (1981/GSN/530)

First game: Joe vs. John vs. Kathy. John and Kathy retire with $51,200! Leland Yung's first appearance (1981/GSN/537)

First Game: Leland (who was on Password Plus 2 years earlier!) vs. Ann and Nancy. (1981/GSN/536)

First Game: Leland vs. Linda and Kari (1981/GSN/74)

First Game: Leland at Gold Run. Two Gold Run wins! (1981/GSN/553)

First game: Leland ($25,400) vs. Keith and Robin. Gold Run win (1981/GSN/516)

First game: Leland ($31,400) vs. Carla and Sandy (1981/GSN/516)

First game: Leland ($31,900) vs. Carla and Sandy (1981/GSN/531)

First game: Leland ($33,500) vs. Jack and Marilyn (1981/GSN/532)

First game: Leland ($40,000) at Gold Run. Gold Run win! (1981/GSN/561)

First game: Dennis vs. Joel and Shari. Gold Run win (1981/GSN/562)

First game: Joel and Shari at Gold Run. Gold Run win (1981/GSN/562)

First game: Sharlyne vs. Joel and Shari (1981/GSN/562)

First game: Sharlyne vs. Gay and Tom (1981/GSN/563)

First game: Sharlyne vs. Patti and Leanne (1981/GSN/563)

First game: Sharlyne vs. Rollie and Mike. Gold Run win (1981/GSN/563)

First game: Glenn vs. Rollie and Mike (1981/GSN/564)

First game: Craig vs. Rollie and Mike. Gold Run win (1981/GSN/564)

First game: Irene vs. Rollie and Mike. Gold Run win (1981/GSN/565)

First game: Sherry vs. Rollie and Mike (1981/GSN/567)

First game: Sherry at Gold Run. Sherry Lucas' second show, total $7,000 (1981/GSN/567)

First game: Sherry vs. Dave and Ed. Sherry is up to $24,000 (1981/GSN/355)

First game: Sherry ($30,500) vs. Gilda and Ralph (1981/GSN/355)

First game: Sherry ($36,000) vs. Sandi and Glenice (1981/GSN/355)

First game: Sherry ($54,500) vs. Stuart and Leonard. Sherry retires with $60,000 (1981/GSN/355)

First game: Barb vs. David and Joleen. Gold Run win (1981/GSN/508)

First game: Randy vs. David and Joleen. Gold Run win. (1981/GSN/508)

First game: Randy vs. Arch and Michael. Two Gold Run wins (1981/GSN/566)

First game: Randy vs. Lisa and Stan (1981/GSN/574)

First game: Randy vs. Lisa and Stan. Gold Run win. Randy shows his bird (1981/GSN/574)

First game: Randy vs. Jackie and Wendy (1981/GSN/508)

First game: Randy vs. Alan and Jeff. Gold Run win (1981/GSN/508)

First game: Iris vs. Alan and Jeff. Bill makes a Don Pardo reference. Gold Run win (1981/GSN/508)

First game: Karen vs. Alan and Jeff. JIP at first question. Gold Run win (1981/GSN/508)

First game: Nicole vs. Alan and Jeff. No Gold Run (1981/GSN/508)

First game: Nicole vs. Alan and Jeff. Fourth consecutive Gold Run win (1981/GSN/508)

First game: Brad vs. Jeff and Alan. Camera blunder (1981/GSN/569)

First game: Pam vs. Jeff and Alan. Gold Run win (1981/GSN/570)

First game: David vs. Jeff and Alan (1981/GSN/570)

First game: Robin (Robin Grayson, weird name) vs. Judy and Jerry. Gold Run win (1981/GSN/568)

First game: Jim vs. Judy and Jerry (1981/GSN/571)

First game: Jeanie vs. Vaughna and Robin. Gold Run win (1981/GSN/335)

First game: Cythianne and Terri vs. Pat. Bob Hilton announces Bill as "Mrs. Cullen's little boy Billy!" (Missing part of opening) (1981/GSN/164)

First game: Helen vs. Kitty and Eleanor (1981/GSN/508)

First game: Dewey vs. Roger and Janna. Gold Run win (1981/GSN/508)

First game: Tom vs. Kevin and Mary Lou (1981/GSN/508)

First game: Kandi vs. Nick and Rob. Great Gold Run win! (1981/GSN/508)

First game: Ed vs. Matt and Larry (1981/GSN/508)

First game: Lee and Warren at the Gold Run (1981/GSN/169)

First game: Bob vs. Lee and Warren (1981/GSN/169)

First game: Harry vs. Jimmy and Ginger. Bill reads a Valentine (1981/GSN/167)

First game: Mary vs. Russ and Pat (1981/GSN/157)

First game: Carolyn vs. Bob and Pat (1981/GSN/177)

First game: Leland vs. Sylvia and Pat. Leland Yung is brought back (1982/GSN/214)

First game: Leland vs. Val and Kim (1982/GSN/212)

First game: Leland vs. Gary and Otton (1982/GSN/212)

First game: Leland vs. Jodi and Lillian (1982/GSN/212)

First game: Leland vs. Foster and Sandra (1982/GSN/212)

First game: Leland at Gold Run (1982/GSN/212)

First game: Leland vs. Dave and Vicki (1982/GSN/212)

First game: Leland vs. Bob and Tom. Leland retires for second time with $105,800. (1982/GSN/212)

First Game: John Hatten vs. Stephanie and Mark. John retires for the second time with $120,000. (1982/GSN/84)

First Game: Marge vs. Nina and Kim. Finale of the series. Gene Vicich is brought back. Much better GSN copy (1982/GSN/126)

Blockbusters, Host: Bill Rafferty (6 eps.)

First Game: Debbie vs. Stacy. Premiere of the series (1987/GSN/10)

First Game: Rhona vs. Sam (1987/OB/91)

First Game: Deirde vs. Tony (1987/OB/19)

First Game: Jeanne vs. Teri. Jeanne retires with $53,000! Missing part of the first game of the second match.(1987/GSN/68)

First Game: Bob at Gold Run. (1987/OB/18)

Fist game: Patti vs. Pete. Finale of the series (1987/OB/115)

Body Language, Host: Tom Kennedy (40 eps.)

Celebrities: Vicki Lawrence and Jamie Farr

Game: Jean vs. Gary. Premiere of the series. (1984/GSN/83)

Game: Gary vs. Jeanne (1984/GSN/259)

Game: Linda vs. Gary (1984/GSN/261)

Game: Eugene vs. Linda. $8,000 win on the buzzer! (1984/GSN/270)

Celebrities: Markie Post and Tom Poston

Game: Kelly vs. Wendy. $5000 win (1984/GSN/370)

Game: Wendy vs. Kevin. $6000 win (1984/GSN/278)

Game: Marsha vs. Kevin. $7000 win (1984/GSN/284)

Celebrities: Audrey Landers and Charles Nelson Reilly

Game: Marsha vs. Doug. $5,000 win! (1984/GSN/315)

Game: Stefoni vs. Ron. $4,000 win (1984/GSN/295)

Game: Monty vs. Stefoni. $4,000 win (1984/GSN/312)

Celebrities: Shelley Smith and Fred Travelena

Game: Jennifer vs. Scott. $7,000 win! (1984/GSN/322)

Game: Katie vs. Scott. Scott retires wtih $20,700 (1984/GSN/333)

Game: Rory vs. Vicki. $7,000 win (1984/GSN/332)

Celebrities: Ed Begley Jr. and Betty White

Game: Colleen vs. Jerry (1984/GSN/334)

Game: Jennifer vs. Rory. Betty's wearing a Password Plus jacket! (1984/GSN/146)

Game: Tony vs. Susanne. One of the puzzles is "Johnny Olson" and Ed has no clue about it. Now the intro is intact. $7,000 win (1984/GSN/348)

Celebrities: JM J. Bullock and Mary Cadorette

Game: Bill vs. Susanne (1984/GSN/350)

Game: Linda vs. Bill. $8,000 win (1984/GSN/365)

Game: Ken vs. Janet (1984/GSN/49)

Celebrities: Mindy Cohn and Ten Lange

Game: Dan vs. Samie (1984/GSN/147)

Celebrities: Mary Cadorette and Henry Polic II

Game: Tom vs. Jill (1984/GSN/111)

Celebrities: Kim Fields and Richard Moll

Game: Janet vs. Ken (1984/GSN/116)

Celebrities: Mary Jo Catlett and Patrick Wayne

Game: Tanino vs. Stefanae. $9,000 win. (1984/GSN/156)

Game: Faylen vs. Bill. $10,000 win (1984/GSN/156)

Celebrities: Lindsay Bloom and Nathan Cooke

Game: Brian vs. Kathy (1985/GSN/335)

Celebrities: Lucille Ball and Charles Nelson Reilly

Game: Cameron vs. Dennis (1985/GSN/133)

Celebrities: Linda Kaye Henning and Jack Riley

Game: Renay vs. Michael (1985/OB/64)

Celebrities: Joyce Brothers and Brad Garrett

Game: Tony vs. Sue (1985/GSN/191)

Celebrities: Constance Towers and Ted Lange

Game: Robert vs. Karen (1985/GSN/95)

Game: Rabbit vs. Dautie (1985/GSN/335)

Celebrities: Mindy Cohn and Jamie Farr

Game: Katie vs. Steve. Johnny O with a on-screen appearance. (1985/GSN/335)

Celebrities: Lisa Bonet and Jason Bateman (Teen Week)

Game: Nicole vs. Jason. $7000 win (1985/GSN/335)

Celebrities: Dana Hill and Todd Bridges (Teen Week)

Game: Steve vs. Valerie. (1985/GSN/135)

Celebrities: Kim Fields and Todd Bridges (Teen Week)

Game: Joshua vs. Kristy (1985/GSN/193)

Game: Shannon vs. Joshua (1985/GSN/205)

Celebrities: Martha Smith and Bill Beyers (Teen Week)

Game: Jennifer vs. Karin. Final day of summer Teen Weeks (1985/GSN/335)

Celebrities: Jenilee Harrison and Ed Begley Jr.

Game: Andrea vs. Jennifer (1985/GSN/229)

Game: Jennifer vs. Andrea. $5,000 win. (1985/GSN/229)

Celebrities: Phyllis Diller and Richard Simmons

Game: Kevin vs. Amy (1985/GSN/335)

Celebrities: Betty White and Jamie Farr

Game: Catherin vs. Marshall. (1985/GSN/95)

Celebrities: Vicki Lawrence and Paul Kreppell

Game: Mark vs. Blair. $6,000 win at the buzzer (1985/GSN/245)

Celebrities: Vicki Lawrence and Ted Lange

Game: Janus vs. Scott. Finale of the series

Break the Bank, Host: Bert Parks (1 ep.)

$1,300 break broken! (1951/SM/90)

Break the Bank, Host: Tom Kennedy (6 eps.)

Celebrities: Abe Vigoda, Alic Ghostly, JoAnn Phlug, Dick Gautier, Jan Murray, Linda Carter, Liz Torres, Robert Hegyes, Marjoe Gortner.

First Game: Marley vs. Ralph. Premiere of the series. Two copies, one OB (102), one GSN (41). (1976)

First game: Barbara vs. Ralph (1976/SM/84)

Celebrities: Anson Williams, Lee Meriwether, Liz Torres, Alex Karres, Jan Murray, Janet DuBouis, Sandy Duncan, Tom Bosley, Pat McCormick.

First Game: Fred vs. Gypsy (1976/GSN/41)

Celebrities: Rosey Greer, Beverly Garland, Liz Torres, Bill Dana, Joey Bishop, Fannie Flagg, Marry Ann Mosley, Lawrence Hilton Jacobs, Arte Johnson.

First Game: Jill vs. Kent. (1976/GSN/41)

Celebrities: Avery Schreiber, Liz Torres, Bob Crane, Jan Murray, Janet Dubois, Rue McLanahan, Mickey Dolenz, Jimmy Walker.

First game: Connie vs. Dawn. $12,000 bank broken (1976/GSN/142)

Celebrities: Lonnie Shore, Dody Goodman, Jaye P. Morgan, Robert Hegyes, Rip Taylor, Fannie Flagg, Marilyn Michaels, Kent McCord, Dick Gautier.

First Game: Roxy vs. Jim. Ernie Anderson announcing and has the rule change where an incorrect answer wins your opponent the box (Excellent quality!) (1976/OB/66)

Break the Bank, Host: Jack Barry (5 eps.)

Celebrities: Clifton Davis, Reyna Bardugo?, Jaye P. Morgan, William Conrad, Joey Bishop, Anson Williams, Barbara Eden, Hermani Battiel?, Pat Morita.

Game: Debby vs. Jeffrey (1976/GSN/13)

Game: Erlinda vs. David (1976/GSN/31)

Celebrities: Abe Vigoda, William Conrad, Lee Meriwether, Barbara Eden, Joey Bishop, Bob Crane, Jaye P. Morgan, BILL CULLEN, Anson Williams.

Game: Elain vs. Carl (1976/GSN/13)

Game: Allison vs. Scott (1976/GSN/68)

Celebrities: Nipsey Russell, Shellley Winters, Pearl Bailey, Orson Bean, Jan Murray, Vicki Lawrence, Anne Meara, Bob Barker, Jimmy Walker.

Game: Kaye vs. Dwayne (1976/GSN/160)

Break the Bank, Host: Gene Rayburn (3 eps.)

Game: Ron and Gale vs. David and Donna. Audio is out-of-sync (1985/OB/79)

Game: Rob and Gale vs. Merv and Cynthia. $23,000 bank is broke (1985/OB/138)

Game: Tina and Jeff vs. Cheryl and Frank. Gene's last. (1985/OB/135)

Break the Bank, Host: Joe Farago (1 ep.)

Game: Gene and Sarah vs. Jerry and Michelle (1985/OB/138)

Bruce Forsyth's Hot Streak, Host: Bruce Forsyth (9 eps.)

Game: Cinder-Wendy-Leslie-Geraldine-Jaque vs. Steve-Brian-Tom-Craig-Walter. Premiere of the series (1986/OB/14)

Game: Lonnie-Bebe-Cilby-Brenda-Martha vs. Rick-Allen-Don-Bill-Curt. Bonus win! Fair quality (1986/OB/52)

Game: Carrie-Rebecca-Thea-Pat-Melissa vs. Jeff-John-Jame-Marc-J. Darryl. Opening missing and fee plugs missing (1986/OB/160)

Game: Tracy-Annie-Mosetta-Bobbie-Cynthia vs. Mark-J. Darryl-Jeff-John-Jamie. Fee plugs missing in closing (1986/OB/160)

Game: Sharon-Lorena-Sarah-Felicia-Lisa vs. Roger-Time-Marvin-Jeff-Scott. Fee Plugs missing (1986/OB/160)

Game: Sarah-Felicia-Lisa-Sharen-Lorena vs. Robert-Larry-David-Jason-David. (1986/OB/124)

Game: Kathleen-Terry-Laura-Deirde-Elaine vs. Raul-Stewart-Clifton-Michael-Barry. (1986/OB/127)

Game: Danelle-Karla-Maggie-Alycia-Joanne vs. Seth-David-Scott-Len-Ron. (1986/SM/127)

Game: Paula-Terri Rae-Laurey-Tina-Kim vs. Bruce-Steve-David-Craig-John. Finale (1986/OB/160)

Bullseye, Host: Jim Lange (14 eps.)

First Game: Royanne vs. Scott. Premiere of the series. New copy with better quality and slate (1980/SM/152)

First Game: Scott facing the lightning (1980/OB/51)

First Game: Helen vs. Jane (1980/GSN FPP/8)

First Game: Helen vs. Donald (1980/GSN FPP/49)

First game: Donna facing the lighting (1980/OB/129)

First Game: Cynthia facing the lightning (1980/CBN/51)

First game: Stephen vs. Carla. Flickering picture (1980/CBN/184)

First game: Odette vs. Tom. Flickering picture (Picture is very good though) (1980/Rerun/184)

First Game: Leon vs. Stephe. 10-spin bonus round!!!(1981/CBN/28)

First Game: Rufus facing the lightning (1981/CBN/4)

First Game: Pam facing the lightning (1981/USA/32)

First game: Judy facing the lightning. Last civilian format episode (1981/USA/355)

Celebrity Bullseye:

First Game: Rita Moreno vs. Diane Ladd (1982/OB/16)

First game: Fred Travelena facing the lightning. (1982/GSN/140)

Bumper Stumpers, Host: Al DuBouis (3 eps.)

Premiere of the series. First Game: Scott and Kate vs. Peter and Steve (1987/GSN FPP/74)

First game: Gary and Warren at bonus round (1987/OB/90)

First game: Mark and Vince vs. Darlene and Jonathan (1987/GSN/179)

Caesars Challenge, Host: Ahmad Rashad (5 eps.)

Game: Mike vs. Janice vs. Doug. (1993/OB/184)

Game: Scott vs. Trudy vs. JP. No open and time counter on screen throughout (1993/OB/184)

Game: Tom Gauer (from ATGS) vs. Lynee vs. John (1993/OB/133)

Game: Tom vs. Lyn vs. Gary. (1993/OB/186)

Game: Stephan vs. Barabara vs. Terryl. Second bonus round format (1993/OB/142)

Camouflage, Host: Johnny Gilbert (1 ep.)

First game: Smilarita? vs. Betty (1962/SM/129)

Camouflage, Host: Tom Campbell (1 ep.)

First Game: E.G vs. Brent. (1979/GSN FPP/67)

Card Sharks, Host: Pat Bullard (1 ep.)

First game: Jason vs. Megan. Don't even get me started on this show. $23,000 Money Cards win though. First aired ep. (2001/OB/335)

Catch Phrase, Host: Art James (2 eps.)

Game: Charley vs. Susan. (1985/OB/18)

Game: Bri vs. Christ (1985/OB/138)

Celebrity Charades, Hosts: Jay Johnson and Squeky (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Ted Lange, Richard Paul, Rip Taylor, Debra Klinger, Lani O'Grady, Johnny Brown, Caren Kaye, Bowzer.

Premiere of the series. Boring game. (1978/GSN/15)

Celebrity Game, Host: Carl Reiner (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Lee Marvin, Connie Stevens, Hal Mineo, Nikki Rosalie, Oscar Levant, Suzy Faucet, Lou Nye, Nanette Fabray, Mickey Rooney.

Game: Shirley vs. Ed vs. Cyline (1963/SM/49)

Chain Reaction, Host: Bill Cullen (15 eps.)

Celebrities: Joyce Bulifant, Fred Grandy, Patty Duke Astin, Nipsey Russell.

First Game: Candice-vs. Mary. Premiere of the series. (1980/GSN/84)

Celebrities: Joanna Gleason, Debralee Scott, Robert Mandan, Robert Walden.

First game: Nancy vs. Ken (1980/GSN/124)

Celebrities: Joanne Worley, Richard Paul, Joanna Gleason, Michael McKeon.

First game: PJ vs. Sheryl (1980/GSN/142)

Celebrities: Betty White, Allen Ludden, Anita Gillette, Brian Patrick Clarke.

First Game: Ken vs. Angelie (1980/GSN/9)

First Game: Dee vs. Carol (1980/GSN/31)

First Game: Gene vs. Susan (1980/GSN/31)

Celebrities: Elaine Joyce, Nipsey Russell, Vicki Lawrence, Richard Paul

First Game: Mary Jo vs. Trudi (1980/GSN/84)

Celebrities: Didi Conn, Robert Mandan, Joyce Bulifant, Jay Johnson

First Game: Debbi vs. Ed (1980/GSN/44)

Celebrities: Shelley Smith, Robert Mandan, Peggy Cass, Fred Grandy

First Game: Robin at bonus round. (1980/GSN/44)

Celebrities: Lois Nettleson, Jay Johnson, Debralee Scott, Soupy Sales

First Game: Bob at the bonus round. (1980/GSN/44)

Celebrities: Lois Nettleson, Soupy Sales, Anita Gillette, Bart Braverman.

First game: Paula vs. Donna (1980/GSN/188)

Celebrities: Joanna Gleason, Patty Duke Astin, Nipsey Russell, Brian Patrick Clarke.

First Game: Carol vs. Darn. Starts out with score 47-0!!!(1980/USA/99)

First Game: Terry vs. Craig (1980/GSN/31)

Celebrities: Susan Richardson, Jay Johnson, Betty White, Daryll Anderson.

First game: Erin vs. Arlene (1980/GSN/148)

Celebrities: Betty White, Joyce Bulifant, Jay Johnson, Ron Silvers

First Game: Arnie vs. Sarah. Finale of the series. Funny charity bonus game at the end.(1980/OB/89)

Chain Reaction, Host: Geoff Edwards (4 sub hosting eps. and 1 USA ep.)

Geoff subbing for Bill (while Bill hosted Password Plus):

Celebrities: Gina Hecht, Wesley Eure, Vicki Lawrence, Jack Carter

First Game: Victoria vs. Judy (1980/GSN/14)

First Game: Mark vs. Judy (1980/GSN/14)

Celebrities: Constance McCashin, Robert Walden, JoAnne Worley, Richard Paul

First Game: Janet vs. Stephanie (1980/GSN/100)

First Game: Stephanie vs. Diana(1980/GSN/86)

USA network version (The New Chain Reaction):

Game: Nona and Chuck vs. Lori and Jack. Geoff's first ep. as host. Audio is out of sync (1986/OB/51)

Chain Reaction, Host: Blake Emmons (1 ep.)

Game: Allan and Joanne vs. Karen and Lorraine. Premiere of series. Blake is an awful host. (1986/GSN/33)

$40,000 Chain Reaction, Host: Geoff Edwards (1 ep.)

Game: Brett vs. Linda. Geoff, I hope you were paid a lot on this show, considering the $1 set that was used. And the chain doesn't even slant! Boo!(1991/OB/114)

The $64,000 Challenge, Host: Ralph Story (1 ep.)

First Game: Norman vs. Els (1955/SM/105)

The Challengers, Host: Dick Clark (7 eps.)

Game: Charlie vs. Doak vs. Toni. Premiere. Tracking problems (1990/OB/67)

Game: Warren vs. Paul vs. Bonnie (1991/OB/1)

Game: Annelle vs. Dave vs. Bryce (1991/OB/48)

First Game: Larry at the $60,000 Ultimate Challenge (1991/OB/97)

Game: Jeanne vs. Bryce vs. Trish (1991/OB/48)

Game: Ton vs. Mary vs. Doug (1991/OB/164)

Game: Doug vs. Toni vs. Chick (1991/OB/164)

$1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime, Host: Jim Lange (6 eps.)

Game: Betty and Doug vs. Rene and Kevin. Premiere (1985/OB/115)

Game: Connie and Steve vs. David and Dina. $1,000,000 win!!!!! (1986/OB/67)

Game: George and Kim vs. Sarah and Vince. $1,000,000 win!!!!! Missing opening (1986/OB/68)

Game: Bob and Judith vs. Bobby and Diane. Million win (1986/OB/86)

Game: Larry and Molly vs. Paul and Jeanne. Million win (1986/OB/86)

Game: Stan and Laree vs. David and Peggy. Last second Million win!! (1986/GSN/355)

Cheap Show, Host: Dick Martin (1 ep.)

Panelists: Rita Moreno, David Doyle, Henry Ford (Guess what? He's a no show!) (1976?/SM/49)

Child's Play, Host: Bill Cullen (2 eps.)

Game: Dawn vs. Trudi. Premiere (1982/GSN/10)

Game: Lisa vs. Brad (1982/GSN/13)

Choose Up Sides, Host: Gene Rayburn (1 ep.)

Game: Bronco Busters vs. Space Pilots. Premiere (1952/GSN/3)

Classic Concentration, Host: Alex Trebek (19 eps.)

Premiere Week Monday-Thursday:

First game: Diana vs. David. Premiere of the series. 3 wild cards found on first pick! (1987/OB/88)

First game: Russ vs. Diana. First car win! (1987/OB/355)

First game: Todd vs. Su. Car win! (1987/OB/355)

First game: Todd vs. Cindy. Todd wins his second car! (1987/OB/355)

First game: Jason vs. Renee. Contestant wins on FIRST match and audience game is played. (1987/OB/511)

First game: Greg vs. Kaylynn. First Take episode. Fair quality (1987/OB/511)

First game: Barry vs. Jan (1987/OB/88)

First game: Ben vs. Susan. Ben deliberately loses bonus game! (198?/OB/142)

First game: Brian and Teeni vs. John and Carrie. From Love Week (1989/OB/226)

First Game: Alison vs. Tina, from Tourny of Champs (missing opening) (1989/OB/B)

First game: Julie vs. Reggie. From Tourny of champs (1989/OB/88)

First Game: Stephanie vs. Robert from College Week (1989/OB/28)

First game: Bob vs. Amy (1991/OB/184)

First game: David vs. Yolanda (1991/OB/88)

First game: David vs. Carie (1991/OB/88)

First game: Weylan vs. Carie (1991/OB/88)

First game: Joy vs. Dave. 1,000th ep! (1991/OB/88)

First game: Ben vs. Susan (1991/OB/88)

College Mad House, Host: Greg Kinnear (2 eps.)

Game: Arkansas vs. Texas. Bonus win! (1989/OB/377)

Game: Southern Methodist vs. Texas A&M (1990/OB/377)

Concentration, Host: Hugh Downs (5 eps.)

From first year on the air. First Game: Walter vs. Robert. Counter on bottom of screen (1958/SM/13)

Another ep. from the Challenge of Champs. Game: Arthur vs. Neddie. (1963/SM/125)

From 1st annual Challenge of Champions: Ralph Branca (from the Brooklyn Dodgers) vs. Arthur (1963/OB/9)

Secret Santas ep. (1968/SM/79)

Game: Dorothy vs. Clara from the challenge of champions. (B&W/1968/SM/28)

Concentration, Host: Bob Clayton (2 eps.)

Christmas ep. with two guests playing for C.A.R.E dressed as Santa. (1969/SM/44)

Game: Diane vs. Pat. From the '69 Challenge of Champs (a winner is crowned!) (1969/SM/40)

Concentration, Host: Jack Narz (1 ep. and 1 clip)

Clip of a '74 ep. (1974/OB/18)

Game: Linda vs. Randy. Board goes a little weird! (1978/SM/99)

Couch Potatoes, Host: Mark Summers (2 eps.)

First game: Mod Squad vs. F Troop. Premiere (1988/OB/188)

First game: Mannix vs. Love Connection. Missing opening. $5000 win (1988/OB/335)

Cram, Host: Graham Ellwood (2 eps.)

Game: Zenzi and Kyle vs. Riley Ray and Autumn (2003/GSN/506)

Game: Becka and Steve vs. Harmony and John (2003/GSN/572)

Cram, Host: Marc Summers (1 ep.)

Game: Felicia and Anaji vs. Kerry and Mike. Marc hosts this April Fools edition (2003/GSN/566)

Cross-Wits, Host: Jack Clark (1 clip)

Celebrities: Conny Van Dyke, Greg Morris, Meredith MacRae, Ron Masek.

First game: Jean vs. Frank. First 10 minutes of third ep. (1975/SM/44)

Crosswits, Host: David Sparks (1 ep.)

Celebrities: Richard Moll, Cheryl Ann Wilson, Kelsey Grammer, Leslie Charleson

First game: Pete vs. Debbie Premiere of the series (1987/OB/114)


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